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PORTLAND, Ore. 05/07/2024 — Bestselling writer Sean Lewis (King Spawn, Thumbs) teams with fan-favorite artist Jonathan Marks Barravecchia have a breakout hit on their hands with last week’s Bear Pirate Viking Queen’s immediate sell-out at the distributor level. The debut issue of this blood-splattered miniseries launch will be rushed back to print in order to keep up with growing demand. The second printing will feature new artwork by Barravecchia.

“I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have a book like this go to second print,” said Lewis. “There are people always wanting to define what’s marketable, what the audience wants, what are comics and what are not. At the end of the day the readers decide. The fact they backed this book feels amazing, but also excites me for more books like this in the market.”

Barravecchia added: “I’m thrilled with the reception and support we’ve received, and of course thrilled to be getting a second printing. It means a lot to me that a traditionally painted comic can still strike a cord with readers, and I will always argue that comics really can look, and can be, and can be about, everything and anything. This is the exact book that Sean and I set out to make.”

Bears. Pirates. Vikings. And Queens—in this story of conquest, all four are battling for their claim to determine what the world will become. Rendered in stunning watercolor, this is a gorgeous story of the blood spilled to make countries. And what’s cooler than bears, pirates, vikings, and queens?

With 72 stunning pages, Bear Pirate Viking Queen is sure to be one of the most beautiful and thought-provoking books of the year.

Bear Pirate Viking Queen #1, second printing (Lunar Code 0424IM822) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, June 5.

Bear Pirate Viking Queen will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

Early praise for Bear Pirate Viking Queen:

“Nothing but thunderous, chaotic creativity.” —Monkeys Fighting Robots

“Dreamy and impressionistic, but with all the rousing adventure you’d expect from a story teeming with pirates, a ghostly Viking ship and, oh yeah, a bear.” —Jess Walter, National Book Award Finalist and #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Beautiful Ruins

“The thing to really hook you is the art which is some of the best on the shelves right now.” —Graphic Policy

“Unlike anything that you’ve seen on the stands today. A story that moves unexpectedly, like the tides that it takes place on. A dark storm of adventure across a horizon filled with pirates and mysticism. A book worth your time and coin!” —Jeremy AdamsFlash One Minute War, Green Lantern

“A glorious fever dream, thumbing its nose at every expectation with its languid, liquid, lethal fusion of history, hallucination and horror. A unique and irresistible book.” —Si Spurrier, DC’s The Flash, Boom’s Coda

“Hauntingly beautiful, this mystery of a tortured man and the demons he encounters dives deep and pulled me into its emotional waves.” —Cecil Castellucci, author of Boy Proof, Grandma’s Gloves, Odd Duck

“A beautifully-illustrated, hallucinatory voyage across dark and dangerous waters.  It’s Pirates of the Caribbean as directed by Ingmar Bergman.” —J.M. DeMatteisMoonshadow, Brooklyn Dreams, The DeMultiverse

“What a beautiful issue. Stunning work.” —Chris Ryall, editor on Syzygy line

“I loved this. Beautiful water color imagery, savage lyricism, genre-bending surprises, sparse poetic prose—can’t wait to read more!! It rules.” —Jefferson White, actor from the hit television series Yellowstone

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