Elden Ring: More Than Just Another FromSoft Game

Author: Greg Lozano

I have an unintentional habit every time I play a FromSoft game. This habit often involves me investing countless hours, only to later realize a simpler gameplay method. In Dark Souls, I was deep into the game before discovering I could upgrade my Estus Flasks. Similarly, in Sekiro, I spent hours before realizing that certain subweapons made boss fights more manageable. With Elden Ring, I ventured into a challenging area early on, only to later understand it wasn’t the main path. These moments, while initially frustrating, have honed my skills in the series.

The world of Elden Ring, known as The Lands Between, is breathtaking. It’s not merely beautiful; it’s enchanting. The environment feels dreamlike, and if not for the constant threats lurking around, I’d consider it a dream I’d never want to wake from. While it has the core gameplay of Dark Souls, the introduction of mounts and the vast open world makes it distinct.

The game doesn’t compromise on its challenge. You have the option to bring in friends or even strangers to assist, but this increases the enemies’ strength. By diligently following NPC storylines, you can summon them for help in various regions. Interestingly, despite its notorious difficulty, Elden Ring feels more accessible than its predecessors. With a plethora of mini-dungeons and smaller boss encounters, each victory feels immensely rewarding.

There were times I found certain character builds challenging. However, the game’s flexibility to re-spec characters allowed me to adapt and enjoy my journey more. I was so engrossed in the game that I achieved platinum status on both the PS4 and PS5, completing it six times across both platforms. It’s rare for a game to hold my attention to this extent, underscoring Elden Ring‘s exceptional quality. I’m now eagerly awaiting the DLC, given FromSoft’s track record of delivering top-notch expansions.

Rating: 4.5/5. While Elden Ring might not top my list of Souls games, it’s undeniably a fantastic introduction for those curious about challenging games.

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