A Horrifying Time Capsule: Y2Kills Exhibit at the Mystic Museum

Author: Travis Hayward

The Mystic Museum in Burbank, CA, offers visitors a nightmarish journey through the horror films of the 2000s with their spine-tingling Y2Kills Exhibit. As a fan of horror cinema, I eagerly anticipated the experience, and it did not disappoint, providing an immersive and thrilling trip down memory lane.

The exhibit showcased a chilling collection of iconic scenes and memorabilia from some of the most memorable horror films of the 2000s. From the moment I entered, I was transported into a world of cinematic terror with impressive attention to detail.

First up was the Shaun of the Dead section, where visitors could step into the world of the iconic Winchester Pub and even pose with a bloodied cricket bat. It perfectly captured the film’s quirky blend of humor and horror.

Final Destination 2 was next, featuring a display that recreated the gruesome kitchen fire scene. To access the interactive scene, one must insert a CD provided by the Museum staff into the designated slot. Projections of flames engulf the kitchen set, accompanied by John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High from a nearby record player, creating an eerie ambiance.

One of the most intriguing parts of the exhibit was the inclusion of items from writer/director Eli Roth‘s personal collection in the Hostel section. The props, donated by Roth himself, added authenticity to the gruesome displays. The exhibit also highlighted the psychological horror of the era, with the American Psycho section recreating Patrick Bateman’s apartment, complete with a blood-splattered raincoat.

A nod to Freddy vs. Jason was given with a Jason mannequin holding Freddy’s severed head. The Jennifer’s Body section transported me to Devil’s Kettle High, displaying a graffiti-clad locker set and a life-size dummy of Jennifer.

Trick ‘r Treat, one of my all-time favorite horror anthologies, had an interactive display with Samhain chasing a woman through an old house’s windows. As her blood splattered the windows, a staircase revealed a snarling werewolf underneath!

The exhibit concluded with the most successful horror franchise of the 2000s, Saw. It brought the iconic bathroom set from the original film to life, complete with John Kramer’s “dead” body, the iconic Billy puppet, and assorted chains and hacksaws for photo-ops.

The exhibit’s size was its only drawback, leaving me craving more. I would have loved to see even more films from the 2000s represented. However, the limited space didn’t diminish the overall quality of the experience.

The Y2Kills Exhibit at the Mystic Museum is a must-visit for horror enthusiasts and fans of 2000s cinema. It brilliantly captures the essence of the era’s horror films, offering a spine-chilling and immersive experience. If you’re in Burbank and love all things horror, this exhibit is well worth your time.

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