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New York, NY— June 12, 2024 — In 1974’s Astonishing Tales #25, one of comics’ most offbeat heroes was born—DEATHLOK! This September, Marvel celebrates the iconic cyborg’s legacy alongside an all-star lineup of comic book talent in DEATHLOK 50th ANNIVERSAY SPECIAL #1, including creative powerhouse Denys Cowan!

After his acclaimed work on titles like Power Man and Iron Fist and Black Panther throughout the ‘80s, Cowan brought his iconic talents to the very character that inspired his comics career in Deathlok’s early ‘90s solo series. Throughout his run, Cowan explored deeper themes behind Deathlok’s tragic story and reinvented the character with his unique artwork. Now, he’s back to not only honor Deathlok’s impact, but to help steer the character towards a bold new future!

“Deathlok will always be an incredible character and very important to me,” Cowan shared. “There were a few comics that I read when I was growing up that had a big impact on my younger self. Luke Cage, Hero for HireJungle Action with Black Panther, and Tales to Astonish featuring Deathlok. All those books were great, but Deathlok captured my imagination with all the concepts explored and the great art and writing! I can honestly say that reading Deathlok definitely changed my life and made me want to draw comics for a living. I thought if I could capture a little bit of what Buckler and Klaus Janson did I might become a good comic book artist.”

“A lot of people think Denys Cowan when they think of Deathlok,” Editor Mark Paniccia added. “His run was unique and dynamic. It was important to us that he be part of celebrating an anniversary as special as this.”

An amalgam of reanimated flesh and computer circuitry, former military strategist Col. Luther Manning was locked in a state of living death. Stripped of his family, his humanity, but not his will, Manning became the cyborg, Deathlok the Demolisher—a weapon of war programmed solely for destruction! A bold blend of science fiction, horror, and war, Deathlok’s genre-shattering sagas pushed the limits on dystopian storytelling. Fifty years later, this cyborg hero’s tale is more relevant than ever and readers won’t want to miss where his path takes him next!

Check out Cowan’s cover and preorder DEATHLOK 50TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL #1 at your local comic shop today! For more information, visit Marvel.com.

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