Socially Conscious Manhwa THE AWL Debuts from ABLAZE

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A bold new manhwa series kicks off from comics publisher ABLAZE with its upcoming debut of THE AWL, Vol. 1 – a moving and socially conscious series about the struggles of workers at an oppressive Korean big box superstore as they strive for better lives and working conditions.

The series launches in English digitally and in-print of May 11th and is a recipient of the Korean Cartoon of Today Prize. 

This is a visceral and engrossing story of the struggle of works against the greed and ill deeds of corporations. It speaks to an ongoing fight that many people around the world face, and in Korea especially. As these topics continue to top news cycles, THE AWL provides an insightful commentary on this continuing social and economic struggle.

THE AWL, Vol. 1, story and art by Gyu-seok Choi · SRP: $9.99 · 248 Pages · ISBN: 978-1-68497-190-9 · Suitable for Older Teen Readers · Available May 29th – Direct Market / June 11 – Book Market

The Awl is a story of ordinary folks struggling to be treated as humans.

In the face of corporate greed and reprehensible actions, a bond of respect has formed between young executive Yi Su-in and union activist Gu Go-sin. Seeing what his employers are capable of, Yi joins Gu in trying to establish a union for the company’s employees. But despite the unacceptable working conditions, the workers are reluctant to go through with it…until they witness a shocking situation involving one of their fellow employees.

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