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#23: Guest: Robyn Rosenberger, Founder of TinySuperheroes. Josué and Robyn discuss TinySuperheroes, a project that seeks to empower Extraordinary kids — one cape at a time. Robyn and her team make superhero capes for children around the world  who exemplify strength and determination as they overcome illness or disability. Find out how the project came to be, …

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Geek Bar Chicago

#22: Guest: David Zoltan, Founder and CEO of Geek Bar Chicago. Josué and David discuss the upcoming Geek Bar Chicago, Chicago’s first bar and grill catering to the Geek community. It was designed with Geeks in mind from the very beginning and David shares how the idea came about and what people can expect when it …

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Geek Therapy: The Class

#21: Guest: Dr. Patrick O’Connor. Dr. O’Connor will be teaching a college course in the fall titled ‘Geek Culture in Therapy.’ Josué and Dr. O’Connor discuss the reasons why teaching a class like this is a big deal and they go through the entire syllabus. If you like Geek culture, you will probably want to …

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