Cryptozoic Will Showcase Exclusive Collectibles and Trading Cards at L.A. Comic Con 2019

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Lake Forest, CA — September 30, 2019 — Cryptozoic Entertainment, leading creator of tabletop games, trading cards, and physical and digital collectibles, today announced that it will sell products in all categories and offer numerous exclusive collectibles and trading cards at L.A. Comic Con, October 11-13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

At Booth #1637, Cryptozoic will feature Mera Holiday Edition, a Cryptozoic-exclusive variant of the regular DC Bombshells: Series 3 figure, for the first time anywhere, as well as three L.A. Comic Con-exclusive vinyl figures from its popular Cryptkins™, DC Lil Bombshells, and DC Teekeez™ lines: Black & Gold BatmanBlack Dragon, and The Joker x Harley Quinn. In addition, it will sell the convention-exclusive Powerful in Pink Mera DC Bombshells figure and limited prerelease quantities of the premium Wonder Woman: Princess of Themyscira Statue. For trading card collectors, there will be several exclusive packs: Outlander Trading Cards Season 1: Found Inventory PackSteven Universe Trading Cards: Convention Pack, and Rick and Morty Trading Cards: Metallic Card Pack. Finally, Cryptozoic will offer Promo Cards for different products, including the upcoming Rick and Morty Trading Cards Season 3.

“L.A. Comic Con is just a short freeway drive from our office, so we’re packing up all of our newest and best collectibles, trading cards, and games and bringing them to the show,” said Jamie Kiskis, VP of Marketing & Product Development at Cryptozoic. “Our booth will be the place to be with amazing exclusives for fans of DC, Steven UniverseOutlander, and Rick and Morty. We can’t wait to meet everyone and show them all the cool stuff Cryptozoic makes for people who love pop culture.”

Most of Cryptozoic’s exclusive figures were first made available via online presales before L.A. Comic Con. Those who purchased the figures that way will be able to pick them up at the booth. Everyone else at the show can purchase these collectibles while supplies last. The limited figures are:

Mera Holiday Edition (DC Bombshells: Series 3): This variant of the regular DC Bombshells: Series 3 figure is a Cryptozoic Exclusive premiering at L.A. Comic Con. Part of Cryptozoic’s Holiday Edition variant series, it sports a festive green-and-red color scheme, along with some metallic gold features. The limited 7-inch collectible comes packaged in Cryptozoic’s signature window box, each of which is individually numbered from 1 to 950. The figure will sell for $40 and will also be available for purchase on the Cryptozoic eStore after the show.

Black Dragon (Cryptkins: Series 2): This is a variant of the Golden Dragon Cryptkins vinyl figure, part of Cryptozoic’s original IP depicting creatures from folklore and tabloid headlines. The figure features black paint over most of its body, inspired by the creature from Chinese mythology. It also has golden paint around its eyes and on its scales, claws, and spots. The 2.25-inch collectible comes packaged in a miniature crate with a sticker marking it as “Exclusive Species” and includes a Bio Card. Only 300 figures exist, with each selling for $15.

Black & Gold Batman (DC Lil Bombshells: Series 3): This variant of the vinyl figure from Cryptozoic’s retro-style DC Lil Bombshells line celebrates Batman’s 80th anniversary by emulating the original color of the character’s costume in comics. The figure’s fedora, trench coat, pants, and shoes are all black, instead of the blue of the regular version. In addition, the limited collectible includes several dashes of the color gold and a Batman logo on the base. Each figure is individually hand-numbered from 1 to 300 on the bottom. The 2.75-inch collectible comes packaged in Cryptozoic’s signature, collectible tin with an official DC “Batman 80 Years” sticker. Each figure will sell for $25.

The Joker x Harley Quinn (DC Teekeez): This is a variant of the Harley Quinn vinyl figure from Cryptozoic’s DC Teekeez line, which is inspired by tiki culture and features iconic DC characters. The figure has the trademark green and purple colors and white gloves associated with The Joker, Harley’s frequent love interest. The 2.625-inch collectible has a distinctive wood-carved aesthetic and comes packaged in a window box with a foil sticker marking it as exclusive. Like all DC Teekeez, it is stackable. Only 300 figures have been produced, with each selling for $15.

Powerful in Pink Mera (DC Bombshells: Series 3): This version of the regular DC Bombshells: Series 3 figure is part of Cryptozoic’s Powerful in Pink variant series, boldly featuring the color pink. A Convention Exclusive, the limited 7-inch collectible comes packaged in Cryptozoic’s signature window box, each of which is individually numbered from 1 to 750. It will be available for $40.

Moreover, Cryptozoic will sell limited quantities of its first CZX super premium collectible at the show:

Wonder Woman: Princess of Themyscira Statue: Part of Cryptozoic’s CZX line of super premium products, this meticulously crafted polyresin statue reimagines Wonder Woman as a classical Greek sculpture. It measures 14 inches tall and draws inspiration from the famous Venus de Milo and the character’s ties to Greek mythology. The marble-colored statue features gold-accented versions of the DC Super Hero’s iconic bracelets, lasso, and armor, as well as a removable spear. The rim of the shield is inscribed with Wonder Woman’s classic epithet in Greek lettering: “Beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules.” Each individually numbered statue will sell for $150.

For trading card collectors, Cryptozoic will have several exclusive packs based on fan-favorite TV shows:

Outlander Trading Cards Season 1: Found Inventory Pack: This convention-exclusive five-card pack features a never-before-seen Stephen Walters Autograph Card that is numbered out of 130. The other four cards are comprised of foil variants of Base and Chase Cards from the highly popular 2016 release. Each pack will sell for $30.

Steven Universe Trading Cards: Convention Pack: This five-card pack includes an exclusive Promo Card (CE1) featuring artwork from Maly Flores, a one-of-a-kind Sketch Card, and three random Base/Chase Cards from the main product release. Each pack will sell for $20. In addition, Cryptozoic will sell packs and boxes of regular Steven Universe Trading Cards for $4 and $90 each, respectively. If a fan buys three regular packs or one box, they will receive Promo Card CE1 for free.

Rick and Morty Trading Cards: Metallic Card Pack: The cards in each pack are printed on high quality metal and are designed to look like business cards belonging to characters from Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. Collectors will get the exclusive Jerry Smith Metallic Card (M14) featuring an image from the upcoming Season 4, at least one of three new cards—Pickle Rick (M11), Jaguar (M12), or Mr. Poopybutthole (M13)—and two other random previously released Metallic Cards (M1-M9). Only 250 limited edition four-card packs will be available for $25 each.

Finally, fans can collect Promo Card P7 for the upcoming Rick and Morty Trading Cards Season 3.

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