March Into Gaming Magic: March Game Releases Brings About Sequels, Indies, and Classics Reimagined

Author: Greg Lozano

As the months move along, so do the gaming releases. While there aren’t nearly as many releases this month as the previous, there are some incredible sequels and unique properties to hit gamers with hours of enjoyment. The following are the releases for March.

The Thaumaturge (PC, PS5, XSX/S) March 4th

While slated to release last month, delays occurred, but luckily not for an extended period so players get to drive into this grim world. This game is an isometric, story-driven, RPG with a unique take on the turned-based system. Set in 1905 Warsaw Russia, players are put in a position where they will have to make morally ambiguous choices on their adventure. As stated in its description, “a city with great hope on one hand, and dark desires on the other.” Look out for this title if you’re interested in the moral gray compass types of stories.

WWE 2K24 (PS4/5, Xbox One, XSX/S, PC) March 8th

For those that love the tele-drama and couch multiplayer, WWE comes out with its annual title with many returning features. In trying to find any comparisons from the previous titles to the current not much was found regarding improvements beyond graphical upgrades, but there is a bonus when one purchases 2k24 digitally as they receive 2k23 for free. Those that are a fan of the series have had nothing but good things to say about 2K23 and it’s sequel only looks to improve what last years title accomplished.

Unicorn Overload (PS4/5, XSX/S, Switch) March 8th

The tactical RPG genre returns with this beautifully animated fantasy adventure reminiscent of titles of the past like Tactics Ogre in the SNES era. From Vanillaware, the company that brought amazing titles like Odin Sphere and Aegis Rim comes this new adventure.

Contra: Operation Galuga (PS, XB, PC, Switch) March 12th

A return to the classics. This run and gun adventure brings back familiar landscapes constructed in a fantastic 2.5D environment with added story to help enrich the experience. For people that want to experience their NES days in modern time, this will surely be a title worth looking out for. The demo is available for download on all consoles now.

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection (PS5, XSX/S, Switch, PC) March 13th

Including Battlefront I and II, players get to relive iconic campaigns from episode I-VI. With bonus maps included for both games, gamers will get the chance to dive into the world of Star Wars single-player, or in multiplayer.

GLYT (Switch) March 14th

The critically acclaimed narrative adventure game finally finds a home on the Nintendo Switch. This game currently sits at a 96% positive review on steam and for the low price of 19.99 if you aren’t willing to wait for the Switch release. Embark on a journey of surreal horror where you can either run from your fears or face them.

Hi-Fi Rush (PS5) March 18th

Shadow-dropped last year on PC and Xbox, PS5 owners will now get to play this marvelous title from one of the industry’s most iconic names. Part action game, part rhythm game, all charm, HiFi Rush will satisfy games that are fans of the Bayonetta and Devil May Cry series. I reviewed this game earlier this year and I honestly wish I played it the moment it came out. Definitely far worth more than the asking price, it’s a surprise that it wasn’t a contender for last year’s game of the year.

Alone in the Dark (PC, PS5, XSX/S) March 20th

A remake of the original game that influenced such iconic survival horror games like Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark aims to adapt a lot of modern features that made its influences so good. A-List talent has been brought in to exemplify it’s telling narrative by bringing in Jodie Comer (Killing Eve, Free Guy) and David Harbour (Stranger Things). 

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition(PC) March 21st

Officially a PlayStation exclusive, PC gamers will get their chance to dive into the world that has captured millions. Explore a world inhabited by mechanical dinosaurs. Play as Aloy and venture in this post apocalyptic world of beauty and wonder.

Princess Peach: Showtime (Switch) March 22nd

Take the role of Peach as you work to save Sparkle Theater with a vast array of different costumes and abilities. Each stage gives a unique element that will surely game gamers returning to unlock and gather every possible secret. Which outfit will be your favorite?

Dragon’s Dogma 2 (PC, PS5, XSX/S) March 22nd

Building of the success of the first entry, Dragon’s Dogma 2 looks to shadow it’s former with massive amounts of content, landscapes, and enemies. While the first title was limited due to the hardware, it’s sequel looks like it knows no bounds. Spoken from its development team, many of the ideas that were forced to be scrapped in the original are making their way into the sequel which promises to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Rise of Ronin (PS5) March 22nd

Famous for their Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive series, players are placed in an absolutely jaw dropping 19th century Japan riddled in war. Join with two others in an action-packed open world with RPG elements or play solo. This game has been on many gamers’ radar and doesn’t look like it will disappoint.

The Legend of Legacy HD remastered (PC, PS4/5, Switch) March 22nd

Originally released on the Nintendo 3DS this charming turned-based RPG looks to capture enthusiasts of the traditional genre. The HD remaster offers strong visual improvements to its storybook landscape and combat as well as giving newcomers a guidebook to ease their way into the world.

Palia (Steam) March 25th

This free life sim MMO is finally making its way into steam. While it has been out for some time to PC gamers already, this allows for more PC gamers to expand their play with even more players. Featuring no combat, it’s more akin to titles like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. Enjoy a relaxing world with friends as you engage in everyday life activities with other players and NPCs.

South Park: Snow Day! (PC, PS5, XSX/S, Switch) March 26th

Not a lot has been given regarding this game except clips of incredible in-game graphics that make a fantastic transition of the usual 2D animation of the cartoon into a seamless 3D world. Featured at a generous 29.99, and developed by the team that brought Stick of Truth and Fractured But Whole, players will get the chance to join with 3 other players or bots and enjoy the town as school is canceled due to a chaotic snow storm.

Pepper Grinder (PC, Switch) March 28th

An indie action-adventure game that looks like it aims to amaze gamers with some unique functions like burrowing through landscapes. Play as Pepper as you drill and grind your way to reclaim treasures stolen from the infamous Narlings.

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