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Magic: The Gathering

#27: Guest: Natasha Lewis Harrington, a PsyD student and active member of the Magic community. Natasha writes articles combining psychology and Magic: The Gathering, the popular trading card game. Natasha and Josué discuss the game, the community, parallels with positive psychology, the MTG color pie, tournament play, and Magic’s potential uses in mental health. Natasha …

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Victoria’s Tomb Raider Story

#26: Guest: Victoria Cosplay. Victoria was gracious enough to come on the show and share her Tomb Raider story. It’s a very empowering story of how her experience playing a video game, Tomb Raider, helped her through a very difficult time and gave her hope. Josué and Victoria also discuss the character of Snow White and …

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ACT and Using Fantasy in Therapy

#25: Guest: Dr. Janina Scarlet, psychologist, and fellow Geek Therapist. Janina starts things off by providing a crash course on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a form of cognitive behavior therapy that she refers to as a “superhero manual.” Josué and Janina then talk about how to use fantasy narratives in therapy through an ACT framework. …

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