Gloves Up Entertainment & Latos Entertainment Option THE GREAT GAMBLE; Sets Psychological Horror Film IT COMES BACK

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New York, NY – May 11, 2023 – David Schuster’s Gloves Up Entertainment and Dennis Latos’ Latos Entertainment have partnered to option David L. Bluder’s highly controversial and timely novel, THE GREAT GAMBLE, for a narrative adaptation. They will also produce the psychological horror film IT COMES BACK with Elise Finnerty set to direct. Schuster (HBO’s The Survivor) and Latos (Tribeca winning short, Leylak) will jointly develop and produce the projects within each banner. Additionally, the duo is developing several other high-profile projects and expanding their catalog of valuable IP in film and television.

‘The Great Gamble’ follows two distinctive FBI agents who embark on a classified operation as they begin uncovering the deceptive and corrupt universe of gambling and sports betting previously hidden from the eyes of fans in the United States.”  Ice Cube Press published the novel in March 2020. Critics have praised the novel, referring to it as a “Dark, dynamic adventure. Spellbinding,” as well as “Crimes’ darkest reality, revealed.”

David L. Bluder, the book’s author, holds a degree in Business from Northern Iowa University and received his MBA at St. Ambrose University. Before becoming an author, David was a banker, politician, business owner, and investor. He was also a teacher at the University of Iowa and has been a proud supporter of the Iowa Writer’s Club.

THE GREAT GAMBLE captivated us from the moment we read it. David is an inimitable storyteller who takes readers on an unforgettable ride through the dark side of sports gambling, said David Schuster and Dennis Latos.” “We’re thrilled to produce Elise’s new film, IT COMES BACK. She is a gifted filmmaker with a fresh and frightening take on the genre. These two projects are excellent examples of the diverse types of content we’ll produce together in the scripted and unscripted space.”

IT COMES BACK is a female-driven psychological horror film with Elise Finnerty attached to direct. Finnerty co-wrote the film with Estelle Girard Parks of Red Booth Productions. The story revolves around a woman’s journey to confront a haunting truth from her childhood. Principal photography is set to take place in Vermont, USA, in September 2023. Schuster will Executive Produce with Latos, Finnerty, and Girard Parks set to produce. Nicolas Alvo and Orr Koren are also attached to produce. IT COMES BACK will be Finnerty’s second directorial feature, following the success of her award-winning debut film, THE ONES YOU DIDN’T BURN, which will stream on Shudder in Fall 2023.

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