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LOS ANGELES, CA, January 7, 2019 — Los Angeles’ most popular anime-themed food operation on wheels, Okamoto Kitchen, announces the launch of a Kickstarter to expand their unique mashup of Japanese comfort food, pop culture, and anime in 2019 with the production of an entirely original animated series inspired by the real world experiences of co-founders Gerald and Chizuru Abraham.

About the series: The webtoon series tells the story of Haru Umesaki, an optimistic girl from Japan who immediately finds herself embroiled in an odd world of competing food truck teams and their eccentric band of owners in Los Angeles. Joined by Chizuru, the cooking mastermind behind OkamotoKitchen, the hopelessly un-suave Mickey, and an unusually meditative canine companion named Honey, each episode follows Haru as she navigates a madcap menagerie of hopelessly out-of-fashion Japanese gangsters, preening idol girls, and provocative old ladies, all seeking their next favorite meal on wheels.


Okamoto Kitchen has partnered with Takuya Saito, an animation supervisor whose work includes titles such as SAILOR MOON, ONE PIECE, and most recently, DRAGONBALL SUPER BROLY, alongside seasoned anime voice actress and director Cristina Vee (SAILOR MOON, HUNTER X HUNTER, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS), who lends her exuberant personality to main protagonist, Haru Umesaki.

The campaign launches with an initial goal of $48,000 to fund the series’ team of voice actors, editors, artists, musicians, and sound engineers, with a stretch goal of $98,000 to extend the original 10-part webtoon series into a 24-part story and $149,000 to create longer episodes. A final stretch goal of $340,000 will allow the team to create a FULLY animated 24-minute pilot episode. The Kickstarter campaign will run for 60 days. To see the complete Kickstarter campaign, visit: Kickstarter: Okamoto Kitchen Anime

Okamoto Kitchen is a Los Angeles-based food truck specializing in Japanese comfort foods, founded by Gerald and Chizuru Abraham in 2015.

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