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LOS ANGELES, Calif. — July 26, 2018 – ScareLA, the original summer Halloween convention, announced a brand new creative direction and theme for its 2018 event today. Set to thrill audiences this August 25 & 26 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, SoCal’s premier show will take place with the lights off. Revealing the world’s first summer Halloween pop-up theme park under the title “Descend Into Darkness,” ScareLA continues pushing the horror genre’s envelope and delivering on the ultimate fan experience. 

The con’s new format is an exciting departure into the world of themed entertainment and a first of its kind. Guests will explore the show floor in a low-lit environment immersed into the night of Halloween as soon as they cross the doorstep.

Established in 2012, ScareLA was the first fan convention dedicated to the Halloween season. The show has become known for its signature immersive and interactive format bringing together fans and famous from around the world to celebrate Halloween in the summer. This year ScareLA’s Founder and Executive Producer, Lora Ivanova, is taking her vision even further in a groundbreaking move to intensify the show’s experiential trademark.

“At ScareLA, we pride ourselves on truly pushing the boundaries of what a convention can and should be,“ said Ivanova. “After quickly becoming the largest event of its kind, we are now setting our sights on a new goal – delivering the ultimate scare fan experience. What better way to do that than by truly embracing what Halloween is all about – complete immersion, engagement, and dark fun! We cannot wait to welcome fans to our new summer Halloween pop-up theme park, and it truly will be an experience unlike any other.”

As ScareLA prepares to celebrate its sixth anniversary, it promises to do so with thrills and chills for all ages – from full-size haunts, experiences, and rides to original activations, panels, and attendance from leaders in the haunt and horror world.

Situated in the heart of the world’s entertainment capital, ScareLA spotlights the rich Southern California scare industry and community, from its iconic seasonal theme park events to haunted attractions, home haunts, theater, film, escape rooms, AR, VR, interactive experiences, and more.

For more information, visit www.scarela.com or follow ScareLA on social media at Facebook @ScareLAcon, Twitter @scarelosangeles, and Instagram @scarelosangeles. Join the conversation using #ScareLA. 

For tickets to the 2018 ScareLA, visit and use promo code 20ween: https://register.growtix.com/e/scarela_2018

NewsroomJuly 26, 2018

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