ARMORED Mini-Series Continues!

(May 28, 2024) Clover Press have officially launched the second Kickstarter campaign for Michael Schwartz’s debut comic book series, ARMORED. The initial campaign saw issues 1 and 2 funded within an hour and now comic fans can delve deeper into the eerie story of ARMORED with the remaining three issues of the thrilling first arc.

ARMORED is a spooky, supernatural comic book series about an orphan who stumbles across a mystical suit of armor haunted by the ghost who wore it centuries ago. Created and written by Schwartz, ARMORED is illustrated by Ismael Hernandez, lettered by Ferran Delgado, and edited by Eisner-winner Chris Stevens. Issues 3-5 are now being crowdfunded on Kickstarter by Clover Press and features NEW covers by superstar artists David Mack, Becky Cloonan, Trevor Henderson, and Jeff Dickson. And each issue also features an additional pin-up by Matthew Therrien.  

“Now that comic fans, comic creators, and comic book media sites have started to get their hands on Armored, it’s been absolutely thrilling to see such positive feedback for my first comic book series,” said Schwartz. “One of the most significant highlights has been receiving enthusiastic support from some of my all-time favorite creators, including Geoff Johns, Francis Manapul, Jeremy Adams, and Tim Sheridan. Geoff Johns has been a major inspiration to me throughout my screenwriting career, so having him not only read my debut comic but also offer such encouraging words about the series is truly a dream come true.”

Issues 1 and 2 saw orphaned teen Andy get adopted by a strange couple who lost their son under mysterious circumstances. Starting at a new school out in the countryside, he accidentally discovers a haunted suit of armor and its ghostly keeper, Sir William. When Andy is attacked by the same mysterious creature that killed his adoptive parents’ biological son, Sir William and the suit help Andy defeat the monster — but the monster was conjured by someone, and they’ll stop at nothing to gain control of the armor. Issues 3 to 5 unravel the mystery of who that certain someone is and open up the world of Armored to bigger mysteries and further adventures! 

“We’re really impressed with what Michael and Ismael have delivered as their debut story. It’s a terrific foundation to a new world to explore, hitting all the notes of a great adventure series perfect for kids and adults alike,” said Clover Press Publisher, Hank Kanalz. “They stick the landing, and we can’t wait to share this with everyone.”

Here’s what people are saying about ARMORED:

“A fun read and a great new twist on old-fashioned horror. I have only oneq uestion: What happens next?” —R. L. Stine, author of Goosebumps and Fear Street

“Very cool! It reminded me of a cross between Haunted Tank and Blue Beetle, with a Medieval twist. I’m excited to read more!”—Geoff Johns (Geiger, Justice League)

“Awesome! A very fluid entry to a new world of characters with a nice balance of horror and levity. I’m looking forward to reading more of the dynamics between the kid and the ghost.” —Francis Manapul (Ghost Machine’s The Rocketfellers, The Flash)

“Armored is a clever comic that combines a wonderful premise with great character work. It’s a fun book that will have you asking for more!”—Jeremy Adams (Green Lantern, Jay Garrick: The Flash)

“Schwartz has managed to thread an impossible needle by creating a concept that feels at once familiar yet completely fresh. Armored is a smart, fun read that will absolutely haunt me for not having written it.” —Tim Sheridan (Masters of the Universe Revolution, Alan Scott: Green Lantern)

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