Slotherhouse: Behind the Scenes with the Masterminds

Dive into “Slotherhouse,” a genre-defying horror-comedy. Jorge Perez chats with creators Goodhue, Fowler, and Lanigan about the film’s unique vision. From societal issues to reimagining the “final girl” trope, it’s a thrilling blend of horror, comedy, and commentary. Discover “Slotherhouse” magic. 🎬🍿👻

Slotherhouse: When Cuteness Turns Deadly

In Slotherhouse, the cuddly sloth takes a dark turn. When Emily, a sorority senior, adopts a sloth to boost her popularity, mysterious murders point to her new pet. This horror-comedy, with its unique antagonist and unexpected twists, promises a delightful scare.

Elden Ring: More Than Just Another FromSoft Game

Step into the enchanting world of Elden Ring. Retaining the essence of Dark Souls, its expansive landscapes and fresh mechanics offer a unique experience. Discover a player’s journey through challenges, triumphs, and the game’s undeniable allure.

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