New Year’s Resolutions: The Therapeutic Code Way

With New Year’s comes New Year’s resolutions that are doomed to fail. Why? Because we choose huge goals that are difficult to take on. Goals like “lose weight”, “spend more time with family and friends”, and “stop spending so much money”.

We set these types of goals and forget about them, because on the surface, they look great. After a while, we lose our investment in them and just kind of…let them go. My suggestion for you this year is to break these goals down into smaller, achievable tasks…and put a twist on them to help keep your attention.

Here are some achievable alternative options to the cliche resolutions for 2014 that may improve your mental health:

1. Try a new genre of video game this year.
If you’re already comfortable with video games, then trying a new genre may help you expand your horizons in a safe space.

2. Set a budget during Steam sales.
Setting a budget may help you learn to manage your anxiety, impulsiveness and save you money too! (I know I need to work on this one, looking at my recent winter sale purchases.)

3. Play Kinect games 3 times a week.
Physical health is many times tied to mental health. Stay active doing something you enjoy.

(Image via GamerHub)

4. Have a movie night with family or friends once a month.
Staying social and sharing your interests with others can help keep anxiety/depression at bay.

5. Use your holiday money to buy a big LEGO set and finish it this year. (I suggest the Millennium Falcon.)
Building with your hands can keep you mentally active, help with memory, and give you a sense of accomplishment. Plus you can play with it when you’re done.

6. Play a board game with friends every month.
Board games, by their nature, are social experiences. Keep yourself social and have fun doing it.

7. Read a book (or a comic book series) you always wanted to try, but never did.
Reading can help relieve stress and improve your imagination.

(Image via Wired)

8. Listen to the Geek Therapy Podcast.
Because you can learn a lot about geek culture in therapy. And because it’s awesome.

I hope one or more of these are useful to you. I’m still trying to decide on mine. If you come up with a good one of your own, leave a comment! Or tweet it at @therapeuticcode.

Happy New Year everyone! Live long and prosper.

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