Tanya Easterman appointed CEO of Jumpline Group

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London, UK/Los Angeles, CA (February 2, 2022) – Today, JUMPLINE Group, a global collective of purpose-driven producers, announced Tanya Easterman as the Chief Executive Officer. Easterman’s visionary leadership will continue to grow JUMPLINE GROUP, the parent company of JUMPLINE and BEHIND THE LINE. JUMPLINE is a full-service event, experiential and partnerships agency while BEHIND THE LINE focuses on developing and producing original content for studios, networks, and brands.

In her new role as CEO of JUMPLINE Group, Tanya is spearheading a new partnership with Aspiration, the global leader in “Sustainability as a Service” products for consumers and companies, to help accelerate the company’s sustainability goals, including reaching Net-Zero by 2030. JUMPLINE Group is in the process of obtaining their B-corp accreditation and in line with their belief that positive change starts with transparency and accountability, plan to publicly publish their social and environmental policy, as well as review and publish their ongoing progress. As part of its sustainability commitments, JUMPLINE Group events, experiences, and productions will:

  • Reduce mitigable carbon emissions and offset those that are non-mitigatable.
  • Recycle, use no single-use materials and adopt circular practices wherever possible.
  • Collaborate with sustainable and local partners and suppliers.
  • Support local economies and communities.
  • Leave no physical trace.
  • Produce content in a sustainable way

“I’m thrilled to announce Tanya as the new CEO of JUMPLINE Group,” says JL Pomeroy, founder and Chairman. “As we approach our 20th anniversary, it is the ideal time to reassess and expand our mission for the decade ahead. Our focus is sustainability and collaborating with value-aligned partners like Aspiration to service our clients while achieving our vision for a radical new future. Tanya’s a powerful force in the industry with a tremendous track record, but what really sets Tanya apart are her values and mission-driven approach. The JUMPLINE Group could not be in better hands to start off 2022.”

JL Pomeroy currently acts as the CEO of Husseini Group, a firm investing in innovative companies in cleantech, health and wellness, recognizing the role private capital can play in shaping our collective future. She recently expanded the firm’s remit to include investing in purpose-driven storytelling through a new venture she co-founded, bridgeLine media. The Husseini Group is a founding investor in Aspiration, and the architect of the new partnership where Aspiration will serve as the carbon removal partner for JUMPLINE Group.

“Building and maintaining relationships, pinpointing opportunities for partnerships and collaborations between brands whilst delivering positive commercial results has been the thread of my career to date,” states Tanya. “I will continue to do this with JUMPLINE Group, but through the lens of social responsibility and sustainability. I am honored by the opportunity to lead this incredible team and excited to build upon the 20 years of amazing work that JL and the team have accomplished.”

Tanya joins JUMPLINE Group having spent the last 11 years in the entertainment industry working for companies such as The Walt Disney Company, ODEON Cinema GROUP (OCG) and AMC International. She is an award-winning commercial marketeer and media executive with over 15 years of leadership experience.

Voted as one of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company, Aspiration is a leading global platform that puts automated sustainable impact into the hands of consumers and businesses to further integrate it into their daily lives. The Aspiration Standard is their methodology that evaluates and scores top project developers and their carbon removal projects in order to source high-quality, nature-based verified carbon credits. Leveraging insights and guidance from Aspiration, JUMPLINE Group will offer this service to all clients to ensure JUMPLINE events and BEHIND THE LINE productions will be carbon neutral – this may look like building a large set with repurposed material, using local crews instead of flying people in, or including a carbon offset line item in the budget to keep them on track.

“We’re honored to be chosen by the JUMPLINE Group as their sustainability partner to help them reach their goal of achieving Net Zero by 2030,” said Tate Mill, Aspiration’s Chief Business Development Officer. “Tanya and JUMPLINE are setting a standard for their industry and demonstrating the possible impact they can make when committing to sustainability and interweaving climate action throughout every level of their organization.”

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