Introducing The Geek Therapy Library (Alpha)

For almost a year now, Lara and I have been working on a resource tool which we’ve decided to call the Geek Therapy Library.

The Geek Therapy Library is meant to help fans communicate through their favorite movies, books, and games. It is a resource for therapists, teachers, and parents to find a way to work with or talk about things through awesome content and allow Geeks and Nerds everywhere a way to be better understood.

We go over it in more detail and provide some examples in episode 45 of the podcast. [Which you can check out here.]

As we add more content and get ready for a public version, we would love suggestions for entries. If you want to suggest a comic, show, or movie we should check out, help us out by filling out this simple form: https://geektherapy.typeform.com/to/azCwM5

Let us know what you think!

– Josué

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