Geek Therapy: The Class (Doctor Who Edition)




Dr. Patrick O’Connor teaches a course at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology titled “Geek Culture in Therapy” or what I like to call “Geek Therapy: The Class.”

O’Connor came on the podcast before the class started (link) and we talked about his plans and hopes for the course.

The class is one of the things I have been most excited about recently because it takes the Geek Therapy concept to the classroom, for college credit even. Thankfully, O’Connor has been blogging about the class every week for everyone who is interested. You can find the blog at Comicspedia.net.


I got to teach psychology students about Doctor Who!

One thing I did not expect was to get the chance to guest lecture for the class on Doctor Who! Last week I spent about an hour on Doctor Who and its possible use in therapy and it was fantastic. I go into more detail about it on the Comicspedia blog so check that out to find out how it went.

As I said before, I am very excited about this class and what it represents so I hope we’ll be talking about it again in the future. What do you think of a class that teaches you how to embrace Geek culture?


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