Join Us Tonight on Twitch!

By Josué Cardona

We are starting something new today.

In an effort to continue creating opportunities for responsible discussion of mental health, we will have a cast of mental health professionals live streaming their favorite or interesting games on Twitch. Our first stream is tonight at 9PM EST.

“What does that mean?” you ask. Well, the plan is to regularly broadcast gameplay sessions, played live, where a mental health professional or expert is playing the game and providing commentary. On most days, a second expert will be monitoring the live chat room and/or joining the host on the stream.

If you can’t watch tonight’s stream live at 9PM EST, you can watch it later on Twitch or YouTube.

Please visit twitch.tv/geektherapy and follow our channel to receive updates about future streams.

You can watch us live here, too:

Watch live video from GeekTherapy on www.twitch.tv

I hope to see you online!

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