Is Immortality a Curse or a Boon? The Saga of ‘Redcoat’ Unfolds!

Author: Mike Keady

“IMMORTAL MERCENARY”, “KIND OF A TOOL” in black lettering introduce us to Redcoat from Geoff Johns and Bryan Hitch. Our hero, Simon Pure, is a British soldier accidentally enchanted with immortality and the power to rise from his grave after dying.

We begin in the American Revolution. In this timeline, the Founding Fathers seem to be employing mystical powers in their battles against the British, with early pages showing John Hancock saving Paul Revere from a redcoat ambush with a swarm of locusts. I’m drawn in immediately – I love alternate history and I’d love to see what other differences this world has from our own.

Redcoat plays with historical figures in an alternate timeline of magic and weird science, with the first issue itself giving us depictions of Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere and John Hancock, and also promising to include Benedict Arnold and Annie Oakley.

Redcoat is a fast-paced piece featuring an admittedly lovable rogue and his adventures throughout time – I can see strong inspiration from characters such as Sterling Archer (Archer series) and Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise) in our “hero”, Simon Pure, and I’m hoping for a little Han Solo (Star Wars franchise) as we go. I can also see a little bit of reluctant heroism that we see in Ciaphas Cain (Warhammer 40,000), which is always a gripping read, juxtaposed against his scoundrelous ways. 

🚨 Spoiler Alert: This review may unveil key plot points of the comic book Redcoat. Since the comic is a concise read, we suggest getting your hands on the issue before diving into our review to preserve the thrill of discovery!

The art from Team Ghost Machine continues to be amazing, flawlessly showing us the story we’re seeing and pulling us into the energy of the scene; the mystery of the unseen, the eerie of the arcane, and the frantic tension of assailants unknown, to whom we probably owe money. We can see the easy smile of Simon Pure as he attempts to charm his way through a situation which may very well put the immortal mercenary back in the grave, just as easily the buttons on his coat – which is in excellent condition for a century-old piece of attire. 

We do gain some insights into Simon’s childhood, as we get a glimpse into his background in sections at the beginning and end of the issue. We learn that he is a strong and agile runner, a skill he learned while avoiding his abusive father. Readers later learn that while Simon is dead, he often hears the voice of his father berating him for his “uselessness” before he returns to the land of the living. Many people in our own world can relate to this experience, even despite achievement and the love of others, it can be difficult to overcome an unkind word from an unkind parent. Reader, I would like you to know that you are valid and worthy of love, just as you are. 

Simon presumably has some things to work through regarding his relationship with his father’s mistreatment of him. This is made difficult though, as his father may likely be dead due to the time span the novel is set across, and fairly significant lack of psychotherapists in the 1890s. 

Redcoat #1 is an outstanding read and sets a considerable stage with its alternate history setting – and also its connection to Geiger. In the future, the world is a radioactive ruin. How will the world come to it? What is The Unknown War and who are the people fighting it? 

These are questions for which I am hungry for answers – and hope to see them in the future of this amazing and ambitious run!

Step into a world where history and magic collide. Get your copy of Redcoat and join Simon Pure in his timeless adventures today!

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