PORTLAND, Ore. 06/11/2024 — Ghost Machine has set up the Ghost Machine Scholarship in collaboration with The Joe Kubert School, the iconic graphic arts educational institute founded by legendary comic book artist Joe Kubert. Located in Dover, NJ, the esteemed school has nurtured and honed the talents of countless comic book artists and illustrators including Andy and Adam Kubert, Lee Weeks, Stephen R. Bissette, as well as Ghost Machine’s own Brad Anderson and Rob Leigh.

Beginning with the 2024/2025 Fall term, the all-new scholarship will cover full tuition and supplies for one, third-year student at the school known for its renowned, comprehensive approach to sequential art, encompassing not only traditional drawing and inking techniques but also digital illustration and storytelling skills. The first recipient of the Ghost Machine Scholarship will be selected before the start of the new school year. In addition to the scholarship, Ghost Machine creators will teach a series of guest lectures at The Joe Kubert School, covering topics such as writing, visual storytelling, character creation and collaboration.

When founding Ghost Machine, the new generation of artists has always been top of mind for the groundbreaking creator collective, led by a best-in-class lineup of artists and writers whose award-winning and iconic works include Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Aquaman, Stargirl, JSA, The Flash, The Ultimates, Black Lightning, Green Arrow and countless more: Brad Anderson, Jason Fabok, Gary Frank, Bryan Hitch, Geoff Johns, Rob Leigh, Lamont Magee, Francis Manapul, Brad Meltzer, Ivan Reis, Peter Snejbjerg, Peter J. Tomasi, and Maytal Zchut.

“Ghost Machine was created to disrupt the status quo with an innovative business model giving character and company ownership fully to its creators. But we didn’t build Ghost Machine only for our present generation, we very much envisioned it to include the superstar creators of tomorrow. This scholarship not only honors the importance of The Joe Kubert School within the industry, but it allows us to pay it forward by building an environment that supports, mentors and helps elevate new and aspiring talent,” said the Ghost Machine creators in a statement.

Anthony Marques, President of The Joe Kubert School, said: “Not only has Ghost Machine established itself as a powerhouse in the comics industry, their dedication and belief in nurturing the next batch of incredible comic artists and writers aligns with our mission at The Joe Kubert School. The Ghost Machine Scholarship is not just an opportunity for one of our students; it’s also a launching point for them to jumpstart their career and provides mentorship for all of the Joe Kubert School students. We couldn’t be prouder to partner with our friends at Ghost Machine and look forward to the wonderful work that is about to be created!”

Ghost Machine #1, the company’s highly anticipated one-shot that introduced its lineup of new and original characters and shared universes, was a critical and commercial success, reaching #1 on bestseller lists when it published in January 2024. A Top 10, triple sell-out followed in April with Ghost Machine’s first monthly titles: Geiger #1 (Geoff Johns/Gary Frank/Brad Anderson/Rob Leigh), Redcoat #1 (Geoff Johns/Bryan Hitch/Brad Anderson/Rob Leigh) and Rook: Exodus #1 (Geoff Johns/Jason Fabok/Brad Anderson/Rob Leigh). The Top 10 run was continued by each title’s second installment this month and third issues hit shelves in June. Ghost Machine’s horror universe Hyde Street (Geoff Johns/Ivan Reis/Brad Anderson/Rob Leigh) will unleash scares this fall, and its Family Odysseys titles The Rocketfellers (Peter J. Tomasi/Francis Manapul/Rob Leigh) and Hornsby & Halo (Peter J. Tomasi/Peter Snejbjerg/Brad Anderson/Rob Leigh) will round out the year on a lighter note. All of Ghost Machine’s titles are published through Image Comics. In an industry first, all of Ghost Machine’s creators jointly own and run the company, sharing in all of Ghost Machine’s publishing, media, merchandising and licensing. Each creator is exclusive to the company for their comic book work after completing projects already committed to.

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