How do you say Geek Therapy in Spanish?

By Josué Cardona

San Diego Comic-Con is only a few weeks away and many people have been asking if Geek Therapy will be back at SDCC this year. Unfortunately, we won’t be. 

Instead, we’re taking Geek Therapy to a new international audience! Patrick O’Connor and I will be in Bogotá, Colombia for a number of events, including a national comic book award show/conference. It’s called Los Monos de Oro (The Golden Monkeys) and we’ll be joined by some very cool guests including Herb Trimpe (Hulk, Wolverine), Renato Guedes (Marvel), and Ernesto Priego (The Comics Grid Journal). 

The event takes place in Bogotá on July 25-29. For more information on that, check out www.elcomicenlinea.com.

I’m honored to be a part of this event and look forward to sharing more information soon.

Oh, and they made comic book versions of me and O’Connor!


Lab coats are cool.


Is O’Connor psychic?

And in keeping with the spirit of the monkey theme, they made monkey versions of us!


Is this what nerd rage look like?


How did he grow all that hair?


In addition to Los Monos de Oro, O’Connor and I will also be speaking to a group of mental health professionals and journalists about mental health and the use of comics as a therapeutic tool. 

During this event, the Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism will be awarded to two local journalists so they can investigate and produce a comprehensive project unveiling mental health issues in Colombia.  
This event is a partnership between The Carter Center in Atlanta, the Universidad de La Sabana, and the Clínica Universdidad de La Sabana

Again, it’s an honor to be a part of such important events and I’m excited to bring Geek Therapy to a new audience and in a new language. I hope to bring back some great stories from this trip. 

P.S.: My guess is that in Colombia you would say Geek Therapy as Terapia Ñoña.

0 thoughts on “How do you say Geek Therapy in Spanish?”

  1. Diana Sepulveda

    Hi! I’m an occupational therapist in Bogota, and I would like to know about the course in Universidad La Sabana, because I couldn’t find information about it and I would like to go!
    Also your guess is right, but I’m not completely sure “ñoña” could cover all the geek staff because being geek is a lot more that been “ñoño” 😀

    1. Josué Cardona

      Hi Diana!
      I’ll forward your information to the event organizers and have them get in touch with you. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

  2. Greetings 🙂
    I’m Champe Ramírez, on of the organizers of LOS MONOS DE ORO (Love the “Golden Monkeys” thing 😛 )
    Beforhand, thanks for the article, I’ts really helpful for us having movement about it, specilaly coming from one of our top guests.
    Diana, if you will, contact us via facebook (Champe Ramírez or El cómic en línea) and we will gladly help you.
    For the article’s topic, there’s a difference in spanish between “Ñoño” and “Nerd”
    Nerd is he who dedicate his live to his study, yet he may not have “Hobbies”
    A nerd might be a teacher’s pet who has never heard about Starwars.
    While the “ñoño” is someone who dedicate his live to his hobbies, yet he can be really bad at school.
    Now a days “RAE” has approved the word “Friky” as a spanish word to talk about “ñoños”
    Well, really looking forward the event and meet you in person, Josue. I love your work (I’m a frustrated psicologist 😛 )
    Take care and keep the good work up.

    1. Josué Cardona

      Thanks for the info, Champe! I now feel a little better prepared! I have heard “friki” before and ñoño, nerd, nerdo, and others seem to have different variations in meaning in different countries. I’ll probably just say “geek” a lot. B-)
      See you soon!

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