Tales from Trivia Night: The Saga of “3 Dudes, 1 Chick & An Empty Pint”

Author: Ariel Landrum

On a sweltering summer evening, when the heat outside becomes almost unbearable, what better way to cool down than with a refreshing pint and some friendly competition? That’s precisely what we thought when we, the members of “3 Dudes, 1 Chick & An Empty Pint,” decided to head to Brews Brothers Burbank Brewpub (say that three times fast) in Burbank on Sunday, July 9, 2023.

Our team, a lively mix of personalities and talents, consisted of Ariel Landrum (yours truly), JW Arrington, Billy Madden, and Joe Di Gaetano. Together, we embarked on a journey of wits, laughter, and camaraderie.

As the questions rolled in and the pints emptied, the atmosphere inside Brews Brothers was electric. Teams from all corners gathered, their eyes on the prize, but for us, it was about so much more than just the win. With a score of 72, we proudly clinched our spot in third place. And while “Now I am become Butts, destroyer of toilets” and “The Griswolds” managed to edge ahead, our spirits remained high.

Beyond the thrill of the game, the evening was a testament to the power of friendship and shared experiences. The debates over answers, the collective cheers, and the playful banter made the night unforgettable. And as the heat of the summer raged on outside, inside Brews Brothers, we found the perfect way to beat it – with cold drinks, warm company, and a whole lot of fun.

So, here’s to “3 Dudes, 1 Chick & An Empty Pint” and the memories we made that night. We may not have taken the gold, but we certainly won in terms of fun and friendship. And who knows? With the next trivia night, we might just come out on top!

To trivia nights, unforgettable team names, and the cool refuge they offer from the summer heat! 🍻🥉

Check out the score breakdown: https://www.geekswhodrink.com/venues/1880377439/?pag=2

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