A Sip of Magic: Inside LA’s Enchanting Nimbus Coffee

Author: Ariel Landrum

Downtown Los Angeles harbors a hidden gem that beckons lovers of magic and caffeine alike. Welcome to Nimbus Coffee, a unique cafe inspired by the enchanting universe of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Positioned a stone’s throw from L.A. Live, this destination ensures that visitors, both Muggles and Wizards, step straight into a contemporary wizardry world with every visit.

On June 18, 2019, the charismatic mother-daughter duo Shawn Eviana and Farrar Eviana unveiled this magical retreat. Despite their lack of restaurant background, their expertise as lawyers was evident in how deftly they managed to encapsulate the series’ spirit without infringing intellectual property rights.

Upon entering, visitors are welcomed into a snug ambiance. Whether you gravitate toward the lavishly adorned front wall, seek comfort in purple velvet seats by the espresso bar, or fancy lounging on plush couches, Nimbus Coffee caters to all. For those who enjoy the fresh LA air, high-top tables await outside, accompanied by a dedicated spot for our four-legged magical creatures.

The cafe exudes Potter charm from every corner. The moniker, reminiscent of Harry’s Nimbus 2000, is a nod to the series. The golden emblem of the cafe depicts brooms crossed over a shield, crowned with wings reminiscent of The Golden Snitch.

Stepping past the threshold to the left, one’s gaze is immediately drawn to an art piece paying homage to the “Daily Prophet.” “The Daily Tea” merges the magical and mundane with moving pictures highlighting contemporary socio-political narratives.

From antique bookshelf-wand stands to floors marked akin to The Marauder’s Map (with a modern twist of phrases like “Kiki Do You Love Me”), the details are exquisitely Potter-esque. Not to be outdone, the portraits of celebrities re-envisioned as famed wizards are true masterpieces. Carling Jackson’s illustration of the iconic musician, Prince, envisioned as Severus Snape particularly stands out.

Toward the rear, the neon “Levizzle” sign beckons patrons. Directly beneath this luminescent charm lies a display of wand boxes, becoming an Instagram magnet for all who visit.

Despite still being in its soft opening phase, the menu boasts an array of treats. From Tectonic Roasting Co. coffees to almond milk “mock shakes” in tempting flavors like PB&J, the cafe promises a bewitching experience. For those seeking whimsical refreshments, Giggle Waters like Strawberry Veritas and Watermelon Weasley are sure to delight.

Mark your calendars for August 17th, 2019, as Nimbus Coffee opens its grand doors, expanding its offerings to include teas and themed desserts. And remember, no owls are required for entry!

Venture to Nimbus Coffee on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and weekends from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Nimbus Coffee
1115 South Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

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