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New York, NY— July 3, 2024 — Next month, industry superstars Gail Simone and David Marquez bring the X-Men home in a new run of UNCANNY X-MEN. In the wake of the island-nation of Krakoa’s fall and Professor X’s imprisonment, Rogue takes on the responsibility of leader by reuniting a core team of X-Men. It’s a new era for one of the most groundbreaking titles in comic book history, and today, fans can get a sneak peek in the UNCANNY X-MEN #1 Trailer, featuring never-before-seen artwork, along with a lettered preview. The new artwork spotlights the issue’s breathtaking opening battle against Sadurang in Mexico City, the team settling into their new home in New Orleans, and a glimpse at the OUTLIERS, the four mtuants who will inspire Rogue and the others to keep Xavier’s dream alive!

In today’s world, mutants need the X-Men more than ever. With Professor X gone, Rogue reluctantly finds herself as the X-Man designated to keep the team together. Rogue, Wolverine, Gambit, Nightcrawler, and Jubilee forge a new home in a New Orleans, and when four mysterious young mutants show up at their doorstep, that home becomes a haven. Protecting mutants from a world that hates and fears them, and using their powers to ensure there’s a future worth living in. They are the Uncanny X-Men!

“The shadows of the giants who have worked on this book are all over the landscape, and it gets a little emotional to think about,” Simone shared. “Everyone has an X-Man they feel speaks to them directly. There’s no other franchise like it in comics. It’s an honor and a thrill and a panic, all at once. My first idea was, I want to lay out a welcome mat for all readers: new, returning and lifelong. They deserve the best mutant stories I can give them. I want to focus on the humanity, no pun intended. Big action, big personalities.”

Preorder UNCANNY X-MEN #1 at your local comic shop today! For more information, visit Marvel.com.

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