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PORTLAND, Ore. 06/14/2024 — The New York Times bestselling writer Rick Remender (Napalm Lullaby, Deadly Class, LOW) and showrunner/writer Peter Warren (The Auteur, The Incal, Kill Me) team up with fan-favorite artist Francesco Mobili (Old Man Hawkeye, X-Men, Daredevil, Secret Invasion) for an all-new cyberpunk, super-powered adventure in the forthcoming The Tin Can Society. This, first announced via an exclusive scoop at ScreenRant, will be a nine issue miniseries and is set to launch from the Giant Generator line at Image Comics in September.

In The Tin Can Society, Johnny Moore is a world-famous tech mogul known as much for his work pioneering mobility aids for people with disabilities (like himself) as he is for moonlighting as the metal-suited vigilante, Caliburn. But when Johnny is found murdered and his suit stolen, his estranged childhood best friends reunite to solve the mystery of his murder. The Tin Can Society is a heartfelt and human look at the evolution of friendships across a lifetime, at disability and ableism, and the destructive power of fame. The book is a superhero story as if it was told through the lens of Stephen King. Not the horror version of King but more the Stand by Me version. It’s a story about a bunch of kids who grew up together and one of them became a superhero. Our book opens up with his death and the rest of them trying to figure out who did it.

“This is a story idea I’d had rattling around for a number of years, but it wasn’t until chatting it up with the amazing mind of Peter Warren that the project took shape, and it was immediately clear he was the man to write it,” said Remender. “This is the sort of story that demands nuanced characters and heart above all else, two things Peter excels at. Developing it with him has been an absolute joy. He’s taken this tale in wildly innovative directions, all informed by his deep love of comics, and we couldn’t be prouder of the result. Giant Generator has a reputation for only working with the best artists and that continues here. The union of artist Francesco Mobili and colorist Chris Chuckry forms into one of the best-looking art Voltrons to ever grace sequential art. These guys are an absolute apocalypse of artistic greatness, and every page is a wonder to behold.”

Warren added: “I am beyond grateful to Giant Generator and Image for supporting this story about power, friendship and disability. Through the lens of one brilliant, disabled young man and the revolutionary suit he engineers to move more freely throughout the world, The Tin Can Society is a heartbreaking, tragic, and deeply human exploration of how a group of best friends handle shifting dynamics as they come of age. With stunning art by Francesco Mobili, and Chris Chuckry’s elegant color, The Tin Can Society is a page-turning murder mystery about childhood friendships tested by ableism, celebrity, wealth and jealousy.”

“I think love is a big part of The Tin Can Society,” said Mobili. “Starting from the love we are putting into the book, up to the love leading this group of friends through their lives. A love that allows room for other feelings when life leaves its mark and terrible things happen. This is a deeply human story about friendship, disability, life, death and a murder… and yeah, there’s also some super hero stuff in it! Thanks to Rick and Peter for having me involved in this great adventure!”

The Tin Can Society #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, September 11:

  • Cover A by Mobili & Chris Chuckry – Lunar Code 0724IM277
  • Cover B 1:10 copy incentive by Bengal – Lunar Code 0724IM278
  • Cover C 1:20 copy incentive Yanick Paquette & Chuckry – Lunar Code 0724IM279

The Tin Can Society will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

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