Behind the Scenes with Maxxed Out Films: A Tale of Passion, Creativity, and Cinema

Author: Jorge Perez

Maxxed Out Films is a Colorado-based production company founded by David Chavez, Ryan Dahl, and Brittany Vigil. With a passion for cinema, they push creative boundaries, inspiring through captivating storytelling and visuals. Maxxed Out Films embodies the power of talented creatives united in pursuit of their dreams.” With a diverse portfolio including fan-based shorts like Dexter and Star Wars, along with some original works, Maxxed Out Films uniquely channels their love for cinema. I had the chance to meet with the creators, David Chavez, Brittany Marie, and Ryan Dahl, to discuss their work.

With Maxxed Out Films boasting an impressive portfolio, I was curious about what sparked the creation of this Colorado-based company. Ryan explained, “Chavez and I worked together on the film Maxxed Out in 2021 after the first Kick Ass Film Festival. After that, we kept collaborating and eventually, me and Chavez thought about making a company. We were already doing all the work, so why not put a title to it? When working on the first and second Star Wars fan films, we worked with Brittany, who was so amazing that we had to bring her in.” David added, “We considered several people, but none matched the dedication Brittany had. She worked incredibly hard for everything. When we asked her to join, she was instantly ‘I’m down’.”

Maxxed Out Films doesn’t stick to one genre, experimenting with various types. When asked which genre they enjoy most, David said, “It varies as we all love different genres. Personally, I am drawn to horror, drama, thriller, and sci-fi, especially for Star Wars.” Brittany added, “So far, it has been sci-fi for me, though we haven’t made a comedy yet. I’m reserving judgment until then, but I do enjoy watching comedies. For now, sci-fi and technically horror are my favorites.” Ryan shared, “I like making Westerns. I just made one and enjoyed it. I love the feel of those films. Mostly, I want to try a Lethal Weapon-style buddy cop comedy action. It’s something fun I’ve been wanting to write, but we have many projects lined up.”

Movies can impact an individual’s mental health, offering a sense of belonging or representation. I wondered how their short films might be therapeutic or cathartic. Ryan said, “It’s mostly escapism. It’s fun to watch something and know it’s not real, like a character having a dramatic death. It’s a pure form of escapism.” Brittany noted, “Making films is an incredible stress relief for me. It’s something I love, and it provides a gateway to escape parts of my life. It’s life-changing.” David also mentioned, “Definitely escapism. I watch a movie a day. Telling a cool story that makes someone happy, especially if they’re going through tough times, is awesome.”

Since Maxxed Out Films is still growing, I was interested in how they hope audiences, both new and old, will react. “I hope they enjoy our work and get excited. When they see the name Maxxed Out Films, I hope they think ‘This is going to be good. This quality is going to be good.’”

It was a joy getting to know the people behind Maxxed Out Films.

Ready to dive into a world of extraordinary storytelling and visual wonder? Check out their work on maxxedoutfilms.com. You’ll experience a unique cinematic journey that you’ll want to share with your friends and family! Bonus, you’ll also be helping support independent filmmakers!” 🎬🌟

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