Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

#326: Lara, Marc, Link, and special guest Kayla discuss the new Doctor Strange movie (it’s really Wanda’s movie) and how it represents processing grief.


Marc Cuiriz 0:11
Welcome to GT radio on Geek Therapy network. Here at Geek Therapy, we believe that the best way to understand each other and ourselves is through the media we care about. My name is Marc Cuiriz. And I am joined by Lara Taylor.

Lara Taylor 0:27

Marc Cuiriz 0:29
Link Keller.

Link Keller 0:30

Marc Cuiriz 0:32
and a very special guest, Kayla.

Kayla Devorak 0:36

Marc Cuiriz 0:38
So how was my Josué impression everybody?

Link Keller 0:42
Spot on.

Kayla Devorak 0:43
It was pretty good.

Lara Taylor 0:44
It was pretty good.

Kayla Devorak 0:45
felt like a ten outta ten

Marc Cuiriz 0:47
I think was a little too peppy. He’s normally more toned down. But you know, I tried to bring in the energy because

Lara Taylor 0:55
I mean, you didn’t do the big breath beforehand.

Marc Cuiriz 0:59
That’s true. But nobody ever hears that because I usually cut it out.

Lara Taylor 1:03

Marc Cuiriz 1:04
I don’t let anybody hear that. That breath. Yeah, so we are here today to discuss the new Doctor Strange movie the multiverse of madness. Or in this case, it’s just a Wanda going I don’t know. What would you guys say?

Link Keller 1:28
It’s marvel’s mothers day movie. It’s mom. MoM is mom. Marvel’s Mom,

Lara Taylor 1:35
it’s perfect. Full full spoilers for this episode.

Marc Cuiriz 1:41
100% 100 spoilers

Lara Taylor 1:41
if you haven’t watched the movie Get out of here. Like Josué did.

Marc Cuiriz 1:46

Link Keller 1:47
Or stay it’s fine. No judgment.

Kayla Devorak 1:50
Some people don’t mind being spoiled.

Marc Cuiriz 1:52
I mean, yeah, it’s really me. I enjoy spoilers.

Kayla Devorak 1:55
I don’t mind them. I don’t mind them either.

Lara Taylor 1:57
It depends on the spoiler for me.

Marc Cuiriz 2:01
So I just wanted to get everybody’s initial thoughts, feelings, anything about the movie? Who wants to go first?

Lara Taylor 2:12
I mean, I brought the topic up, I will go first.

Marc Cuiriz 2:15
There we go.

Lara Taylor 2:16
There was it was a long string of Holy shit. Like that. That’s all I’ve got, like, my brain was exploding the whole movie. I really liked it. Yeah, I have opinions about things. We can talk about them later. But

Marc Cuiriz 2:35
I feel like that was that was definitely my whole reaction too I was like, Oh my God, there’s literally so much in this. And just like the introduction of a lot of characters, I just, I was completely mind blown. I definitely I had my seat like fully reclined because I was in one of those types of theaters. And I was I had actually put it like, all the way back up. And it was like at the edge of my seat because I was like, are they going to do it? But there’s a lot of things in there. Lonk, what was your thoughts?

Link Keller 3:09
So on on on GTRadio I am I’m the least invested in the Marvel Universe. And

Lara Taylor 3:20
I like hot takes on the reviews by the way

Link Keller 3:23
I did I didn’t think I was gonna get a chance to watch the movie. And so I did read some reviews. And I watched I watched a YouTube video review about it which honestly, that was a mistake. I did end up watching the movie I just I watched on Monday and so I have seen it. And while it is not my favorite movie, not my favorite Marvel movie. There were definitely parts I enjoyed and

Lara Taylor 3:55
link! this most link one it is a Sam Raimi horror film

Link Keller 3:59
the Sam the Sam Raimi horror aspects were my favorite parts. So that should not be a surprise to anybody. But yeah, overall, it was it was a movie with some cool visual effects and a couple of plot holes that you just don’t don’t think about it. That’s fine. And and a couple of like, really rad character monster design. So I love that. Yeah, that’s those are my surface level thoughts there.

Kayla Devorak 4:35
It’s one of my it’s my top three, Marvel, one of my top three Marvel shows, TV between the TV’s and the movie. So I liked it. I think my jaw was on the floor through the whole thing and I went with my wife and my father in law. Who’s never really does not watch any Marvel shows. I don’t think He’s even seen dr. strange one.

Lara Taylor 5:03
Kayla, are we the same?

Link Keller 5:04
I have not seen dr. strange one.

Kayla Devorak 5:07
I don’t even think he’s seen endgame guys. Like,

Link Keller 5:11
I did see wandavision. So I had like a fair amount of context. But it was very funny. Like Dr. Strange is like, Oh, he’s at somebody’s wedding. She’s probably important, right?

Lara Taylor 5:23
You could infer

Kayla Devorak 5:25
I’d argue you had enough context to be honest.

Kayla Devorak 5:28
I did suss it out. It wasn’t.

Kayla Devorak 5:33
Yeah, that was interesting. He said, Oh, that was an interesting movie. And I was like, I can’t stop thinking about it. This movie is amazing.

Lara Taylor 5:40
That’s kind of the reaction, but I went with my wife and my mother in law. i

Kayla Devorak 5:44
Are we the same person, why are we the same person?!

Lara Taylor 5:49
And, and she has seen some Marvel stuff, but I don’t think she saw the first Doctor Strange. Yeah, it was kind of her reaction. That was interesting. There was a lot of action.

Kayla Devorak 6:02
Like that wasn’t there was a lot of like, that was a weird movie. And he’s has a girlfriend who doesn’t like any sci fi, and he said, she would never watch that she would hate it. I was like, I’m really sorry that she doesn’t like science fiction. That makes my heart hurt.

Marc Cuiriz 6:22
Now, I went and saw it with with my wife too. And I think this was the first Marvel movie that she said that she did not like, now, we’re both not really big, horror people. But for me, it was just it was a nice little trip of nostalgia with me, especially with Sam Raimi. It was just like, Oh, I just gave me those. Those feel good vibes of watching Spider Man back in back in the old days.

Link Keller 6:46
old days? the early 2000s

Marc Cuiriz 6:46
So it was nice. I say this as I’m like, the youngest one here, but it’s fine. But no, I’m trying to keep more so curious Kayla that you said this is like one of your top three favorites, even including the shows. So I want to know, like, what what exactly about this movie? Like makes it like the into the top three for you?

Kayla Devorak 7:11
Yeah. So I really appreciate when Marvel decides to not lean into its comedic brevity. Because I think you can tell really good stories and like darker spaces. And it really leaned into it finally after like, running away from it after Thor 2, like we haven’t really had, like, darker, grittier stories from Marvel. But also, I liked that. I’m really into like, multiversal like thought, and I actually, it’s, it just continues to, you know, prop up my internal thesis that I have running about dreams and just a variety of things. And so it allowed me to continue to kind of think about that stuff. And, and I also just really appreciated the way that really, it’s like Wanda’s movie like, Stephen Strange is there, you know, and that’s the title of the movie. But at its core, it’s really about it’s really about her resolution,

Link Keller 8:28
that that was something I watched it with a friend and that is something I was pointing out to him is like, yeah, basically everything that happens, she is making the moves. She’s making the choices and everybody is just reacting to her. I’m like that really puts her in the main character position pretty solidly, like everything Dr. Strange was doing was like, just sort of like oh, I guess I should do something about this, though that dude man really convinced that he is the solution to every problem. And if he doesn’t currently, right now have the solution to the problem. You know what he’ll just check in with another Doctor Strange and he will have the solution to the problem. I was like, sir, you might consider sitting down and maybe listening a little bit.

Lara Taylor 9:17
You know, Link, That is the theme for Stephen Strange’s character.

Link Keller 9:22
that’s Strange’s character? he’s extremely convinced

Lara Taylor 9:24
since before he was a sorcerer supreme

Kayla Devorak 9:27
he was a surgeon. Yeah, that is his whole entire existence.

Lara Taylor 9:30
Christine tells him many times.

Link Keller 9:33
main charcter syndrome

Kayla Devorak 9:34
She says it in the in the in the movie. Like you always have to be the one with a scalpel.

Link Keller 9:39

Lara Taylor 9:40
you are the solute you think you have to be a solution to the problem.

Kayla Devorak 9:45
Yeah, so I think that’s why it’s it’s up there in my top three.

Link Keller 9:49
Because Wanda is great.

Kayla Devorak 9:51
Wanda is great.

Lara Taylor 9:53
Wanda is great. I am mad at

Kayla Devorak 9:56
she’s my favorite Olsen twin.

Lara Taylor 9:58
Absolutely. If there’s one thing that my clients and I also, we talked about this movie, and all of us that I’ve everyone I’ve talked to is like, we didn’t hear I couldn’t understand her say that pivotal line to herself in the movie because it was like, mumbled and quiet. And it was just like we all had to look it up after the movie. Oh, that’s a that’s a good, meaningful line. Know that they’ll be loved, I think. Yeah, I just remember in while we were watching the movie, leaning over to my wife and my mother alone. Did you hear what she what she said? It seemed really important.

Link Keller 10:42
No, I assumed it was just the what I was watching had not super great audio balancing, but maybe the whole is just a movie. It’s a little bit of a mumble issue. that happens sometimes

Marc Cuiriz 10:55
it’s interesting, because I think I don’t know maybe if it was just because I paid for like the the high end like Dolby cinema or whatever. Or if it was just my particular theater, but like, I had no problems hearing the line. Like I heard it. And I was like that, that was like, a perfect, like, ending to, to the whole story itself like that. And you know, she knows like, while in her reality and her universe, she can’t have what she always wanted. She can take comfort and solace and knowing that in, in other universes, she is able to have that. And even though it’s not her her, like in that reality experiencing it, she is still experiencing it. Just, you know, it’s just a different part of her a different aspect of her that sort of thing.

Kayla Devorak 11:50
Yeah. I also didn’t have I also heard it while watching it and was like, Damn, yeah, it is a Mother’s Day. It is a Mother’s Day movie. Absolutely.

Lara Taylor 12:03
and it came out Mother’s Day weekend.

Kayla Devorak 12:05
it did

Marc Cuiriz 12:05
it did

Lara Taylor 12:07
on free. Well, not on Free Comic Book Day, but it was Free Comic Book Day and Mother’s Day weekend

Kayla Devorak 12:12
it was Yeah.

Link Keller 12:14
I did like the the aspect of having dreams be windows into the multiverse. I think that’s very cool.

Kayla Devorak 12:22
yeah let’s talk about it.

Link Keller 12:23
And I said that and my friend was like, Yeah, but like, I have dreams where I’m not a character there. And I was like, Well, I think maybe you just watch too many movies. And so your mind is like cinematic version but

Lara Taylor 12:38
or, or maybe would even dream where you’re paying or you’re not there in that universe

Kayla Devorak 12:43
or youre paint, you know, yeah, what do I think about that? Has anybody read or watched the Wheel of Time in here?

Lara Taylor 12:51
I have not.

Kayla Devorak 12:53

Lara Taylor 12:55
Kayla’s gonna tell us a story.

Kayla Devorak 12:58
I mean, that, you know, spoilers, but certain characters can basically dream walk in Wheel of Time. And, and basically, the multiverse. The multiverse basically exists in this the in this in wheel of time as well. But people can actually consciously choose to move through the spaces, whether through dreams or through like portals. And I just really love this idea that we’re kind of connecting to just as real, this idea that there’s like broader realities out there. Right? Because the world is very large and vast, and we can’t know everything. So how do we know that that stuff doesn’t exist? So I like the idea that maybe somewhere a different Kayla got what she wanted at one point in her life. And maybe that was something that maybe at this point in my life here, maybe that was a point where it was like super traumatic, or super hurtful or harmful, right. But maybe it went differently for different Kayla, which I think is cool. It also like I’ve been kind of going on this journey with like, alternate reality multiverse type stuff since grad school, because I had to read this book called of water and Spirit by Malidoma Somé, and he is an African shaman, but also had been kidnapped by the French and was in Catholic priesthood type stuff. But because he was a shaman and in his tribe, he went through like, this like ritual, and it blew my mind because it was like the first time I was like reading like a nonfiction book where they were being like this happened and we experience it. and as like, as, like a tribe and as a cult like this is something we go through like to get to the other side of our like cultural experience as like a community and a group. Like, you have to go through this thing to. It’s like the final stage in a way. And it blew my mind because I was like, well, who’s to say that like, that doesn’t come out in our media anyway, like, who’s to say like those those parts of our world, like the spirit world, or what have you isn’t showing up in our media in like, low key ways, you know? And so I just continue to like, you know, lucid dreaming. Oh, you’re just exploring the multiverse guys, like no big deal. So

Marc Cuiriz 15:53
Oh, my goodness, I think that like the whole, like, this whole thing with the multiverse, I think this opens up a whole lot of things now, like for them to just completely like redo stories or remake stories. Now. I think that’s like one thing that they can definitely do if they really wanted to, like, milk a whole lot of money. But I’m more so like, interested to see what they’re going to do with America now. Like now that now that she’s introduced into everything, and then you know, and the origin basically a big game for like, where are they going to go with this next? I think that’s what I like the most I’m looking forward to.

Lara Taylor 16:35
The interesting thing is I’ve read the the short run of America Chavez. And she didn’t get an origin story in that she’s a pre established character who her origin story was in other comics. And I, there were a lot of things that I was like, they’re going to shy away from this. They’re going to shy away from nope they went there. And I really liked seeing that, that beginning of hers, and like this fear that she like the fear that she like, basically killed her moms. And there’s no proof that you killed them. You made it to a place and started living like you didn’t. But that’s a fairly common thing that kids blame themselves for a parent’s death. Or a traumatic thing that happened

Link Keller 17:30
uncontrollable circumstances. Kids are very much like, Well, I must have done it. It must have been me. It’s very Doctor Strange, of her no. I really liked America. I wish that they had given her more.

Kayla Devorak 17:49

Link Keller 17:49
more time more input

Lara Taylor 17:52
I think she’s getting the show.

Link Keller 17:54
She felt very. On one hand, she felt very much like an object that was just being moved around between competing groups. But that being said, the flashback scene and my favorite scene, which is at the end with zombie doctor strange.

Kayla Devorak 18:15

Link Keller 18:15
I thought I thought that was honestly like the heart. The emotional heart of that movie was that scene of him being like, everything, like you can do this. You are capable. And everything that has happened to you has led you to this point. I’m like, That’s so good. Yum, yum, yum. I love that. And it’s being delivered by a fucking zombie guys. That’s right. In many ways what I was looking for for like, the whole movie is I that was, that was great. I loved that. I loved that part. And I loved I don’t know if the star shape thing is is a part of her comic thing. But I loved that

Lara Taylor 18:54
yeah she punches star shaped holes in the universe.

Link Keller 18:59
Marc I’m like Steven Universe!

Marc Cuiriz 19:02
Steven Universe, just

Link Keller 19:03
all the Steven Universe episodes when they end and it does the star cut. That was her?

Marc Cuiriz 19:10
I mean, I mean think about it,

Link Keller 19:11
that was her all along!

Marc Cuiriz 19:12
I mean,

Lara Taylor 19:12
bring steven into the multiverse,

Marc Cuiriz 19:14
she’s brandishing the star. Gay moms.

Link Keller 19:18
Oh my god.

Marc Cuiriz 19:19
There you go. It’s it’s basically Marvel’s Steven. Right there.

Link Keller 19:24

Marc Cuiriz 19:25
I like it. I think I liked it that even more because like even though he’s like, yeah, you can do it. Then she just like gets up and just just straight decks wanda in the Face. Like just like a normal person just like wabam. And it’s like, Oh, crap. Now what do I do?

Link Keller 19:38
Did you know that you can do a punch in the face and she’s like, you know, I never considered that but I’m a go. Imma go do that. Now.

Kayla Devorak 19:45
What she has superhuman strength too. So not only can see punch stars into stuff, and then travel, travel to a whole other multi dimension. But she’s also very strong. So that probably really hurt.

Marc Cuiriz 20:02
Just pack a punch. Yeah, I felt this.

Kayla Devorak 20:04

Lara Taylor 20:04
Yeah. Yeah. Like, one of my favorite things was seeing Wanda like I loved in Captain Marvel when Captain Marvel was fully powered and doing all the things. I mean, she’s so overpowered. And for the longest time, I would say, Captain Marvel is the most powerful person in the MCU. And I’ve heard an interview with Kevin Feige, who says, Wanda is probably the most powerful person in the MCU. And

Kayla Devorak 20:36
I think so.

Lara Taylor 20:37
I think so because she has the added bonus of being able to control people’s minds. And just watching her blow shit up was so wonderful.

Link Keller 20:52
She’s got that mom strength,

Lara Taylor 20:54
Mama Bear,

Kayla Devorak 20:55
and the way in which the way in which Wanda was like, I was being reasonable.

Link Keller 21:03
That was great

Kayla Devorak 21:03
like, she wasn’t she was just like, completely just straight. Fact was like, this is I was being reasonable. Like, now watch me.

Link Keller 21:12
I didn’t obliterate you immediately. You’re welcome.

Kayla Devorak 21:15
It’s really great. I mean, it’s really enjoyable to like, see, you know, female like villains who are unapologetically going after the thing that they want. Right? And she was doing it and she’s like, Nah, man, step aside. Are you really gonna like experience some shit?

Lara Taylor 21:36
I love the masterful like the trailers. Gave us like, Oh, we’re gonna have Dr. Strange Wanda team up, yeah, against her against multiverse. Yeah. And then we get this. And I liked the arc that Wanda had in, in wandavision. And I also liked this because she was the villain. And yet in the end, she was also the hero.

Link Keller 22:10
I think that that was true in in wandavision also. it’s like, I’ve been seeing people sort of complaining, it’s like, oh, it undid the character growth of wandavision. I’m like, No, it’s the same it’s the continuation, it’s consistent!

Lara Taylor 22:24
it shows us as people, we don’t just grow in an arc, we shift backward and forward and backward and forward. So she’s breaking these bad habits. And then continuing them again,

Marc Cuiriz 22:38
and creating new ones.

Kayla Devorak 22:42
It’s also a very, it’s very much in line with her character, because you can go all the way back to Ultron. And I mean, she was out there not caring about whose mind she was. She was melting and terrifying and all that and, and then had towards the end, right? Her and her brother decided to like help them. But they didn’t just have a change of heart. Right. So that’s very in line with her. And it’s also really representative of like, the actual cyclical nature of grief. Like, yeah, maybe at the end of one division she was feeling I actually wouldn’t even say that she was out of her actual grief at the end of wandavision. I think she was just starting

Lara Taylor 23:25
No. she was grieving her kids too,

Kayla Devorak 23:26
right. Yeah. Like I would, I would argue that at the end of wandavision, she was just beginning to accept and actually start actual grieving.

Lara Taylor 23:39
And then the Darkhold helps her think that she has a chance to get them back and brings her back into bargaining.

Kayla Devorak 23:47
Yep. Yeah. And if you have the power to do it.

Lara Taylor 23:53

Marc Cuiriz 23:56
I mean, like she said, she she said she had the power to rule the multiverse and

Kayla Devorak 24:01

Marc Cuiriz 24:01
she very well could have.

Kayla Devorak 24:04
I mean, she went into a whole other multiverse and basically destroyed the Illuminati. Which, like, my jaw hit the floor, like I was, like, you did not just like you like, like, they were nothing literally.

Lara Taylor 24:19
Mm hmm. And these are people that I was very excited to see. Like, I almost broke Nina’s hand. When Captain Carter showed up.

Kayla Devorak 24:29
I literally said something out loud. I said, No, they did not. And Mary was like, You’re being really loud.

Lara Taylor 24:40
I bet other people were gonna be really loud about that too, um, yeah. And then I think, who was like, when they held off on Patrick Stewart. I was like, Come on. Where is he? Yeah. But also Maria Rambeau. Captain Marvel, Nina smacked me with that one like, oh my god because she was the she was the original female Captain Marvel.

Kayla Devorak 25:09
Amazing. But like now it’s opened up like their stories right now that we’ve got like the full multiverse kind of blown wide open. We can now go and like, I want that story. I want the black Captain Marvel,

Lara Taylor 25:23
mhmm Yeah, I’ve heard rumors of a captain Carter show, or movie or something and just makes my Yeah, makes me swoon.

Link Keller 25:37
I laughed really, really hard when stretchy man.

Kayla Devorak 25:44
John Krasinski

Link Keller 25:45
showed up, I laughed really hard.

Lara Taylor 25:47
And he was a fancast

Link Keller 25:49
and he died and made me laugh even harder.

Kayla Devorak 25:53
I sat there, and I’m sure I’m sure. You’re not the only one thinking oh, great. We’re gonna get a new Fantastic Four. All right, that’s kind of cool. I don’t really like them. But okay. And then do just get annihilated in like, like, he was like, silly putty, literally. Um,

Lara Taylor 26:14
there’s like, there’s the the memes that are like, multiverse of madness, spoilers without context. And one is a picture of string cheese.

Kayla Devorak 26:26
That’s a very apt comparison.

Lara Taylor 26:29
The other one, the one of the other ones is the photos. And that is a teddy bear. With the stuffing pulling pulled out of the center. It’s like cut in half. Yeah. Good times. Good times. But we probably are going to get a fantastic four thing because the Illuminati are not only in one universe.

Kayla Devorak 26:50
I know. Yeah.

Marc Cuiriz 26:56
I think like, like I was saying earlier, I think this is really opening up a whole lot of so many new stories. And I know like they are doing like a second season of like the What If so, like, who knows, they might even branch more of the stories in the what if? So, like, we might get a what if, like, what if it was, you know, Maria instead of you know?

Lara Taylor 27:21
Yeah, cuz they definitely pulled a few of the whatever, like, we got in Marvel Zombies. And we got Captain Carter.

Marc Cuiriz 27:28
We even got the the evil strange too at the end. Yeah. And then and then man just, you know, gets treated like it’s 18th century France and just gets thrown onto a pike. You know, it is what it is.

Lara Taylor 27:44
I think I think there was someone that I talked to you that was like, they can do that in a marvel movie?

Kayla Devorak 27:51
Die or just get thrown off a balcony?

Lara Taylor 27:54
thrown off a balcony, like on a spike like that.

Kayla Devorak 27:57

Marc Cuiriz 28:00
Okay, so there’s there’s actually one thing that I did read like after I watched the movie that a lot of people seem sort of divided on and so I’m kind of curious to hear what your guys’s opinions of it are. It’s, it’s towards the end. It’s the whole music note. Fight Scene thing. So I personally enjoyed what they did with it. Like, did it make a whole lot of sense? No. Was it pleasing to watch? Absolutely, it was. And that’s just my thing on it, like, I knew made absolutely zero sense for them to just throw notes at each other and they, they, they just went along with it. Like he threw some notes and he’s like, I’m gonna just make them sour notes. And they just thrown back at you like, I don’t know, I thought it was so goofy in such a serious like, battle thing. That I just was like, I’m here for this. This is this is this is a whole thing. Please give me more of this.

Link Keller 29:00
Yeah, no, I loved that.

Kayla Devorak 29:02
I also love that. Yeah.

Link Keller 29:04
I thought, especially coming off of I am forgetting the character’s name but the when he’s being held by the Illuminati and he gets into like a fistfight with that one guy is like that was very, like, very like, okay, they’re fighting now. That’s fine. And then boys, like we’re gonna do a music Battle of the Bands off and I was like, yes, yes please.

Kayla Devorak 29:29
Yeah. And I mean, the music that accompanied that was pretty great. So

Link Keller 29:36
yes, I liked I liked that fight. I thought that that one was one of the standouts of the various fight scenes. I did also like in the beginning when they’re fighting the big, like starfish eyeball monster

Kayla Devorak 29:53
ahh Yeah,

Link Keller 29:53
I thought it looked very cool. I loved that. He was like, He’s just like summoned, like a beholder like going through and I don’t know, it was great. I loved that. I did have a really hard time not comparing it to the Suicide Squad giant starfish eyeball. Because I was just like, yeah, that was like a cool way to like defeat it and everything but it’s not as not as cool as having a million rats plunge into his eyeball hole. You know? It was good, but it wasn’t eyeball full of rats. Good. You know what I’m saying?

Lara Taylor 30:32
It made me cringe a little less than that. Yeah, yeah. But I definitely thought of that, too, was like, just seems familiar.

Marc Cuiriz 30:51
Well, what do we think though about? About like, how, like, what Steven arc throughout this whole movie is, like, I know, we talked a lot about like, wanda, and we can all collectively agree that this was really just a wanda movie. However, there is the little sprinkles of Steven in there, but like seeing him like, progress and like him slowly, like getting over Christine, and things like that. I’m kind of curious to hear what your guys’s thoughts or opinions are on like his existential journey.

Lara Taylor 31:23
It’s one of those things where he progresses and changes but also doesn’t like, because at the end, we see see him with the third eye. And it’s like, oh, great, you’re gonna start some more trouble and get, like, screw things up like the other Stevens did. But I appreciated his growth and being able to, like let go of Christine and get closure with her with the other Christine from the other universe. And the progression of he would not like, I would be pissed too if I disappeared for five years and then somebody I come back and somebody has my job and not want to bow to him and all of that, but I liked the play with him and Wong. It’s a great relationship and then toward the end him actually bowing and like being like, okay, yeah, you are the Sorcerer Supreme. Yeah, I mean, actually,

Marc Cuiriz 32:19
I mean, after everything Wong went through in this in this movie, like, he deserves it.

Lara Taylor 32:27
Oh, yeah.

Marc Cuiriz 32:27
Like 100% and he deserves to be the sorcerer supreme, like being able to hold out against Wanda but not only that, like watching almost all of his like all like the students and everything just like get annihilated by Wanda. And yet, like still like fighting through and like really, like obviously doing his best to protect everybody. And like, stop Wanda is like, I don’t know, I enjoy Wong as a character. Like, I know, he’s like, he has those comedic release, like throughout the various films that he that he’s in, but like as like, just like an overall character. Like, I’m always rooting for him. He’s one of those guys that I’m like, Yeah, you go.

Kayla Devorak 33:10
Yeah, I appreciate that Wong’s not reckless. And like, just doesn’t assume that he has all of the answers just right away without even like, knowing if he does you know, and he Yeah, I think he’s just not he’s not reckless and he he has the capacity to before making doing something he can actually think about other people. And I don’t think it works that way for Dr. Strange. I think a lot of it is more action first and then he thinks about the impacts that it potentially will have on other people.

Marc Cuiriz 33:55
Yeah, and I think that definitely also gets touched on when they tell him the story of like in the universe with the Illuminati and they’re talking about their Steven, and he took it to the full extreme of like, I have to be the one to solve everything and then in the end what he thought was the solution didn’t even end up working and then they have no choice but to just get you know, like even though they managed to you know get rid of Thanos they have that you know, Hey man, you did a bad so we got to cut you cut your sentence a little short.

Link Keller 34:28
You didn’t really spend any time on it, but I did fucking love the raising of the idea of like, oh yeah, no, we’re using superheroes as a propaganda tool. Like it made more sense to control the population to keep strange as a hero that we all loved but we killed him because he was an issue. I love that hope that gets expanded on later. Probably won’t

Marc Cuiriz 34:51
it’s a touch problematic for them.

Link Keller 34:55
That’s probably why I like it. Because it’s very it’s very in line with like horror movies. stuff is like actually getting into the horror of having. Anyways, that’s beside the point. Again, I did not see the first Doctor Strange movie. But I did really appreciate that when Strange was talking to evil strange and he was expressing like, Hey, here’s like what led me to this point is my, you know, my, my sister died and my hands got fucked up. And so i turned to magic. I did feel like the emotional impact of him actually verbalizing that stuff. I feel like he probably had not ever said that out loud to anybody before. I thought that that was important. And while there is some issues of him professing his love to Christine, at the end, because it’s she’s like, I don’t I don’t know you dude, you’re from a different universe. I do think that that was an important emotional moment for him to finally be able to, again, verbalize these things being like, I have to, like actually say, the emotional thing that’s going on inside of me. I’m gonna express that to you is like, I love you. And I didn’t do a good job of making that known before. again, I assume. A lot of assumptions built in on me just guessing what happened in the first movie, but I feel like I’m spot on.

Kayla Devorak 36:21
They were not together in the first one. And I don’t think anything was. You could tell but I don’t think anything was expressly because she broke up with him. Because he was nasty after he got hurt

Link Keller 36:34
emotionally unavailable.

Lara Taylor 36:36
Yeah. Before he got hurt. That’s right. preoccupied with I gotta be the best surgeon. I gotta do this. I gotta do that. And then it gets in the accident. And he is. I mean, understandably angry and distraught. His career is over and he feels like his life is over. And in some ways that ties into when he gets blipped away, right. And he comes back and his title is taken from him. And he’s, to a lesser extent going through that loss again. Yeah.

Marc Cuiriz 37:12
No, yeah, I definitely like how for Stephen, like, it was interesting to see like his almost like his internal monologue of like, is he happy, and then having it be externalized with him, like, interacting with, like, his other self? Or him just even interacting with like, the Illuminati and like them, showing him pieces of things? And even his interactions with America of like, are you happy? And he’s like, Well, shit well shit am I? I don’t I I want to say yes, but I don’t think I am and

Link Keller 37:51
that would require introspection, and I’m avoiding that.

Marc Cuiriz 37:56
exactly. So it was it was really interesting to see like someone that like, like, his gradual, like, movement towards that being open and honest. And then eventually, obviously, at the end, you know, getting that closure with Christine. So I’m interesting. I’m interested to see like, is he going to keep that part of himself as he can as they move on? Because I mean, like, I know, they’re going to have a Third Doctor Strange movie, or is this going to be like, okay, cool. You guys closure. Alright, now time to turn the emotions back off and move on to something else entirely.

Kayla Devorak 38:32
I, I, I want I’m, I’m hoping that the fact that he repaired the watch is an indication that he’s has a more emotional capacity to be more present.

Lara Taylor 38:48
Yeah, yeah. I would like to see because I know America is also getting like a show or something. I’d like to see some more like him trying to help her find her parents or something like that.

Link Keller 39:05
Yeah, I think

Lara Taylor 39:05
because the other strange was her friend. And then he tried to kill her. And then he died. And then it came back as a zombie because,

Kayla Devorak 39:14
and then winked at her

Lara Taylor 39:15
our strange. Yeah, exactly.

Link Keller 39:18
I do think that that’s definitely something that they’re touching on in this movie, and hopefully we’ll expand on later on is that being around children, teenagers is a real fast way to actually get you to be introspective about your own thoughts and behaviors and beliefs and feelings, because they’re younger and they reflect back on you and they ask questions, and it’s like, that is an opportunity for a lot of his own growth is just by being there for America. I hope that continues.

Lara Taylor 39:57
Well, I mean that that theme started with him trying to help Peter Parker and

Link Keller 40:04

Lara Taylor 40:04
spider-man no way home. Yeah, exactly. And then I in the movie, I was like, Wait, he? He’s not supposed to know Spider Man. And I’m like, wait a minute. He doesn’t know who Peter Parker is. Spider Man is Spider Man. Okay, I get it. But

Link Keller 40:17
mostly spiders or mostly man?

Kayla Devorak 40:21
We’ll never know,

Marc Cuiriz 40:22
does he?

Lara Taylor 40:23
I mean, in one universe, he could be mostly Spiders

Kayla Devorak 40:26
I think he’s a pig in another?

Lara Taylor 40:27
Yeah, spider-pig.

Kayla Devorak 40:33
I think that’s interesting. You know, I was thinking like, as he’s being introspective, I think I would have liked a little bit more exploration. And maybe we’ll get this like later of him actually having to hold the fact that he is the reason the snap happened. Right, because he, he made that choice. And it’s interesting, because in that situation, again, the only person he saw as being able to solve it was himself. So again, he’s here he is holding the scalpel. And so I like I’m curious. And I was curious, like, obviously, you could see he was having some kinds of feelings about this person he knew, telling him at this wedding, and asking this very straightforward question like, was it the only way and having to deal with that man’s grief? Right? Because that guy had like, lost, like, family while he was snapped away. And kind of laying it at Stephen’s feet, I would be really curious to see if that continues to be something he processes it processes, because I don’t. It was not a focus of this movie at all.

Marc Cuiriz 41:49
No, yeah, I almost completely forgot about that.

Kayla Devorak 41:52
I know, right?

Marc Cuiriz 41:53
He says, and then, you know, in infinity war, he says, I saw like 14 14 million. There are so many more options. It’s just like, oh, but this was out of those 14 million. This was the only one that I saw that could work. And it’s like, but yeah, but But could it though?

Lara Taylor 42:14
Well, I have also seen fan, I’ve seen fan theories online that like, he could probably only see futures that he is in,

Link Keller 42:22
I was just gonna say contextualizing that with his, like, self obsession. Like it makes sense. He’s like, I have these options to choose from, you know, ones where I’m the hero

Kayla Devorak 42:33
one and Wanda blames him too a little bit, right? Because she’s like, I put a hole in the man I love for nothing. Because he made a choice. And had he not, Thanos would not have had the capacity to be able to rewind and take the stone from vision.

Marc Cuiriz 42:53
I mean, yeah, I mean theory, like, if you think about that back in infinity, where he says like, if it comes between the kid or you and the stone, I am going to choose the stone. And he said that with no hesitation. Yeah. And then he decides that I had to make this choice of like, Here, take the stone, when theoretically, he could have he, I mean, he could have just let them all die. But then if he killed strange, then he wouldn’t have been able to get access to the Time Stone or they could have given them plenty of time that everyone on Wakanda plenty of time that they could have either A destroyed the stone or B been able to hold back the forces and be able to separate the stone and then get rid of it some way.

Kayla Devorak 43:42
Yeah, I mean, she had just crushed his skull in like he she had just and then like vision was dead and the stone was gone. And then it’s like almost immediately Thanos is stepping through smoke and you’re like,

Link Keller 43:56
ruh roh

Kayla Devorak 43:56
I remember watching that I was like, oh god my stomach like dropped. And I was like this is not going to be good.

Link Keller 44:02
Bringing up the stone gives me a perfect segue into why wasn’t there any Loki stuff at all? Like not even a fun little elbow rib? Like Haha, it’s like, nothing, nothing.

Lara Taylor 44:18
I don’t know why. But I also note like a lot of people were like, Why isn’t the TVA in all of this? And the thing is that none of them know nobody knows the TVA exists. And the the the theory is that the multiverse is capable you’re we have this possibility now because of

Kayla Devorak 44:38
because of what happened

Lara Taylor 44:39
what happened in Loki. So

Link Keller 44:41
yeah, but

Lara Taylor 44:42
so but nobody knows what happened.

Link Keller 44:44
But like the TVA still exists, it’s just right under new management at the end of loki. And so it’s like the idea that, like, yes, these characters don’t know about the TVA, but the TVA would. This is this is a situation they would be involved in, right? right??

Marc Cuiriz 45:01
the same. At the same time though, they could also you could also make the argument that like, this is how the timeline is supposed to go. Like they’re supposed to discover the multiverse. Like these are events that set in motion the things that eventually create the

Link Keller 45:16
The TVA’s like This is the perfect way to get rid of the Illuminati.

Lara Taylor 45:21
Yeah, there are there’s another bigger thing that they’re worried about and another branch of time being just

Link Keller 45:27
I really, I really expected there to be a little something a little something. And I was by the end I was like, what? And I was like, well, maybe maybe in the after credits. No, not even there!

Kayla Devorak 45:40
Do you do you think more universes are going to get numbered, like actually spoken with numbers? Because they I forget which one like it was the one he went to or the one that he’s from? Is 616

Marc Cuiriz 45:53
the one that theyre from is 616 which confused me slightly but yeah, you know,

Lara Taylor 46:01
yeah, well, because it’s not I know we’re gonna secret wars. Yeah, it’s I don’t think that’s in line with the comics like

Kayla Devorak 46:09
I don’t think the comic world in the comics that’s not our world 616 Isn’t our world right?

Marc Cuiriz 46:16
I thought it I thought it was

Link Keller 46:20
our world is the world that got to number them.

Lara Taylor 46:28
616 is the official Marvel mainline canon universe in the comics

Marc Cuiriz 46:35
so the fact that they made the MCU 616 is, yes.

Kayla Devorak 46:41

Marc Cuiriz 46:41
It’s interesting because now that that there was a whole there was a whole thing in there of like, what because you know, we have the like, the Spider Man game is like a whole other universe and then we have the Marvel Cinematic Universe was supposed to be its own universe, but now they’re designating that universes 616 So it’s like it’s a big do they think that they’re the original 616 and then like, they’re gonna be like, Haha, syke you’re not actually

Marc Cuiriz 47:11
you’re 616.6 There’s been a couple of updates

Kayla Devorak 47:16
616 rebirth. So many questions. Yeah, I

Marc Cuiriz 47:21
we’re just getting we’re just dry. We’re just completely devolving into conspiracy theories Now unlike all these

Kayla Devorak 47:26
others, isn’t that what the Marvel Cinematic Universe is is just conspiracy theories?

Lara Taylor 47:31
I need to go find my favorite Tiktok her and what her theories are on Marvel Cinematic. What

Link Keller 47:38
What Nique marina?

Lara Taylor 47:41
She’s great. Yeah, she’s amazing. And has some really good hot takes on things and does a lot of like, Marvel is here to fuck with you. And, and for after, after everything comes out. Therapists get a lot more clients. That’s that’s her theory. Yeah,

Marc Cuiriz 48:01
so what you’re saying is the more Marvel releases, the more likely in the future. I’m going to have clients.

Kayla Devorak 48:08
There you go.

Lara Taylor 48:08

Marc Cuiriz 48:09
Which I will make more money.

Kayla Devorak 48:12

Link Keller 48:12
Yeah, marvel marvel is either gonna make you like face your issues or give you issues. So either way. confirmed.

Marc Cuiriz 48:28
Marvel the head runners in both entertainment and mental health?

Lara Taylor 48:36
Yes, yes. I would argue. I would argue that Disney in general that is, but especially Marvel.

Marc Cuiriz 48:44
Yeah. Well, do we have? Is there anything else that you guys wanted to talk about? Anything else you guys want to touch on with this?

Link Keller 48:52
I think I think we should expand more on talking about grief because I think that’s the that’s the GT heart of of this. I mean, it’s it’s fun to just rap on this movie. But

Marc Cuiriz 49:04
I think you’re a grief and loss expert.

Kayla Devorak 49:06
Is it the is where are we? Yeah, let’s go.

Link Keller 49:10
I think we should just we should delve into more. I know that’s something that you really resonated with Kayla and you put it in your top three, so

Kayla Devorak 49:19
I did. Yeah. Why don’t you talk first?

Link Keller 49:26
Okay. I think I think wandavision was a really great exploration of grief and the way that it impacts a person and the way that it impacts the people connected to them in the social circle theory or whatever you want to apply that to. I think that this multiverse of madness touched on that a little bit. It didn’t commit as much as wandavision did, but I think it did expand more on Wanda’s experience of like honestly, like, she’s she got that CPTSD for reals.

Kayla Devorak 50:07
for reals

Link Keller 50:08
But basically, every time that she starts to try and get a handle with one loss, she gets hit with another one. And how that, that that happens in real life real life, people have to deal with that kind of situation of like, just as you are starting to get a handle on one thing, four more things happen in your life, you know. It was she

Lara Taylor 50:34
has literally lost like everyone,

Kayla Devorak 50:37
she has lost her mom, her family, her her family was destroyed. And in like, one of the bombings like before the accords happened. And then Ultron happened, and she lost her brother. And then she found somebody who could help her control her chaotic magic, which is I love that

Lara Taylor 51:02
and process that grief

Kayla Devorak 51:03
Yeah, right. And somebody she loved deeply. She literally said it was like the love of my life. And not only did she lose him, she was the one that killed him.

Lara Taylor 51:14
And she had to watch him die twice. She technically, yeah, three times.

Kayla Devorak 51:19
Yeah. And like, I don’t know, that would I think wreck anyone

Lara Taylor 51:28
and then children

Kayla Devorak 51:30
and then in order to preserve and not have to deal with the pain of actually, like, going through the grief. Right? Like she was like during wandavision she was still mourning right. And in order to not have to step further beyond that. She created children who she actually loved and had emotional attachments to and then she did the right thing and killed them as well. So like that’s a lot that’s a lot well

Lara Taylor 52:07
and vision and like I said to him died vision, she’s seen die three times and two of those three times she did it herself. Exactly.

Kayla Devorak 52:16
Yep. Yeah. I know you like say it out loud. And I’m like,

Link Keller 52:23
that’s really fucked up.

Kayla Devorak 52:24
I feel like I’m,

Marc Cuiriz 52:25
that’s a lot to take in

Kayla Devorak 52:25
I feel like I’m taking I feel like I’m sitting in like one of my grief volunteer groups where they’re like telling their experiences and I’m sitting here thinking oh shit, like, that’s a lot dude. And you’re just like a 15 year old like it’s a lot and like Link’s right? It happens to everyday people

Link Keller 52:46
who don’t have unending superpowers to do whatever they please

Kayla Devorak 52:52
or the Darkhold

Lara Taylor 52:52
Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it makes sense then why this like, possibility of her children being out there was so alluring Of course she wants to

Kayla Devorak 53:05
I mean, I would seriously contemplate you know, visiting multiverses where my brother was still alive. I’d consider that. not a stretch

Link Keller 53:22
I I hated that. She was just like, I’m gonna pop into another universe and then I’m gonna get my kids back and didn’t at all I was like, if you’re if you’re going then another version of you is there you you’re just gonna kill yourself? but

Lara Taylor 53:37
or you’re gonna make her suffer the way you suffered

Lara Taylor 53:40
the way that is like the reason I hated that so much is because it is it is totally like relatable when you are in that grief. You are not thinking about consequences to things you are desperately grabbing on to anything that will give you any sort of semblance of safety and love and connection. And she got in her mind is like if I get the kids back that’s the last time I was happy in my personal experiences. That was it. So I was like, I’m going to do everything I can. And look at all this power I’ve got I can make that happen for me. It’s like honey sweetheart, baby doll. Please talk to a therapist because somebody’s gonna point out to you like that’s not a good idea.

Kayla Devorak 54:22

Lara Taylor 54:24
Murder murdering a poor teenager is not a good way to go about this

Link Keller 54:29
you’re not gonna feel good about that choice after you make it and then you know that ends up being things she’s faced with like her children witnessing her being evil and her being like oh, I don’t want them to see me that way even if it means I don’t get to be with them I that that’s a bad idea was a bad idea. Ooh

Kayla Devorak 54:49
yeah. And like again, right like that is her in deep mourning like she’s back to mourning and not process like moving through grief. Right like, like she is Back in that deep mourning, and she’s just now grieving like mourning the children. Right. And so she’s like trying to in an attempt to stop it. And she’s also suffering like PTSD nightmares if you want to really like yes, yes, in this movie and in the world, dreams are a window to another you like they’re really those dreams actually are happening to to another you. But in this in our context like people have PTSD nightmares all the time around grief like that is not uncommon.

Lara Taylor 55:39

Link Keller 55:40
I think ultimately it’s very relatable in that because Wanda is so alone and she doesn’t have any real social support to that that is so harmful in real life was if you are like, obviously loss grief makes makes you feel alone. But hopefully you actually have people who are there who are available to to exist with you. And she didn’t really have any of those connections left. Partly because a lot of them died and partly because a lot of them were not like super cool with how many evil choices she was making.

Lara Taylor 56:23
Avengers could be there.

Kayla Devorak 56:25
Yeah, where the hell are the Avengers?

Link Keller 56:27
yeah where are the avengers

Kayla Devorak 56:28
Where are a few of them? Like, I’m sorry, like Falcon wherever you like, pop in and say Hi, Stephen, why did it take you this long? And it took it took you that long that you thought her hex was actually real? Like the she literally said, it’s always the emotions that get me she couldn’t actually fake the emotions. But her hex was so good and so powerful that he had no clue. Like, where were you? she needed a grief support group

Link Keller 57:02
and he was so hung up on there’s a problem, I will find a solution instead of like, just be emotionally available for somebody who is deeply hurting.

Kayla Devorak 57:12
Everybody knows what happened to her. Like everybody knows what she did. And so like, why aren’t you supporting the most powerful being in your universe?

Lara Taylor 57:23
I’m also like, Where’s Monica Rambeau like, she was in wandavision. She was the one that was like, no, she up can’t kill her. She is grieving. Like don’t, she’s not just a monster.

Link Keller 57:39
She’s a mom. sorry that line was so funny and good.

Kayla Devorak 57:45
Wanda has needed a grief support group for like many movies now.

Lara Taylor 57:52
All the movies, she’s been in

Kayla Devorak 57:54
all the movies she’s been in Wanda has needed a grief support group. I think that should be you know, what would

Lara Taylor 58:03
my My thing is? Oh, she’s gonna she’s, she’s gonna survive. Oh, she she’s gonna survive. And we’re gonna get a movie that brings all of the X Men into this universe. And then we’re gonna have like Magneto be like, Oh, you’re my child in this universe, so now she’s gonna have like an evil father figure to make her into a villain again. Repeat the same process

Kayla Devorak 58:28
they hold from? House of M? Yeah, yeah, I’m excited. Yeah, I’m like, This is great. I don’t think she’s dead either.

Lara Taylor 58:38
No, no, some rubble fell on her. Well, you know what some rubs off on her before.

Kayla Devorak 58:46
She also has chaos magic, and I don’t know about y’all, but chaos magic sounds a little bit more fun than whatever they do over at Kamar Taj.

Lara Taylor 58:56
Also, by the way, America I don’t think in the comics, she knows how to do magic and so this America that we’re getting is going to be even more badass. She punches holes through the universe and do magic

Kayla Devorak 59:08
and do magic Yeah. It’s pretty cool. It’s pretty impressive.

Lara Taylor 59:14
Our listeners can’t see but Link was doing things with with their hands. Like the like the magic. Disney is selling at Disneyland and at I believe at somewhere in Disney World. These things you can put on your hands that spin around and make the lights and then they change to different spells and things and I really they’re doing

Kayla Devorak 59:37
holocron lights.

Marc Cuiriz 59:40
Where was this?

Lara Taylor 59:42
I saw a tik tok it’s Probably online it’s at well it’s I know for sure. It is at Avengers campus in Disneyland I don’t know if it disney world if they have anything. Probably they also they also have Scarlet Witch at Avengers campus. and she’s still children from their parents

Kayla Devorak 1:00:03
omg stop, no, really?

Lara Taylor 1:00:07
Yes yes

Link Keller 1:00:10
wow wow

Kayla Devorak 1:00:12
that’s amazing. when when we go next summer can we like borrow a child and test it out? Because that’s sounds like

Link Keller 1:00:19
if you can find twins like you’ll be, bet. look what I brought you wanda!

Kayla Devorak 1:00:24
you on I do not I do not actually condone kidnapping

Lara Taylor 1:00:28
no no. But like oh just come with me little child and like I’ll be your parent now Oh yeah. by the time we go to Disneyland Cuba, they’re probably going to have moved on to because they go along with the shows and stuff

Kayla Devorak 1:00:43
maybe by then King Valkyrie Will have her own movie.

Lara Taylor 1:00:47

Kayla Devorak 1:00:48
that’s my hope

Lara Taylor 1:00:53
that was the best part of multiverse of madness was the Lord the Thor love and thunder trailer

Kayla Devorak 1:00:58
that trailer was so good I was like this is me I also said this is amazing. I the last few Marvel movies I’ve really adored and they’re some of my favorite ones so I’m actually I’m really looking forward to to the next Thor it’s gonna be good it’s gonna be to get you’re gonna get swole. Jane Foster.

Lara Taylor 1:01:22
I said I said Captain Carter made me swoon. umm

Kayla Devorak 1:01:29
A buff Natalie Portman

Lara Taylor 1:01:32
with Tessa Thompson in a suit.

Kayla Devorak 1:01:36
Okay, but Valkyrie literally my dog is named Valkyrie. And not just named after you know, the actual Valkyries from North mythology, but like literally named after tessa thompson

Link Keller 1:01:48
dog’s full name is valkyrie tessa thompson.

Kayla Devorak 1:01:52
Not quite but it should I will. I’m gonna think about doing that now. Yeah. Yes, I Yeah.

Marc Cuiriz 1:02:05
Oh, man. There’s so much there’s there’s so much here. And despite and like you were saying, it’s it’s a complete, like different take on how the normal formula for Marvel movies have been. I’m I’m excited to see what’s what’s gonna come next how the next Doctor Strange is going to be. So

Kayla Devorak 1:02:29
Full gore

Lara Taylor 1:02:32
R rated. finally

Marc Cuiriz 1:02:35
Exactly, exactly. do we have anything else that we want to touch on? Elaborate on? Lara looks like you’re thinking there.

Lara Taylor 1:02:48
I’m trying to think if there is anything we covered? A lot. Yeah, we covered the movie

Kayla Devorak 1:02:54
think we covered the movie, the whole movie.

Marc Cuiriz 1:02:56
alright, oh man? Well, then I guess we’ll wrap this up. So thank you, everybody so much for tuning in. You can always find more shows or you can always go talk on the forums. Oh my god, I’m butchering the outro here.

Link Keller 1:03:17
you got it you got it

Marc Cuiriz 1:03:19
So yeah, you can you can check out more stuff like this and any more of our episodes. Geek therapy.org. We also have our forums. There’s going to be a whole another library entry. I don’t know who’s going to be in charge of that. Probably Lara if I’m being honest.

Lara Taylor 1:03:40
I make no promises. I’m done doing that No, I’m not done with the library. I’m done making promises.

Marc Cuiriz 1:03:48
That’s fair. That is fair.

Kayla Devorak 1:03:49
It’s probably a good idea.

Marc Cuiriz 1:03:52
All right. So thank you guys, so much for listening. Remember to geek out and do good. And we’ll be back next week

Link Keller 1:04:04

Josué Cardona 1:04:04
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Characters / Media
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  • Doctor Strange (2016)
  • Wandavision
  • Thor: The Dark World (2013)
  • Wheel of Time novel series
  • Of Water and Spirit by Malidoma Somé
  • America Chavez
  • Steven Universe
  • Captain Marvel (2019)
  • The Suicide Squad (2021)
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)
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* Redemption
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* Separation
* Trauma

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