Geek Therapy Network

The Geek Therapy Network is a collaborative of content creators who believe in Geek Therapy’s mission of using Geek culture for good. They are making content promoting the ideas of Geek Therapy and other models, contributing to a growing collection of resources.

Most of our content creators are helping professionals including mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, social workers, clinical psychologists, and teachers. Their content ranges from deep dives into their favorite media like Steven Universe, Disney, Assassin’s Creed, and Babylon 5, or more broad topics on shows like GT Radio, Headshots, Rolling for Change, Geek Family Therapy, and Jedi Counsel.

By exploring how media is and can be meaningful, our community learns more ways to use these ideas to help others.

The program offers the following to our creators:

  • Content creation training and support
  • Web, audio, and video hosting
  • Distribution
  • Preservation of material

GT Network projects focus on exploring and understanding media through the lens of mental health and psychology. Our content allows helping professionals to see this practice at work on through different voices and different media.

How to Participate

Apply to become a Geek Therapy Network Partner or submit a new project proposal.

Applications will reopen in 2021.

Contact us to learn more.

Today, the Geek Therapy Network celebrates how Geek culture can be used for good by sharing Geek Therapy, and similar models, through podcasts, videos, blog posts, community outreach, education, and live appearances.

Click on a podcast below for subscription links. For the full catalog of GT Network content, visit network.geektherapy.com.

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