Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County to Unveil ‘ChocoLAte: From Beans to Bliss’ Video Series

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Los Angeles, CA (January 31, 2024) — The Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County (NHMLAC) announced the theme for the third season of its Being L.A. initiative, ChocoLAte: From Beans to Bliss

As the next season of the continuing Being L.A. initiative, the video series will unite the cultural heritages of Los Angeles through a unified theme: chocolate. The series will explore how chocolate delights the taste buds, appeals to all five senses, and even provides emotional comforts — all while bringing people together to build communities. 

“Our Being L.A. initiative is a meaningful way for our institution to reflect and engage with the thriving communities we exist within,” says Dr. Lori Bettison-Varga, President and Director of NHMLAC. “This year’s theme of ChocoLAte will be a semi-sweet glimpse into a wide variety of cultures and communities throughout Los Angeles. Following the success of last year’s LA at Play series, I’m looking forward to each and every one of the rich and decadent videos and events that ChocoLAte will bring.”

ChocoLAte: From Beans to Bliss celebrates L.A.’s various cultures and heritages through the flavor, traditions, history, and applications of chocolate — showing it as more than just a dessert. The series will demonstrate how different cultures have used it for centuries as medicine, currency, and as a significant part of rituals, as well as how those traditions affect our modern culture and society.

The first video of the 2024 season streams on February 1 with a focus on the chocolate chip cookies at Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Cookies. Throughout the rest of 2024, ChocoLAte will feature local chocolatiers and chocolate innovators such as Sad Girl Creamery, Mignon Chocolates, Chocovivo, Albert’s Petite Sweets, Edelweiss Chocolates, Guelaguetza, Providence, and the Chia Cafe Collective. NHM will also be selling some of the participating chocolatiers’ products both onsite and online.

Media can get a sneak peek at the first video with Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Cookies at the private link below, before it goes live on February 1.

Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Cookies

ChocoLAte: From Beans to Bliss is sponsored by Bank of America.

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