Los Angeles Comic Con 2016


Author: Ariel Landrum
Videographer: Alex Moreno

In celebration of Dexter’s tenth anniversary, and just in time for Halloween, Gazillion Entertainment, CBS Consumer Products, and Showtime released a remake of the old iOS game Slice HD, with a Dexter skin called Dexter: Slice. Badge holders for Stan Lee Los Angeles Comic Con were treated to a showcasing of the game with full playable modes, as well as the chance to be sliced by an actor playing Dexter.

As with its predecessor, players navigate around sharp cutlery to push buttons before getting cut. At the launch, the haunting voice of James Remar, who played Dexter’s father, Harry, accompanies all action. The mobile game has over 120 puzzle levels that increase in difficulty. Those purchasing the game before December 2016 will even enjoy Dexter, Michael C. Hall, lending his voice talents in complementary add-on content.

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