Magic Book One SC – A Riveting Journey Through the Multiverse

Author: AJ Bautista

Magic: The Gathering fans, gather ’round! 🧙‍♂️✨ Today, we’re diving into Magic Book One SC, a compilation of the first ten issues that takes us through an epic journey across the Multiverse. If you’re new to this universe or a long-time player, there’s plenty to explore and enjoy here.

Magic Book One SC introduces the concept of our beloved Planeswalkers—those gifted with a “spark” that lets them traverse multiple planes or worlds. While, honestly, the concept of “multiverses” may feel overused nowadays, the book does a great job of keeping things clear and engaging.

Our story kicks off with an attack on three rival guild leaders in Ravnica: Ral Zarek, Vraska, and Kaya, who are all Planeswalkers. When their companion, the mind mage Jace Beleren, is incapacitated by assassins, this unlikely trio must team up to uncover the mystery behind these attacks. Their investigation leads them through Ravnica’s shadowy underworld, revealing a cult worshiping the ancient and powerful Marit Lage—a threat to their world and beyond.

Character development is a highlight in this collection. Ral Zarek’s relationship with Tomik introduces LGBTQ+ representation, while Kaya stands strong as a Black woman. Vraska adds another layer with her gorgon heritage. These diverse elements make the story richer and more relatable. Even if you haven’t followed these characters from the card game, the comic delves into their powers, motivations, and relationships enough to get you hooked.

The artwork by Ig Guara and guest artist French Carlomagno is reminiscent of the Magic: The Gathering card games. Visuals of psychic tendrils, ghost assassins, and scientists hurling lightning bolts bring the story to life. While the art might not match the card game’s intricacies, it effectively enhances the narrative, drawing readers deeper into the magical world.

At its core, Magic Book One SC is about overcoming differences to unite against a common enemy. Themes of love, humanity, and self-sacrifice are braided throughout the story, making it a fantasy epic and a tale with heart. The influence of Marit Lage on her followers highlights the psychological aspects of obsessive worship and survival, adding depth to the storyline.

For those not well-versed in Magic: The Gathering, the book remains accessible. Longtime fans, however, will appreciate the nods to older card sets and characters. Appearances from planeswalkers of Dominaria and Ixalan, along with pivotal figures like Jaya Ballard and Teferi Akosa, enrich the story for those familiar with the game’s extensive history. There are plenty of Easter Eggs to keep seasoned players engaged, while new readers won’t feel left out.

The pacing strikes a good balance between action and character development. While some plot points, like gathering all the Planeswalkers, may feel rushed, the story builds tension effectively, leading to an epic climax. The Avengers-like assembly of heroes adds an epic feel to the story’s resolution, and the action scenes are balanced with enough exposition to keep the overall narrative coherent.

The relationship between Vraska and Jace provides some of the most emotionally resonant moments. Jace’s ultimate sacrifice is particularly poignant, leaving readers curious about Vraska’s future journey. This emotional depth explores themes of loss and the impact of personal connections amidst epic battles.

Overall, Magic Book One SC is a compelling read for both Magic: The Gathering veterans and newcomers. Its mix of political intrigue, action, magic, and complex storytelling makes it a must-read for fantasy and magic enthusiasts. If you’re a fan of the game or simply love a good fantasy tale, this book is worth your time. It serves as a gateway to the rich lore of Magic: The Gathering, making it a valuable addition to any fan’s collection. So, shuffle your deck, tap into your spark, and dive into this magical journey—you won’t be disappointed!

So, shuffle your deck, tap into your spark, and dive into this magical journey—you won’t be disappointed! Until next time, keep your spark alive and your decks ready! 🃏✨

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