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Using Superheroes in Psychotherapy

#15: Guest: Lawrence Rubin Ph.D. Dr. Rubin is a psychologist, professor, and the editor of the book Using Superheroes in Counseling and Play Therapy. Josué and Dr. Rubin talk about using superheroes and pop culture in therapy, why it works, and how therapists can learn more about pop culture and bringing it into therapy.

The Comic Book Project

#14: Guest: Michael Bitz, Founder and Director of the Comic Book Project. Josué and Michael discuss how a group of kids in the back of a classroom drawing Pokémon characters, and Michael asking them to add word bubbles to meet a writing requirement, eventually turned into an international literacy initiative. The Comic Book Project combines …

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Irredeemable / Incorruptible

#13: Guest: Dr. Patrick O’Connor. Josué and Dr. O’Connor discuss two of their favorite comic book series: Irredeemable and Incorruptible, written by Mark Waid. They discuss some key story elements (spoilers) and some of the themes that make the books stand out among superhero comics. They also discuss why they think these two series are …

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