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Comicspedia Returns

#6: Guest: Dr. Patrick O’Connor. Josué and Dr. O’Connor use the Comispedia model to talk about 10 comics from the Big Two (Marvel and DC) and how they can be used in therapy. We talk Batman and Robin, Batgirl, X-Men, Runaways, Spider-Mans (plural), Lanterns, and a lovable Bizarro Superman.

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Psychology and Cosplay

#5: Guest: Dr. Andrea Letamendi. Josué and Andrea talk cosplay! What is it? Who does it? Why?! It’s a celebration of cosplay where we discuss the healthy benefits of dressing up and address some of the misconceptions about cosplaying.

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Gamer-Affirmative Therapy

#4: Geek Therapy Podcast welcomes Mike Langlois, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) and gamer-affirming therapist. Josué and Mike discuss what it means to be gamer-affirmative and provide suggestions for clinicians interested in learning more about gaming culture.

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