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New York, NY— June 27, 2024 — With a new era of mutantkind comes a new breed of mutant-hunting machines! This October, a squad of soldiers, each one scarred from Earth-shattering super hero conflicts and upgraded with nanotechnology, are tasked with apprehending dangerous mutants that threaten coexistence in SENTINELS. The five-issue limited series will be written by Alex Paknadel (Red Goblin) and drawn by Justin Mason (Spider-Punk).

While the X-Men regroup in the wake of Krakoa’s fall, the government revives their infamous Sentinel program under the guidance of Lawrence Trask. A mutant himself, Lawrence is cursed with visions of an apocalyptic species war and knows exactly which evil mutants will ignite it. On the surface, his new line of Sentinels appear to be technology-enhanced superhumans, but the truth behind their creation is darker than you can imagine. As Graymalkin Prison becomes home to the villains they capture, the pieces fall into place for the birth of a major new enemy that will define the first year of the X-Men’s From the Ashes era.

WHO ARE THE NEW SENTINELS? The original Sentinel Program was human supremacy and fear coded into circuitry. But now their legacy falls into the hands of mutantkind! Powered by cutting-edge nanotech, this new generation of Sentinels protects a fragile peace between mutants and humans. But when being a Sentinel is your job – your life – is it possible to stay human? Meet SawtoothLockstepDrumfire, and Voivod, a brand-new team of heroes that will take on the most heinous mutants! Their first mission: capture Omega Red!

“As an X-fan going back to my first set of teeth, I couldn’t be prouder or more excited to share SENTINELS with the fans,” Paknadel shared. “This book is about flawed human beings doing a dirty job for a dirty cause, and Justin Mason and I are determined to make you care about each and every one of them. Whatever your expectations are going in, I promise this book will surprise you.”

See the new characters on Mason’s cover along with an assortment of variant covers and discover their secrets when SENTINELS #1 hits stands this October! For more information, visit Marvel.com.

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