April’s Gaming Blossoms: A PC-Heavy Lineup Awaits!

Author: Greg Lozano

It’s April. Spring is in full bloom and the gaming industry seems to be focusing all of its releases on PC. While there are several multiplatform titles coming out, and a couple of exclusives, it looks like most of the attention is for PC gamers. Below is the full list of titles that will be releasing this month, unless something shadow drops.

Minishoot’ Adventures (PC) April 2nd

Take a dash of Zelda, mix in some Metroidvania, add a healthy serving of bullet hell and you get Minishoot’ Adventures. This stylistic indie game looks to bring a lot of nostalgia into an incredible hybridizing bundle of mayhem. Explore dungeons and improve your ship as you engage in a fun and frantic world.

Turbo Golf Racing (XSX/S, XBO, PS5, PC) April 4th

Initially released in 2022 on Steam with high praise and acclaim, the title will be finding its way into consoles this April. Having 1v1 modes and up to 8 players on some modes, there surely isn’t a shortage when it comes to replayability. Mention of cross-platform play has been stated from the devs by use of friend codes, but reports from when the game initially released says otherwise. People have had complications connecting from Xbox to PC in the past. Here is hoping that the issue is fixed as this game becomes more available to a wider audience.

Botany Manor (XSX/S, XBO, Switch, PC) April 9th

If you ever had an interest in raising plants but had a fear that they would all die on you from your lack of experience in raising plants, good news is there is now a game where you only get to worry about digital herbs! All the responsibility with less of the guilt. Take the role of a retired botanist in a historical English setting as you figure out the best habitats for each of your flowery friends while solving puzzles to discover more about your character. The next time someone tells you that something was about as fun as watching grass grow, you’ll now have a gamer retort to such.

Children of the Sun (PC) April 9th

Take control of a bullet. No, literally, the character you play in this game is a bullet. A story focused on taking revenge on a cult that ruined your life, you, as the player, position yourself to shoot a bullet and maneuver it to assassinate members of said cult. It’s quite possible that a lot of the puzzle solving and strategizing comes from knowing whom should be the next target without alerting of your whereabouts. It’s an interesting take on the sniper based titles where the action is not stationary, but your ground is constantly moving. The demo is available now for anyone curious on trying it out.

Final Factory (PC) April 9th

Taking factory building to space! In all honesty, I didn’t know that factory building was a type of genre that people were into, but I guess if there are people that dream to be a manager, or becoming the next Bezos, then there’s a market for it. Manage factories in space, because management on Earth isn’t quite as exciting. Who knows, maybe the job market will need a space factory builder, and when the time comes, your resume will look incredible.

Goons: Legends and Mayhem (XSX/S, XBO, PS4/5, Switch, PC) April 11th

Titles such as these are few and far in between which tends to make them so much more enjoyable than the annual release of sports simulations for gamers such as myself. The game looks like it’s chaotic fun; dressed as a hockey game where players get to use wizards as some of their players, it honestly screams, I didn’t know I wanted this in my life. Loaded with many modes and online PvP, one could wonder what their life would be if they went to wizard school and wanted to be a jock.

BioGun (PC) April 16th

One doesn’t exactly think 360 fast-paced shooter where you take control of a pig to save all dogs from a virus, but that’s exactly what is delivered, and frankly, I’m here for it. The animation looks incredible, the gameplay looks fun, and with positive reviews from the demo, this truly does seem like an indie game worth checking out. 

Europa (XSX/S, PS4/5, XBO, PC) April 16th

Looking like it took a page from Studio Ghibli, players take control of an android named Zee to find and uncover the secrets of the last human on Jupiter’s Moon. The game allows players to freely move through the landscape through aerial and terrestrial traversing to allow players to solve puzzles and uncover clues.

Grounded (PS5, Switch) April 16th

Originally released on PC and XBOX, celebrating 20 million players, Obsidian will be bringing the title to PlayStation and Switch owners on the 16th. A survival game that looks as if it took a page from “Honey I Shrunk The Kids”, players will explore landscapes they are all too familiar with, but very, very small. Ride ants, battle spiders and mosquitoes while joined with three others as you quest to recover the memories of a robot that knows the secret to returning you back to your original size.

Life Eater (PC) April 16th

Quite possibly the most disturbing entry on this list, one that I find myself having no interest in for its topic. I understand games are forms of escapism, but I never thought taking the role of a zealot that kidnaps his neighbors for sacrifice was on the menu of titles that people would ask for. A new take on the horror genre, far different than titles like Dead By Deadlight or Friday the 13th. 

Kingsgrave (PC) April 17th

A pixel art fantasy RPG where you take the role of a king working to rebuild a kingdom. Navigate through gloomy terrains, and interact with unique NPCs on your adventures as you gain new powers and abilities to help you on your journey. If you’ve longed for a traditional Zelda game, this may scratch the itch of such titles.

Sker Ritual (XSX/S, PS5) April 18th

Released 2 years ago on Steam, Sker Ritual makes its way to consoles this coming April. Much like the zombie mode in Call of Duty, players can play solo or team up with 3 other players to fight against waves of enemies. This isn’t a title for people looking for something new, but rather one that gives a facelift to something they used to play. Offered at an affordable price on steam, one hopes that the price is the same for the consoles and that cross-play exists.

Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes (XSX/S, XBO, PS4/5, Switch, PC) April 23rd

Upon first looking at this game, one could be easily enticed by the nostalgia factor of it resembling a PS2 JRPG with its 3D world and pixel based characters. That nostalgia is also accompanied by an incredibly large cast where each and every person is voiced, which begs the question, just how big was the budget? What’s most impressive about this is the range of mini games from beyblade battles, to horse style races, and I’m sure that’s just scratching the surface. I truly hope that this game gets more love and attention than it has been getting, because it looks like it’s a game that was made with passion.

Lunar Lander Beyond (XSX/S, XBO, PS4/5, Switch, PC) April 23rd

If you’re old enough to remember the first Lunar Lander game by Atari, hell, if you’re old enough to remember Atari as a console, I bet you’d be as surprised as I was when you heard the company is back at making games, or rather, reviving franchises that existed during the time where they almost tanked the industry. In truth Atari hasn’t really left game development, as the rollercoaster tycoon series has been around for quite some time, but again, a huge surprise to them bringing back some old titles. Enriched with story and incredible animations the company is taking a swing and seeing if gamers new and old will follow them in their revival journey.

Phantom Fury (XSX/S, XBO, PS4/5, Switch, PC) April 23rd

At first glance this game looks like it was made for people that loved PC shooters back in the 90s and early 2000s, but upon reading reviews of people that have tried the demo, it sounds as if they were trying to recreate shooters for the PS3/360 era where controls were all around sluggish, and gunplay was just underwhelming. Many have stated that these things could easily be improved on, but with a release date being just around the corner, it doesn’t appear as something that might deliver. It truly is a shame is the latter is true, because this definitely looks like a of market that would be lucrative if given the right treatment.

Tales of Kenzera: ZAU (XSX/S, PS5, Switch, PC) April 23rd

When someone in the gaming world hears the title “Tales of” they would be quick to assume it is the acclaimed series published by Bandai-Namco, but they would be wrong if they thought this is part of that series. That would be like thinking “Remember the Titans” was part of the “Clash of the Titans” series. Instead, this title looks like an incredible metroidvania with 2.5D level design and fast-paced combat and action. I think the biggest shame of this game is that it’s being published by EA, so there is a great chance the company will be absorbed and dismantled, leaving the IP to fade unless it’s a multi-million dollar cow that they can milk. I truly want this game to succeed, as it looks like something the development team put a lot of heart and soul into. I would love to hear how this game resonates with players. It looks like it deserves quite the attention.

Another Crab’s Treasure (XSX/S, PS5, Switch, PC) April 25th

Have you ever thought, “I wish I could play a game like Dark Souls, but under the sea”? Take the role of Sebastian… I mean Kril, the hermit crab and explore the sea as you find new shells to call your home as you search for your repossessed shell, all while discovering the mysteries of the polluted ocean, and what dark secrets lurk. For those unfamiliar with the Dark Souls series, they tend to be more difficult than the average game where telegraphing enemy movements is key as much as persistence.

Demon Slayer -Kimetsu No Yaiba- Sweep The Board (Switch) April 25th

Are you one of the many that absolutely loves Demon Slayer? Are you also someone that enjoys testing your friendships through means of Mario Party? SEGA thought it would be a smart idea to merge the two in this new game inspired by the board game series with the identity of the dramatic anime. Play with friends as you work to reach your goals, all while competing in various mini games. 

Stellar Blade (PS5) April 26th

Bayonetta is no longer the only heroine in a tight suit looking to save the world. She actually hasn’t been the only one for quite some time if you consider the incredible title Nier: Automata, but regardless of that, Sony drives to make its PlayStation exclusive this month’s big hit. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have fled to space stations, players take control of Eve in a 3rd person hack and slash adventure as they work to restore Earth to a state that isn’t dominated by monsters. Combat looks to take some pages from Sekiro, so if you’re up for a challenge, this one will be sure to please PlayStation owners.

The Curse of Grimsey Island (PC) April 30th

One part 1st person exploration, one part 2D submarine travel, one part detective work. Explore the island and investigate cases that span over the course of hundreds of years and figure if they are linked in some way, or if something else is at hand. A demo is currently available on steam for those curious about the title.

The Lullaby of Life (PC) April 30th

Another title that has been around for years, but finally making its way into a new platform. Winner of several awards and quite possibly one of the sleeper hits of this month, this game is described as a rhythm game of sorts where musical skills are used to progress further while being chased by some monster. Despite being out for some time, not much is out as far as information or even video play, but I’d be interested to hear people’s first hand experience with it and their likes regarding it.

As the curtain rises on April’s gaming lineup, which titles are sparking your interest? Whether you’re diving into retro-inspired adventures, strategic battles, or narrative-driven journeys, we want to hear from you. Share your most anticipated games in the comments below and let’s celebrate a month packed with gaming excitement together! Don’t just be a spectator; be a part of the community conversation. 🎮

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