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PORTLAND, Ore. 04/24/2024 — Grammy Award winning artist Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi, Eisner Award nominated co-writer and Massive-Verse architect Kyle Higgins, rising star artist Marco Locati, coloring powerhouse Igor Monti, Eisner Award winning letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, and editor high-flier Michael Busuttil’s Moon Man #1 issue is a machine that can’t be beat. This wildly popular debut issue has been wiped out completely—yet again—at the distributor level and will be rushed back to print this week by Image Comics in order to keep up with demand.

“It’s always an incredible feeling when a debut issue finds an audience and resonates with readers,” said Higgins. “Moon Man #1 is the first issue in what we’ve planned to be a long-running odyssey and we’re thrilled to go back to print in order to keep this one in stock as long as possible, for more readers to find the latest big, bold swing from Scott and myself.” 

This highly lauded sci-fi launch has the industry aflury. AIPT called the issue, “deeply personal, yet undeniably cosmic in scale” while Graphic Policy described its take on superhero/sci-fi storytelling as “gorgeous.”

Moon Man follows Ramon Townsend, a man ready for a quiet life after gaining unexpected celebrity status for steering his ship and crew safely home from a near-disastrous moon mission. Whatever went wrong on that failed moon mission, whatever happened in the missing minutes the cameras didn’t capture, all Ramon really wants is to settle down back home in Cleveland. But those missing minutes hold an Earth-shattering secret—and, with all eyes turned to him, Ramon will soon find himself becoming something the world has never seen before.

Moon Man #1, third printing (Lunar Code 0324IM875) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, May 22.

Moon Man #2 (Lunar Code 1223IM304) is available now at comic shops.

Moon Man is also available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

“A cool read for those looking for something new and a break from any traditional books on the market. Be sure to check this comic book out.” —Impulse Gamer

“An impressive debut for Kid Cudi. The thematic exploration of sci-fi elements intertwined with real-world issues, such as space exploration and corporate interests, resonates with contemporary concerns. Seamlessly incorporating these themes into the narrative demonstrates the series’ potential for expanding and exploring diverse storylines within this universe.” —The GWW

“A science fiction epic with lots of modern elements and commentary and if the premiere issue is any indicator of what to expect, it’s certainly an issue to pick up at your LCS.” —Comic Watch

“A truly topical superhero story.” —Multiversity Comics

“Kid Cudi makes his bold debut in comics with a unique superhero origin story that’s equally flashy and personal.” —GonkBonk

“Deeply personal, yet undeniably cosmic in scale, ‘Moon Man’ #1 is an exciting debut. It beautifully lays the groundwork for a very new take on a classic comic book tale.” —AIPT

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