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New York, NY— April 24, 2024 — Marking the milestone 50th issue of Benjamin Percy’s run and hitting stands during Wolverine’s 50th anniversary year, next month’s WOLVERINE #50 will be one of the character’s most pivotal issues ever! In anticipation of this landmark issue, fans can check out never-before-seen artwork from each story now.

Packed with bonus material, the giant-size issue presents the explosive final chapter of Percy, Victor LaValle, Geoff Shaw, and Cory Smith’s 10-part epic “Sabretooth War” storyline plus a story co-starring Jubilee from legendary Wolverine scribe Larry Hama and a special sneak peek at Wolverine’s upcoming adventures in the From the Ashes era!

Having masterfully guided Logan over the last few years, Benjamin Percy will also bid farewell to the character in WOLVERINE #50. After closing out Wolverine’s Krakoan age adventures in the main story, Percy will team up with artist Javi Fernández in a special send-off that explores Wolverine’s incredible legacy.

On closing out his run, Percy shared, “Fifty issues of Wolverine is a hell of a lot to be thankful for. But the math gets hairier when I do some accounting. I’ve actually been writing Logan — in the audio drama, in X-Force and Wolverine and all the crossovers and spin-off events — for seven years, twenty episodes, and a hundred thirty-ish issues. That’s a whole lot of SNIKT. That’s a big part of my life and career, and I feel nothing but gratitude for the experience. I can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to serve as the custodian of a character who is so important to me. Thanks, bubs, for joining the mayhem.”

The Sabretooth War concludes in the way it began – a violent, bloody battle – but WHO will be left standing? Preorder WOLVERINE #50 at your local comic shop today! For more information, visit Marvel.com.

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