A Stellar Evening with ‘2 Ds and 2 Vs’ at Brews Brothers Brewpub

Author: Ariel Landrum

On a lively Sunday evening, April 23, 2023, the heart of Burbank pulsed with the energy of trivia aficionados. The spotlight was on Brews Brothers Brewpub, the iconic venue for the Geeks Who Drink trivia nights. For those unfamiliar, Geeks Who Drink captures the spirit of traditional pub quizzes from the U.K. and Ireland, offering a delightful mix of fun, laughter, and, of course, a bit of friendly competition.

Enter “2 Ds and 2 Vs,” our quirky team name that perfectly encapsulates our sense of humor and camaraderie. The team roster boasted Ariel Landrum (that’s me, your humble narrator!), JW Arrington, Joe Di Gaetano, and the culinary whiz, Daysha Nichols. Daysha’s culinary school background proved invaluable, especially when questions about cuisine popped up. She teamed up with me to ace the “what’s that song” section. Meanwhile, Joe and JW showcased their movie expertise in the visual image round, and JW took the lead on sports questions.

The evening was a rollercoaster of emotions, from the highs of getting answers spot-on to the nail-biting moments of uncertainty. And when the dust settled? “2 Ds and 2 Vs” proudly stood in second place! 🥈

But here’s the cherry on top: this wasn’t just any regular trivia night. It was a celebration of knowledge, teamwork, and the sheer joy of spending quality time with friends. Trivia nights like these aren’t just about winning; they’re about the memories we create, the laughs we share, and the bonds we strengthen.

For the curious minds, you can check out how we stacked up against other teams on the scorecard.

To many more nights of trivia, laughter, and unforgettable moments! Cheers to “2 Ds and 2 Vs”! 🍻🎉

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