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PORTLAND, Ore. 06/17/2024 — Maria Llovet, the writer and artist behind bestselling erotic thriller Crave, returns to Image Comics to sink her teeth into another thrilling dark fantasy-horror series, a vengeful vampire saga wrapped up in the worlds of both modern fashion and classic monster myth. The four-issue miniseries kicks off in September to haunt readers during Halloween season. 

In Violent Flowers, an ancient clan of vampires reunites after centuries. The Sentinel, a vampire who watches over all supernatural creatures, has been murdered. His erratic sister, Carnelia, will stop at nothing to get revenge, even when she’s charged with a mortal to take care of. In a world where the cult of youth and beauty rules, Carnelia has remained old and wrinkled for ages, abstaining from her vampire urges. But her addiction to blood may prove her resolution is not as firm as it seems.

“I’m really excited about this project! I’ve conceived the world of Violent Flowers as a series of self-contained stories that talk about the same group of characters through the ages. So this miniseries is only the beginning!” said Llovet.

Continued Llovet: “One of the themes I’m really eager to discuss in this series as a whole, is the idolization of youth and beauty in our society, and why the main character, who can stay young and beautiful forever, usually chooses to stay old and wrinkled. Also ADDICTION to blood: in vampire fiction, we’re used to seeing how characters struggle with their urges, but what if they were actually addicted to blood? I find the idea fascinating!”

Violent Flowers #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, September 25:

  • Covers A, B, & C by Maria Llovet – Lunar Codes 0724IM280, 0724IM281, & 0724IM282
  • Cover D (1:25 Incentive) by Maria Llovet – Lunar Code 0724IM283
  • Cover E By Jesús Orellana – Lunar Code 0724IM284
  • Cover F By Mirka Andolfo – Lunar Code 0724IM285
  • Cover G By Luana Vecchio – Lunar Code 0724IM286
  • Cover H By HamletMachine – Lunar Code 0724IM287 

Violent Flowers #1 will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

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