Behind the Scenes of ‘Oppenheimer’: Unveiling the Magic of Prop Making at LA

Author: Billy Madden

Back on December 2nd, 2023, at LA Comic Con, I had the privilege of attending a panel hosted by the prop department of Oppenheimer, a film renowned for its authenticity and attention to detail. The panel featured prop masters Guillaume Delouche, Scott Fisher, Pam Elyea, Greg Finnin, and Anna Loesby, who discussed their collaboration with director Christopher Nolan.

Contrary to the grandeur of Nolan’s past works, Oppenheimer was surprisingly described as a low-budget film. Nolan’s preference for practical props over CGI to achieve realism brings unique challenges, especially when working within budget constraints.

Delouche, as the head prop master, captivated the audience with insights into the meticulous research and creativity involved in the project. He highlighted the complexity behind seemingly simple props, like the vintage cameras used in a press scene. These authentic props required extras to undergo training on their usage, including handling hot, single-use bulbs. Remarkably, the production used over 5,000 bulbs, costing $35,000, not including shipping.

The panel delved into the recreation of the iconic bomb from the Trinity test in 1945. The team discovered that the bomb was cushioned by rolled-up military mattresses, a detail meticulously replicated in the film. This commitment to historical accuracy was a recurring theme throughout the discussion.

Delouche also emphasized how props contribute to an actor’s performance. For example, they speculated that Robert Downey Jr.’s character, Lewis Strauss, would jot down names of people he disliked on his notepad. Such nuances, though not directly visible to viewers, enrich the actors’ portrayal of their characters.

Delouche shared fascinating anecdotes about going the extra mile in prop making. In Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a prop ax that doubled as a gun featured hidden bedazzling, unseen by audiences but impactful for the actor. In ‘Master and Commander,’ actors held authentic muskets from the period, adding depth and realism to their performances.

Attending this panel added a new dimension to my appreciation for Oppenheimer, which I had previously enjoyed on an IMAX screen. Understanding the painstaking effort behind each prop has inspired me to rewatch the film, this time with a keen eye on the incredible prop work that brings this historical narrative to life.

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