Suika Game Review: Big Fun at a Small Price

Author: Greg Lozano

Rating: Highly Recommended

When it comes to gaming, value for money is key for many players. They often balk at the idea of spending $70 on a 5-hour game with no replay value. Aware of this, developers strive to infuse their games with either value or replayability. This is where indie games shine, often offering incredible content at a fraction of the cost of AAA titles. Games like Hollow Knight, Hades, and Undertale are prime examples, packed with content that rivals, and often surpasses, their more expensive counterparts. But what about a game that costs only $3? Enter Suika Game, a title that far exceeds its modest asking price.

Suika Game’s premise is straightforward. It’s a physics-based, Tetris-like game where you drop various fruits into a slot. When two identical fruits touch, they combine into a larger fruit. This process continues until you form a watermelon, the ultimate fruit that doesn’t transform further. The game continues until a piece of fruit extends over the top, signaling the end. It’s a solo journey, though you could find a community online for a competitive twist. The game offers a tranquil, pressure-free experience, focusing on the simple pleasure of fruit-combining.

So, why do I give this game a “Highly Recommended” rating? It boils down to its simplicity and the mental relaxation it offers. Where else can you spend $3 and receive hours of enjoyment? I was lucky to use my Switch points for a free copy, making the deal even sweeter. My partner and I often play before bed, not to compete, but to laugh and see who can create a watermelon first.

Despite having just one song and one game mode, the game’s $3 price tag is a steal. I recall a programmer joking in a YouTube video about making his version of the game, only to realize the actual game’s price and regret not purchasing it earlier. Suika Game is more than a distraction; it subtly teaches physics and consistently delivers smiles, all for less than the cost of a small fries at McDonald’s. If you’re a Switch owner, Suika Game is a must-buy. It’s an experience that guarantees smiles for an incredibly low price.

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