Spider-Woman, Shameless, Library Progress, A Geek Therapy Playbook?

#62: This week we discuss a Library entry about Spider-Woman related to parenthood, an episode of Shameless that Josué isn’t so sure about adding to the Library. We go over a near final entry into the actual wiki and Josué asks Lara if he should write a short book on how to “do” Geek Therapy.

​*The Geek Therapy Library is designed to help fans communicate through their favorite movies, books, and games. It is a resource for therapists, teachers, and parents to find a way to work with or talk about things through awesome content and allow Geeks and Nerds everywhere a way to be better understood.

​You can help out by suggesting entries for the GT Library here: 


Or become a patron here: http://www.patreon.com/geektherapy.

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