Taylor Swift

#339: Lara, Marc, Link, and special guest Kayla gush about the newest Taylor Swift album. They discuss favorite songs, the effectiveness of lyrics, and the terrifying power of fandom and parasocial relationships.


Marc Cuiriz 0:11
Welcome to GT radio on the Geek Therapy network. Here at Geek Therapy. We believe that the best way to understand each other and ourselves is through the media we care about. My name is Marc Cuiriz and I am joined by Lara Taylor.

Lara Taylor 0:24

Marc Cuiriz 0:25
Link Keller.

Link Keller 0:27

Marc Cuiriz 0:28
And our very special guest, Kayla.

Kayla Devorak 0:32

Marc Cuiriz 0:34
So guys, what are we? What are we talking about this week?

Lara Taylor 0:40

Kayla Devorak 0:40
that was a big sigh.

Lara Taylor 0:42
After the after the show last week, we signed off and in the after party, Marc and I started talking about Taylor Swift a lot cuz the album was just dropped, just dropped. And so I said, we should have Kayla on to talk about Taylor Swift and here we are.

Marc Cuiriz 1:10
It’s really funny because I’m actually joining, I’m actually doing this and I consider myself a very, very, very fresh Swifty. Admittedly, I was a person that never really listened to a whole lot of her music, obviously, whatever was popular at the time, like any of her like your top hits, I’ve listened to I’d hear it but I never like really got deep into her music. My wife, actually, she’s the Swifty in this relationship. And she’s been sort of broadening my horizons with music. She initially got me into country music or like country pop ish music. But it was always the Taylor Swift where I was like, nope, nope, putting up the walls, but not the resistance. I don’t want to I don’t want to get into that. Mainly just because I wanted to be edgy and cool. Like nah, I don’t want to be part of Taylor Swift. And then the more I was listening to her music The more I was like, You know what? I like Taylor Swift but like her early stuff like her country stuff. It was like what I initially liked. And then Midnight’s man, then Midnight’s and everything has changed everything’s changed

Lara Taylor 2:29
everything’s changed marc. You sound a lot like me when I used to be like, I I’m not gonna watch anime no anime in my house and then Sailor Moon and DBZ happened and then all the other anime that I’ve watched in my life. I’m a nerd but I won’t play WoW. And I was addicted to World of Warcraft for a decade of my life I don’t know it’s interesting because Taylor Swift started as country and I hate country music. I’m

Kayla Devorak 3:04
hard agree.

Lara Taylor 3:06
And that is actually what started me like I listened to her early stuff more than I listened to her middle stuff although at our wedding Nina and I had quite a few Taylor Swift songs on the playlist

Kayla Devorak 3:19
I’m gonna need that setlist

Lara Taylor 3:21
I will I have an entire playlist on my Spotify I’ll share it with you.

Kayla Devorak 3:31
So my friend so Taylor announced a tour and my friend who is a Tennessee born and raised Taylor fan since she was a child was like, Oh 12 year old me will be so happy if I get tickets to this concert and my response was 12 year old me would be appalled. Because I was a hardcore Taylor anti for a very long time. And then 2020 happen and then folklore came out and folklore is great. Everyone should listen to folklore. It was like she had stepped into high school me’s feelings and it was very upsetting and then I fell down a rabbit hole and I’ve been here ever since. So welcome to the T party because I’ve been here for like two years spinning in circles randomly telling Lara about random shit.

Marc Cuiriz 4:45
Oh and shake it off of course right

Kayla Devorak 4:47
and shaking it off

Lara Taylor 4:48
shaking off that was on the wedding playlist. For sure

Kayla Devorak 4:50
of course it was of course it was.

Lara Taylor 4:53
Yeah. Link let’s hear what you have to say about taylor swift

Link Keller 5:00
Taylor Swift’s first album Taylor Swift was one of the few CDs that I purchased with my own money in high school when it came out so 2006 I, I burned CDs from all of my friends, I didn’t have pocket money to spend on stuff. So it was very rare that I actually purchased albums with my own money. But that was one of them. I really liked that one. And then in her her next album, The Romeo and Juliet song Love Story. Mmm, loved that. But she I grew up listening to country music and so I do have a fondness for some country music. And going into my 20s I was very much of the Taylor Swift abandoned her country roots to become a pop star like it’s whatever, I don’t care. I didn’t listen to a lot of pop music except what was on the radio, which I don’t know if you guys know this includes Taylor Swift.

Kayla Devorak 6:05
So much taylor swift.

Link Keller 6:07
So much. It’s so I’ve never really considered myself a Taylor Swift, like a fan. past that initial like, I bought a CD. But she has always been around and she’s always been playing in the background of my life. This is the first time I have sat down and listened to a Taylor Swift album since probably 2007. So that’s been kind of exciting for me. I it’s it’s not it’s not my favorite thing. I’m not I’m not going to identify as a Swifty. Now, but I did like Midnight’s I thought it was a good album. I listened to the 3am version, because I’m not going to seven extra songs. Hell yeah, I gotta check that out. That’s exciting.

Kayla Devorak 6:55
The double album? Yeah.

Link Keller 6:57
And I enjoyed it. I liked the like, sort of more electronica taste to it. Yeah. A lot of it reminded me of Lorde’s first album, which I really liked. But yeah, I’m excited to talk about this. I think Taylor Swift is famous for a fucking reason people really resonate with her work. The music is consistently good. And the lyrics I think, is what most people are really connecting with. And yeah,

Kayla Devorak 7:29
she can write

Link Keller 7:30
she can. Especially at midnight. To 3am

Kayla Devorak 7:37
She’s she, she’s, she’s something man.

Link Keller 7:43
Yeah, that’s my that’s my, my swift background.

Lara Taylor 7:48
haha so good

Marc Cuiriz 7:49
Wow, All right, I’m gonna cut that out.

Lara Taylor 7:57
Seven minutes, seven and a half minutes in something like that.

Marc Cuiriz 8:00
Yeah. Okay,

Link Keller 8:01
so I haven’t um, there are two music videos out for this album.

Kayla Devorak 8:07
I haven’t watched the music videos yet.

Link Keller 8:08
I haven’t either of The music videos,

Marc Cuiriz 8:10
I watched the both of them like within hours after they dropped

Lara Taylor 8:14
I have only seen a tiktok that critiques the music videos.

Link Keller 8:19
Before we get into criticism. This is just for the one person who’s watched these music videos. How were they were they cool? enjoyable? Good production?

Marc Cuiriz 8:27
Yeah, antihero. Oh, yeah, they both had really great production. Like they were really well done. I liked the antihero one a lot. I thought that was like really cool how she was doing it. And the way it was like sort of portraying like these two different aspects of her Bejeweled. It was different. It was good. But it was different than what I was expecting. In terms of like, how this was how this like whole story was gonna get told out like, she is basically like, Cinderella, and it was like she had gotten married. And then the prince dumped her basically left her so she went back to her stepmom and evil stepsisters. And they’re pointing that out like yeah, you know, you got exiled like blah blah blah. And then they go back out to this but like go back to another ball. And then when she says the lyric like by the way, I’m going out tonight she like looks through the camera and then there’s like a an elevator that she steps into and then she like goes to like these couple different floors and in these couple different floors. There’s like it’s all like, glamorous, but I get it. It’s kind of like Bejeweled so like I understood it, but like I it was a little weird. Just see,

Lara Taylor 9:51
did the room shimmer?

Marc Cuiriz 9:52
They were already shimmering. That was the thing and then then she just says nice And then it just kind of goes in and then it goes to towards the end where now she’s actually at the ball. And then of course her stepsisters and everybody are all jealous and angry and whatnot but and then then the story ends like that. So like it’s the in between part that I was like, this is a little confusing to me. I get the creativity of where it’s going and I you know, it puts on a nice show. But yeah, that’s that’s my my honest opinions of the two music videos.

Link Keller 10:32
All right.

Marc Cuiriz 10:38
So, so, but I imagine we wanted to have you guys at least seen the antihero music video.

Kayla Devorak 10:47
I haven’t.

Lara Taylor 10:48
I watched like I said, the Tiktok that was critiquing it in in many different ways.

Kayla Devorak 10:52
I’ve listened to the song that I haven’t I haven’t watched the music video. I’m bad at watching music videos. Like really bad. I did watch the 10 minute all too well. Short film

Marc Cuiriz 11:04
that I haven’t seen actually

Kayla Devorak 11:05

Marc Cuiriz 11:06
I’ve never seen the ten minute short film.

Kayla Devorak 11:08
Oh, no. You have? Have you listened to the 10 Minute version?

Marc Cuiriz 11:12
I’ve listened to it. I’ve listened to it extensively.

Kayla Devorak 11:16
Yeah, me too.

Marc Cuiriz 11:18
My, my, my wife would like, every time we were in the car, and I would let her take control the music. It was nonstop Taylor. When all these went all the Reds Taylor version came out?

Kayla Devorak 11:33
Oh, yeah, it was pretty good.

Marc Cuiriz 11:36
You know, honestly, I feel like, she probably would have been a better host or a better guest for this podcast.

Kayla Devorak 11:43
Well, we still have time.

Lara Taylor 11:45
Yeah. Go swap out Marc.

Marc Cuiriz 11:49
It Okay, so. So I guess like, like you said, you’ve only really seen the tik tok, sort of criticizing the music video for antihero.

Lara Taylor 12:02
well criticize and also talk about valid points of why she made the video the way she did.

Marc Cuiriz 12:07
Yeah. And I, when I heard about it, and I was reading up on it, and I saw a couple of tiktoks kind of talking about the criticisms and like her ultimate decision to remove a certain part of the music video, I was kind of careful to for myself to kind of voice an opinion, just because for me like kind of being someone who’s never really had those sorts of experiences or had a serious issue with my own body image. I mean, I’ve had body image issues, but nothing like that severe. To me, I was like, I don’t necessarily see the big deal about it. And because this is the music video is ultimately like her art, it’s her creations. So she should be able to make it however she wants. And if this is how she’s choosing to portray it, then she should be able to portray it this way. And yet at the same time, like I think I don’t know if you sent me that tiktok or if I just have seen other Tiktok sort of criticizing it. But I also do see the valid points and then plus working in a residential facility that treats eating disorders, I see the valid points as to why that’s something for someone as big as her to put something like that out there. It might send the wrong message or it might be perceived differently. So that’s just my little take on it.

Link Keller 13:39
For context for people who haven’t listened or watched, there is talk about fatness and equating that to her feeling very bad about herself, and almost villainous in her relationship with herself. And a lot of people want to push back against the idea of using though that is how a lot of people have a relationship with their bodies, it can be really harmful to continue to frame it that way and put it forward without sort of investigating it, which is not what music does, generally speaking. So that’s that’s sort of the hang up is people did the scene and the music video is she steps onto a scale and it slides over and it says fat. And so people were like, there are other ways you could have still framed it as like bad or too much and not had specifically the word fat. Which I get.

Kayla Devorak 14:45
I think that’s that’s interesting because she is on record as saying she has had an eating disorder.

Lara Taylor 14:52
The whole song is about her mental health

Kayla Devorak 14:54
right which she’s like notoriously bad at taking care of because in the documentary Miss Americana, she actively admits that she seeks out gratification from other people. And if she does not get positive recognition or positive responses, it destroys her, which is why during the rep tour, things got not great. And then that’s why she disappeared for a really long time. So that’s really interesting, because that’s like her lived experience, right? Like she probably very much that probably is very much how she has navigated it and has processed it. Whatever level of processing she’s done, I don’t know if she has a therapist, if she does not, I’m sure one of us would be happy to be her therapist

Lara Taylor 15:44
call me Call Me taylor. I’m cheap.

Marc Cuiriz 15:49
Yes, Taylor Swift, we all know you were actually listening to this podcast. So please,

Kayla Devorak 15:53
also, please don’t sue us.

Link Keller 15:55
I think that’s sort of the heart of the criticism around it is that it because it is so many people’s lived experience of fat phobia, and being so afraid of being perceived as fat, and how bad and evil that is, it’s not fat is fine, fat is great. Fat is good for your body. But when you have huge swaths of young people as your main audience, you know, they don’t necessarily have the space to sort of separate from like, this way of thinking, the way of thinking is bad, not being fat is bad.

Lara Taylor 16:41
And not everyone’s gonna go watch the documentary.

Link Keller 16:43
Yeah, and exactly. And just wanting, you know, the idea of wanting people in positions of power, who have huge platforms like Taylor Swift, to be able to express to young people that like that, that is that way of thinking is the problem. Being fat is not bad. Being afraid of being fat is bad. I can see where people are coming in, you know, wanting her to be able to fulfill this, like fantastical, maybe unreachable height of being able to express herself and her own lived experience and also do therapy for all of her listeners. That’s not really a reasonable request, but I don’t I do I do understand what people are, like, you know, you made this music video, you chose what gets shown in it, and you choose the lyrics. And so you, you know, this isn’t, this isn’t a post in, you know, in your diary that nobody’s gonna read you like you are producing this to be shown to people. So what are you saying? And what potential impacts can that have on people? We don’t want kids to be all like, wow, I really relate to Taylor, about how being fat is like the scariest thing that could happen to a person. Isn’t it? So cool. How I have that in common with Taylor. And it’s like, well, oh, that’s maybe that maybe not the takeaway we should have here. Yeah, so it’s, it is a nuanced conversation, as is most things to do with bodies, and the way that media treats them. Especially in the music industry, especially when you become a wildly famous when you’re like, 16. Yeah, so

Lara Taylor 18:44
that’s like half her life. Yeah. That she’s been this major figure.

Link Keller 18:48

Kayla Devorak 18:49
yeah. We’re the same

Lara Taylor 18:51
Yeah, that can warp somebody’s brain. a little bit

Kayla Devorak 18:54
And she’s like a billionaire.

Lara Taylor 19:00
Like a billionaire. Yeah, yeah.

Kayla Devorak 19:04

Lara Taylor 19:08
Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know why I got back to to mean, kind of,

Link Keller 19:16
she’s not a billionaire

Lara Taylor 19:18
she’s not a billionaire.

Kayla Devorak 19:18
no She’s not I know.

Link Keller 19:20
She’s a 450 millionaire.

Kayla Devorak 19:23
Very, very rich.

Lara Taylor 19:24
almost Halfway there.

Kayla Devorak 19:25
She’s very, very rich. Listen, she’s a capitalist queen, and she will sell you eight copies of the same fucking vinyl. I was just so you can make a clock.

Lara Taylor 19:36
Yeah, I was. I was so like. I pre ordered because Tegan and Sara also released an album same day, I pre ordered both albums. And I was all excited the next morning and Kayla tells me she dropped seven more songs to three in the morning, and it’s not on my preorder. Hmm, now, I am not going to buy all those songs. Taylor I’m not I’m gonna listen to them on Spotify.

Marc Cuiriz 19:59
Yeah well I mean I guess I have to think like remember when when lover was released, she had these things that are like little snippet excerpts from like her journal.

Kayla Devorak 20:09
She did show her diary. Yeah.

Marc Cuiriz 20:11
And like, you had to buy like the CD twice to get both both editions of it. So you get like pages like so on in two and then three and four.

Kayla Devorak 20:21
I do not remember lover, because I was not a Taylor Swift Fan. When lover dropped. I was in fact, at a Taylor Swift anti who was like, I don’t want to listen to Taylor Swift. This is ridiculous. She’s over the top. And then folklore happened and I ate my words and fell down a very deep and dark. Very, very deep, very deep Taylor hole that I have not climbed out of sense.

Marc Cuiriz 20:52
I think you’re quite comfortable there.

Kayla Devorak 20:53
Yeah. Well, you know. You know, I mean, I have I have theories about theories. Yeah.

Marc Cuiriz 21:04
Well, the only reason

Lara Taylor 21:05
theories all the all the tiktoks that I’ve been seeing about how queer she is and all the gaylor Swift tiktoks

Kayla Devorak 21:11
Can we talk about who’s opening for her

Link Keller 21:15
that’s a whole thing

Lara Taylor 21:18
Kayla, did I send you the Tiktok about like, all the people opening for her and someone was saying there’s no way a homophobe can enjoy this tour

Kayla Devorak 21:27
not not a single

Lara Taylor 21:29
show. Not a single show. Like

Kayla Devorak 21:31
when when baby when baby lesbians literally asked Do you listen to girl in red to find out if you are queer? Like, I don’t know very many straight people who know who girl in red is like, at all. Unless you’re really into indie music.

Marc Cuiriz 21:51
I only know about Girl in red because the kids that I work with, they keep at they like they’ll ask to like play their songs or they’ll ask for like me to print out the lyrics because they’re using it for like a scrapbook thing or?

Kayla Devorak 22:04
oh my god Yeah, residential life. Oh my gosh, the memories. That is a big thing. Yeah,

Lara Taylor 22:10
yeah. Uh huh. Um, so Girl in red. It’s funny because Nina actually showed me some tiktoks like, Oh, look at this. Look, this artist. I really like their music. And I was like, oh, yeah, whatever. And then the playlist that Kayla made for,

Kayla Devorak 22:30

Lara Taylor 22:30
kids on broomsticks

Kayla Devorak 22:31
oh no

Lara Taylor 22:31
I was like, Oh, this is great. Like, yeah, I told you about her. Like

Kayla Devorak 22:39
I did put girl in red on there. I forgot about that. Yeah, that playlist. And a lot of Taylor Swift.

Lara Taylor 22:45
And I Yep, a lot of Taylor Swift.

Kayla Devorak 22:48
There’s a lot of Taylor Swift a lot of Tegan and Sara. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, no, I

Lara Taylor 22:52
want I really want Tegan and sara to like Nina and I have said to keep the venue small Tegan and Sara should go on tour and have Taylor pop out every few shows

Kayla Devorak 23:01
It’d be TS squared, it’d be perfect.

Lara Taylor 23:03
Exactly. Exactly.

Kayla Devorak 23:05
I didn’t really fall down a Taylor Swift hole. I fell down a gaylor Swift rabbit hole and have not climbed out so yeah, it’s yeah

Lara Taylor 23:15
Marc looks perplexed

Link Keller 23:16
again, for the people not in the know of there is a ongoing investigation.

Kayla Devorak 23:27
it’s Definitely an investigation because if nothing the Swifties really are they terrify me at how good they are at figuring out Taylor’s life it’s terrifying.

Link Keller 23:40
I think terrifying is the correct word because it feels like people treat it like it’s a it’s an ARG of figuring out if Taylor might be queer or not.

Kayla Devorak 23:52
We’ll just yeah, all of it. Just all of it. I mean, they also do it with her. The men in her life too.

Marc Cuiriz 23:57
Yeah. So so in the 23 minutes that we’ve been recording this podcast. My wife has been blowing up my phone because she can hear me talking.

Kayla Devorak 24:09
that’s fantastic

Marc Cuiriz 24:10
So she was a one she said I should be on this podcast and then she was like, I sent you a tiktok talking about all the easter eggs and like the music videos and stuff. And then she proceeded to say speak now is coming out March 3 2023 26 days after the Grammys, because what she hinted 26 And I bet you think about music videos. However and so she’s saying she’s releasing speak now at a Grammy acception assuming she wins a Grammy. However, obviously this is not confirmed. So if you’re looking for Taylor Swift conspiracies, I have a residential Swifty upstairs right now.

Lara Taylor 24:49
There’s I sent a tiktok to I think link and marc this. Someone was it was like literally investigative reporting, talking about how Oh, Taylor was supposed to come out at Pride and then it didn’t happen

Kayla Devorak 25:04
2018 Yeah.

Lara Taylor 25:08
It’s a whole thing. It’s

Kayla Devorak 25:09
a whole thing. That dress, there’s a dress that was supposed to be for her

Lara Taylor 25:13
that Billy Porter wore.

Kayla Devorak 25:14
That Billy Porter wore that Christian Serrano designed. It was it’s a whole thing. It’s a whole

Lara Taylor 25:19

Kayla Devorak 25:20
And her songs are Uber. Some of her songs are not straight songs.

Lara Taylor 25:26
No. what I can’t remember what song we were listening to. But Nina and I were driving in the car listening to it. And she was like, she’s singing about a girl??

Link Keller 25:36
I do not know which song it is. But there is a song that the the, the one clip of the lyrics where the the rhyming cadence gets broken, where if it was still rhyming, it would say her but then it says him, and everybody is tearing that apart. There’s the proof like, you guys

Kayla Devorak 25:55
there’s like that. So there’s like a whole live a live recording where she was on tour live with that song. And I also don’t know it. I’m not that. I don’t know, I don’t know many of the song names off the top my head, but one of my other Taylor Swift friends shared it and they like watch it meticulously. And they claim that live she did it were the pronouns were switched, and it was her. But also there is also that tiny video where her and Karlie Kloss, early claws kissed? And what are you 616 So, and it was caught on camera. So, you know, just Taylor Swift being Taylor Swift, doing what she wants,

Lara Taylor 26:42
making everyone think.

Kayla Devorak 26:45
But also having her life tore apart by random people who can literally find her flights, like no problem. I don’t even know how to do that. And these people have flight dates and times. And

Marc Cuiriz 27:00
I know that the way that

Link Keller 27:02

Kayla Devorak 27:02
it’s terrifying

Marc Cuiriz 27:03
yeah, the way the swiftie fans can like they sit here and watch every single nuance thing about every single thing. Like we were watching the little clips from the Jimmy Fallon interview, and my wife was saying how like, you know, every outfit that she wears, it’s usually tied to something related to the album, or like, it’s defining a new era. So like, when reputation came out, this is the outfit that she wore, and this is what it was like showcasing or this is what was the meaning behind it. So she was confused as to the suit that she’s decided to wear for that. It’s like, what does that mean? And she’s like, watching all these tiktoks. And people are like, deep diving into just an outfit. And I’m like, I mean,

Kayla Devorak 27:44

Marc Cuiriz 27:44
if I was Taylor, I would be absolutely mortified and terrified to ever leave my house.

Lara Taylor 27:52
I would take my $445 million and just never leave home again.

Kayla Devorak 27:59
Yes, she did. She kind of disappeared for a while. was super

Lara Taylor 28:03
now she’s dropped a tour and people were all clamoring to get tickets

Marc Cuiriz 28:07
Yeah, that is true.

Link Keller 28:09
Rumors about her being pregnant. And

Kayla Devorak 28:11
I That was wild.

Link Keller 28:13
Yeah. I, I think in one way, I think that she does a lot of this stuff intentionally because it increases engagement with Swifties, who have already committed to the bit

Kayla Devorak 28:27
more bought in Yeah, she It’s totally an intentional thing. She is a capitalist queen. Yeah. If there’s ever been a capitalist, she’s it.

Link Keller 28:35
Yes, I think she has, you know, growing. Growing up in the spotlight, I think she has learned how to monetize a parasocial relationship, like very few other famous people have. It’s, it’s impressive. I do not personally relate to that level of a fan. But I do understand why. You know, that is what people are into why that sort of relationship gets built is it is fulfilling in a way that other kinds of relationships aren’t. that, that mystery and peeling apart things and, you know, looking deep into little details and trying to figure that out. Like, you can do that with a real person, but you don’t get the kind of feedback that Taylor gives.

Lara Taylor 29:28
Well, and we’ve talked before on the show about how music itself can be really emotional and tie you and like her lyrics. There are plenty of times even if it’s just one or two lines, people like she sees me she knows me.

Kayla Devorak 29:41

Lara Taylor 29:42
she gets to who i am in this song, because she writes about a lot of different things and a lot of different feelings.

Link Keller 29:49
Yeah. And that’s, you know, just very deeply relates to people that resonates with their own experiences. You know, are having relationships, most people have had some sort of relationship, whether that’s a romantic relationship or family relationships that you can really reflect these lyrics on to and feel like you are seen and represented. And that’s really important. And that’s why so many people get into it. I do worry that some people take it too far. And it gets a little bit scary. But I do also think that Taylor has figured out a way to really utilize that to her own benefit, even if it is kind of terrifying.

Marc Cuiriz 30:35
I think she knows how and where to leave the little breadcrumbs to keep them keep them going. But just keep them far enough behind on the trail that like it’s doesn’t get too scary. But it’s what you know, what keeps the people get see people going, you know?

Lara Taylor 30:51
Yeah, I mean, when you think about it, like any fandom fandoms have wonderful fans that are really into stuff and there’s a toxic piece to it too. Right. And when you were talking about the usual fandoms we talked about on this show like Star Wars, the focus can be on a million different people, a million different stories in a million different things. But with Taylor, she is the fandom she is the object.

Kayla Devorak 31:16
she is the story,

Lara Taylor 31:17
she is the story. So everyone’s attention is focused on her her music her life her everything. And that can Yeah, I think that can push people do do a lot of crazy things.

Kayla Devorak 31:32
Yeah. Definitely.

Marc Cuiriz 31:38
You know, I’m, I think back to, to myself, like a few a few years ago. And I actually I remember the last time she went on tour when she was coming to Chicago. I remember sitting in my room with my wife when we were dating. And I remember like sitting we were on my phone on Ticketmaster, trying desperately to try to get these tickets bright when the presale went. And I remember getting in, but I never set like a limit as to how much I was willing to spend on tickets. So found me the best available ones, but they were they were great seats. But they were also ridiculously expensive. So I tried to back out to try to get it set the the change the limit, because it wouldn’t let me switch my tickets around. And then I couldn’t get tickets.

Kayla Devorak 32:33
Oh, no.

Marc Cuiriz 32:34
And it’s funny because this is also when she was filming her documentary. And at that particular concert in Chicago, I remember this and I remember she put like I remember Taylor posted on her story. And my friend that are one of my co workers at the time posted it on her story because she went to the concert. There was a particular moment when Taylor’s like on the piano she’s playing in this like silence in the crowd. And then all of a sudden a random person just screams Taylor. I love you. Then she replies like I love you too. That was my coworker. And it I think it made it into the documentary.

Kayla Devorak 33:10
That’s amazing.

Lara Taylor 33:12
I wish my proposal to Tegan from Tegan and Sara would’ve made it into a documentary. I asked her to marry me and then she laughed.

Kayla Devorak 33:20
That’s rude

Link Keller 33:24
do you want video proof of that? I feel like it’s it’s better if it lives in the annals of history in your mind.

Lara Taylor 33:31
that’s true. It was it was funny though.

Kayla Devorak 33:33
So yeah.

Marc Cuiriz 33:36
And at that time, I was like man, like spending like $300 on a ticket and like, give us his like, Soldier Field. So like, yeah, like $300 was like, I was like $300 per ticket. That’s a lot. And now going into this one. I’m like, $300 for a ticket. That’s easy. Nothing.

Kayla Devorak 33:55
That’s my limit. I was like, $300 a ticket. That’s good. I’m good with that. We can we can work with that.

Marc Cuiriz 34:00
My wife’s like, I literally just want nosebleed seats. I don’t care. I just want to go and I’m like, Don’t Don’t worry, I’ll make sure. And here I am thinking, listen, I’m probably going to be spending a lot of money on this. And at this point, it’s for both of us. Because normally like, like, a few years ago, it was gonna be for her. Only really for her. Now I was like no, no, this is for the both of us. So I want to make sure we have decent seats.

Kayla Devorak 34:25

Link Keller 34:26
That’s cute.

Lara Taylor 34:27
Yeah. I sent you all a tik tok of this girl who was like crying

Kayla Devorak 34:32
that tiktok!

Lara Taylor 34:34
she was like, she was like crying. She’s like, I love Taylor Swift so much and I’m never gonna get to see her in concert. Because COVID And then capitalism. And I mean, that’s true. Like, like I said, I really wish like, I mean, Tegan and Sara tickets are getting expensive too, but like their shows are much smaller, more intimate. It’s like 70 or 80 bucks for a ticket and 300 bucks a ticket is a lot. Yeah, and her venues are huge.

Kayla Devorak 35:09
She did announce ticket prices though. So like the, her her the cheapest ticket is $49. If you’re coming in if you’re coming in, not resale, resale is going to be brutal if you don’t get the pre sale Good luck.

Marc Cuiriz 35:25
Thank you Capital One, not sponsored

Lara Taylor 35:28
thank you capital one

Kayla Devorak 35:29
and also Ticketmaster, whatever this verified fan businesses I don’t

Lara Taylor 35:34
Well, I appreciate them doing something like this because I mean, scalpers are a thing and it does get resale gets up 1000s of dollars, if not just $300. I went to right before the pandemic started. I went to Tegan and Sara. And they did a thing where they’re like, we’ve heard that about 200 of our seats in like 1000 seat venue, have been sold and are probably going to be empty seats. Because no one’s resold them. So what they did was rush seating.

Kayla Devorak 36:09
Oh, yeah.

Lara Taylor 36:09
Right before the show, right. When the show started, they said, Okay, seats empty.

Kayla Devorak 36:15
Oh my god,

Lara Taylor 36:15
you get a seat for free.

Kayla Devorak 36:17
Could you imagine rushing a Taylor Swift concert?

Lara Taylor 36:19
Absolutely not.

Kayla Devorak 36:20
Could you imagine? Could you imagine if there was like a student rush? Like they do with like Broadway play? Because that’s basically what No, oh, man, I panic.

Lara Taylor 36:30
That would be that would be that would be horrible

Kayla Devorak 36:33
it would be so many

Marc Cuiriz 36:34
that would be like anarchy right there.

Kayla Devorak 36:37
Murder. Murder would happen. It’d be like the purge

Lara Taylor 36:42
if you were the last person

Link Keller 36:45
get to see the video of afterwards of, oh, well, I am I broke 18 bones and got COVID at the Taylor Swift concert, but it was the greatest night of my life. So Oh, geez.

Kayla Devorak 37:01
Yeah. Oh, man. That sounds like a nightmare.

Marc Cuiriz 37:04
Yeah, that reminds me during Lollapalooza, a few years ago, before COVID My brother said that he went, but he didn’t have like a wristband or anything. And he was one of those

Kayla Devorak 37:18
did he jump the fence?

Marc Cuiriz 37:19
He didn’t jump it necessarily what happened was he was around this huge crowd of people. And they the crowd themselves knocked over like the two security people that were at this station, knocked down the fence, so he just kind of tiptoe on his way and and got in that way and I don’t think he ever he got caught but like just thinking about like something like Lollapalooza and then imagining what this experience is going to be like, because I’ve been to Soldier Field for a Kenny Chesney concert, but that but the reason why that was so popular, and that one was so full was because not only was it Kenny Chesney, but it was Old Dominion and Thomas Rhett so three very prominent stars which I loved all three of them it was a great concert. But to know that this like majority of the people that are going to be going to this is solely for Taylor Swift. I’m going to be downright terrified. Every everything I’m gonna be like, oh my goodness, there are so many people

Lara Taylor 38:25
don’t cut anyone in line marc Don’t

Kayla Devorak 38:27
it’s gonna be I mean

Marc Cuiriz 38:28
they’re gonna be cutting me and I’m gonna be too terrified to say anything I’m gonna be like

Kayla Devorak 38:31
it’s gonna be a lot of white girls in one room. A lot.

Marc Cuiriz 38:35
That’s all right, I’m gonna stand out. But no, I’m probably going to get cut in line and I’m going to be too terrified because it’s a little 13 year old girl is gonna turn around just stare daggers into my my soul. And I’m gonna like oh, no, I’m sorry. You You You know what? You can go have the merch. I’ll just stand here. Politely, quietly.

Kayla Devorak 38:52
Your wife might fight for the merch. That brutal

Marc Cuiriz 38:55
no she’s she’s She’s smart. She’s gonna she’s actually just bought this like karma is a cat sweatshirt that she saw tick tock. That’s fun. Oh, so she’s already so she’s already buying like some like so merch like that. And I’m like, I want the road of merch.

Kayla Devorak 39:10
So speaking of merch, one I hate her merchandise store because it’s got her name on everything. It just does not look good. But to so there was a Taylor Swift. There’s Taylor Swift drag brunches here all the time. But we had gotten tickets in June to go like the beginning of July to go and I made everybody buy a Taylor Swift shirt and it was Taylor so it was from the lover era. Her on that cat unicorn on merited and it’s like rainbow and everything. And we bought them to go and then I got COVID Because I went to pride the weekend before and went out and got COVID And so I couldn’t go. Everyone else went but they were their shirts. But Etsy has like some of the coolest Taylor Swift merch. It’s pretty great.

Lara Taylor 39:58
My friend knit her own cardigan like to match the from the video. She loves it and her students. She’s a middle school teacher. Your students know exactly what that is

Kayla Devorak 40:12
that’s fantastic. I did I did buy so I have the fuck the patriarchy keychain from the from the red album. And then I also bought when folklore came out I bought the James and Betty t shirt, because I really liked the song Betty but also that’s my grandma’s name. And James was my brother’s name. So it’s cute. It’s like this tree. It’s actually really cute. It’s a tree and then it’s got their names etched in like hearts. It’s really cute. Yeah, and then I also bought the a mad mad woman shirt, but that one went through the wash and no longer has words on it. So like, yeah, Taylor Swift’s merch stores not great.

Kayla Devorak 40:12
Didn’t wasn’t it like during like folklore or evermore that they should also have like a cardigan?

Kayla Devorak 41:04
Yeah. I think so Yeah.

Marc Cuiriz 41:06
Was it was it like a special like or limited run thing or something?

Kayla Devorak 41:10
I think so. Yeah, I think so.

Lara Taylor 41:11
this is exactly why my friend knit her own

Kayla Devorak 41:14
Yeah. So because of the song cardigan, but yeah, it was limited. Yeah.

Marc Cuiriz 41:17
Okay, so funny enough. I remember when I first started at my, my job at the residential facility, when I was still working with the adults, there was a person that that went through. And they had that cardigan, and they brought it with them to the facility and I’m like, why would you do that? Do you know how much this thing could sell for and you’re bringing it here of all places where they could get so dirty so fast. Like, why would you do this? But it will it looked like a really nice cardigan. Like, if it didn’t have her name. Just like stitch like nice and bold. Like, right there on the chest. I could probably wear that.

Kayla Devorak 41:56
Yeah, I know. It’s like everywhere and like her name is just the biggest thing on the on that stuff.

Marc Cuiriz 42:03
Yeah, I was just like saying like, Oh, yeah, I can’t wait. I buy merch and then I didn’t I just looked on the merch store right now. And it’s like her face plastered. I’m like hmm you know

Kayla Devorak 42:11
actually please do actually, Marc, please, please buy a Taylor Swift heiress shirt.

Link Keller 42:16
I think that’ll go over well at work.

Lara Taylor 42:18
I think it would

Kayla Devorak 42:20
you would be like the newest kid. Yeah. And they’d be like, Oh, he’s cool. We like him. He knows what’s up.

Marc Cuiriz 42:26
Yeah, I gotta find a way to get myself. I mean, these kids I feel old already.

Kayla Devorak 42:33
So I’m actually quite terrified of my Spotify end of year.

Marc Cuiriz 42:42
My wife and I share my Spotify account. Oh, so I’ve already I’ve resigned my fate. Taylor Swift.

Kayla Devorak 42:50
So but in 20, in after folklore dropped. I’m not even kidding, guys. She was my top five. All five of my top five was Taylor. So I still not in the .01% Thank God, we’re going to have to have a conversation if that ever happens to me. But then this last year, I still couldn’t get her to not be my number one. And I have my friend literally sends me weekly playlist. And I listened to them. And I still cannot get her to say I went from never listening to Taylor Swift to I probably listened to her like once a day.

Lara Taylor 43:29
I have a feeling she’s going to be like, I don’t use Spotify. That I mean I do now since Kayla let me be on her family.

Kayla Devorak 43:38
Yeah. Free.

Lara Taylor 43:39
Um, so yeah, I think it’s last year it was Tegan and Sara. That were my top and I think it’s gonna be Taylor Swift and Tegan and Sara

Kayla Devorak 43:48
you know we can do

Lara Taylor 43:48
because of that kids on brooms

Kayla Devorak 43:51
its a good playlist.

Lara Taylor 43:52
and the Album dropping,

Kayla Devorak 43:54
you know, what we should do is we should just have a Spotify listen party, and we can listen to I’ve done this because I had never listened to all of her albums. But we could listen to them and we could do it again. It was actually a lot of fun. I listened to it with a bunch of my Taylor Swift friends all the way from start to finish. Like her first album all the way to evermore I think at the time was what was out

Lara Taylor 44:20
that’s a lot of music.

Marc Cuiriz 44:21
it is a lot of music

Kayla Devorak 44:22
It was a lot of Taylor Swift.

Marc Cuiriz 44:24
I just found a playlist right now that’s that has all of her albums on there. And I I have been aside from in the morning when I’m driving to work I listened to the morning radio show, but when I’m not listening to that literally any other time in the car for the last like week it’s been nothing but Taylor Swift. Like I don’t think I’ve been able to pull myself away. It’s just been nonstop Taylor Swift.

Kayla Devorak 44:50
it’s Good. Midnight’s is good. I really like lavender haze a lot.

Marc Cuiriz 44:54
Sweet Nothing is my song. And I just love the

Lara Taylor 44:57
that’s Nina’s favorite song.

Marc Cuiriz 44:59
The piano in it is just chef’s kiss. But there’s also

Lara Taylor 45:03
we get the Target exclusive version. I haven’t gotten it.

Marc Cuiriz 45:06
I have it but it’s in my wife’s car and but she’s saying that she wants to use the Spotify because it has the seven songs. But there is a song on the Target exclusive that isn’t on the Spotify list. I think it’s called hits different. Yeah. And she told me about it this morning and I asked her like, Well, does it hit different? She’s like, yes, like, Well, now I have to steal the CD and listen to it

Kayla Devorak 45:30
Oh, I hate her so much.

Link Keller 45:33
There’s also the you’re on your own kids strings remix. And sweet nothing piano remix.

Marc Cuiriz 45:40
Yes. And I want to listen to the piano remix so bad

Kayla Devorak 45:42
all the remixes

Marc Cuiriz 45:44
but something I was noticing. Like, the more I listened to it. There’s a lot of like, Melody choices that she has. And it gives me owl city vibes.

Kayla Devorak 45:55
Oh, yeah. Okay,

Marc Cuiriz 45:57

Kayla Devorak 45:57
like the music.

Marc Cuiriz 45:59
Yeah, like the music

Link Keller 46:00
no, like the literal city of owls. Haven’t you been there?

Kayla Devorak 46:02

Link Keller 46:04
I get what you mean, Like, electronica stuff. Yes.

Marc Cuiriz 46:08
So I kind of went to hero, like when she says must be always rooting for the antihero, then like that little trail off music afterwards. It’s just, it just screams owl city to me, I’m like, that is something he would totally do. And then there’s a couple other songs were like, there’s like a little riff and it’s just like, Oh, little the little nostalgia there.

Link Keller 46:29
This is this is good, because I was actually going to suggest we segue into talking about our favorite tracks on the new album. So you really like sweet nothing, Marc. That’s

Marc Cuiriz 46:40
that one is my all time favorite. If I’m doing the top three, it would be sweet. Nothing. It would then be midnight rain. And then High infidelity.

Link Keller 46:53
Mm hmm. I really like karma and vigilante shit.

Kayla Devorak 47:01
vigilante shit. It’s that cat eyes right at the beginning. It’s so good. I draw those cat eyes.

Link Keller 47:08
Yeah, I like I like the music of that one a lot. And I like the lyrics of karma. I find that to be very funny.

Lara Taylor 47:18
Um, snow on the beach is probably my favorite song. I sing that one in my head repeatedly also antihero and the Great War from the 3am

Kayla Devorak 47:32
which is yeah, one of the seven songs.

Lara Taylor 47:34
I really I really liked that one as well. Yeah, and then Nina just wants to listen to Sweet Nothings over and over again

Kayla Devorak 47:44
that’s amazing. So I really like lavender haze, snow on the beach. You’re on your own kid, but I also really like vigilante shit and the Great War

Link Keller 47:59
I do like you’re on your own kid.

Marc Cuiriz 48:01

Link Keller 48:02
I really I just like that that loop of you’re on your own kid you always have been and that that resonates with me, that one hits

Marc Cuiriz 48:12
I love that song and I hate it at the same time because it just I’m just like it brings up a lot

Kayla Devorak 48:19
what I really like about vigilante shit is like she and she’s she’s done it a little bit but she’s totally she got you know, really kind of screwed over or whatever. But with scooter and all that from the previous with her masters and all that crazy stuff. But she’s just like, outright like, being like, fuck you. I don’t and just dragging this dude and then talks about hanging out with his, you know, wife. I don’t know what kind of hangout and you’re doing but do you

Marc Cuiriz 48:54
conspiracy, hello?

Kayla Devorak 48:55
It might be I don’t know. That’s just hits. It hits like really hard. And it’s like, hell yeah, let’s fuck shit up.

Marc Cuiriz 49:05
I think what, what gets me is for Sweet Nothing in particular. Like it just, it’s one of those like, it really does feel like one of those like late night, just sort of songs that you would just like have on repeat, when you’re just sitting in a room like late at night. Not even necessarily like you’re in your feels. But just like a song that just like passively plays because the piano is just so to me, I find it really calming. And it’s just so easy for you to just kind of get into the rhythm of it. And then with the beginning of it being like really quiet and then like she constantly goes into like in and out of like her like with volume like she’s always like decrescendoing there. And it’s just it brings like, it’s weird, because it brings a sense of peace and to me, I always think of it like that’s kind of how I view like Me coming home from the end of my work day, it’s like, I’m coming home to my wife and,

Kayla Devorak 50:06
oh that’s lovely

Marc Cuiriz 50:06
you know, it’s like, you know, saying that the sweet little nothings and things like that, like, that’s how I view it.

Lara Taylor 50:14
It’s one of the few songs on the album. That’s like a happy like,

Kayla Devorak 50:19
she doesn’t do like, outright happy all the time.

Marc Cuiriz 50:21
Yeah, yeah, but what trips me up is that like, cuz she’ll always say like, all that you want to what for me was sweet nothings because which is insinuating that she wasn’t able to give it back or even like in the second verse, it’s like wanting nothing. And then it goes into like a whole different thing. And to me, sometimes I kind of feel like, like, oh, like that’s like, sometimes I’m maybe not be able to do that, especially if like, I’ve had a really long or a really stressful day at work. And then like, I’m coming home like, or like, even this semester, like on Mondays and Tuesdays, I’m coming home, I’m quickly making dinner and then I have to leave again because I have to go to class and I’m at class until nine o’clock. And then when I come home, it’s we’re going right to bed, there’s really is no time to like, connect with each other or really talk with each other. It’s we’re laying in bed, we watch some tiktoks or I’m by watching tiktoks. I’m watching the one she sent me throughout the whole day. And then it’s and then it’s going to bed. But midnight rain was also just another one because I remember listening to or I remember like watching it tik tok of like who the song was about. And I’m like, Man, that just, it makes me sad. Because like, I feel like they would have been a great couple together. And also I think about it I’m like, huh, when I think about me and my wife, I’m the midnight rain. And see she’s the sunshine. I’m sure she would probably say it’s flip flopped, but But you know, it’s me. I’m the problem.

Link Keller 52:03
Oh my gosh.

Kayla Devorak 52:05
Yep. Agreed.

Link Keller 52:06
Oh, man

Marc Cuiriz 52:07
thank you. Thank you for agreeing with me, i am the problem. She was actually asking me today she was like, should we get matching tattoos? And it says been that rain and sunshine. And I was like, only if I get to be midnight rain. She’s like, well, obviously.

Kayla Devorak 52:21
So she obviously agrees with you. Do it. Oh my god go and get Taylor Swift matching. My wife and I have matching tattoos. Not Taylor Swift matching tattoos.

Link Keller 52:29
Are Are they matching? As in? They are the same or are they matching as in they are set? Oh, you guys. Oh,

Kayla Devorak 52:37
we have the arc.

Link Keller 52:38
That’s very cute.

Kayla Devorak 52:42
I don’t know if my wife would ever get a Taylor Swift tattoo. Like she likes Taylor Swift. But the way she looks at me sometimes when I am like, I’ll sudden be like, Oh my god, guess what they said in this discord chat today. And she’s just like, or what? I sent her the ticket master queue. And I said, Can you just sit in this queue? And she was like, What? What is this for?

Lara Taylor 53:02
I sat in the queue while I was in a meeting at work.

Kayla Devorak 53:06
Oh, yeah.

Marc Cuiriz 53:09
I had it while I was at work and like I had to turn off my phone. Or like lock it and then I had the period I would periodically check it and I would just see the little walking guy just like

Kayla Devorak 53:19
move slowly.

Lara Taylor 53:21

Kayla Devorak 53:23
I really have to tell you guys this because I mean Lara knows this because I’ve been meticulously planning it. But next year, we’re our Friday night CASTT is going to be doing oops all barred party. And I am so unhinged. That I literally built a Taylor Swift Bard like I have literally created Taylor Swift.

Link Keller 53:47
Wow. That’s awesome.

Lara Taylor 53:51
You’re only gonna you’re only gonna talk in

Kayla Devorak 53:53
responding and talking in Taylor Swift lyrics.

Link Keller 53:56
I’m I’m a little jealous that I want I

Lara Taylor 54:01
you can watch it

Link Keller 54:02
I am gonna bear witness to that.

Kayla Devorak 54:05
And I shared I’ve got like a whole backstory to it. She’s got a whole backstory her name. I forget what the name is. But it’s like, it’s like tay something some. I think it’s like it starts with a T and then the last the ending is like swift Swifengale. I’ll send you the I’ll send you my PDF of it because I went in

Link Keller 54:30
full commitment.

Kayla Devorak 54:31
She’s like, I took like the College of lore subclass which is like very, very Taylor Swift. But but like really?

Link Keller 54:42
Don’t you mean the College of folklore?

Kayla Devorak 54:45

Lara Taylor 54:46

Kayla Devorak 54:46
who does it who doesn’t want to like who doesn’t want to cast vicious mockery and literally just scream saying, Look what you made me do at the enemies the whole time. Who doesn’t? Who doesn’t want to do that? Yeah, so I did that very unhinged was like, I want to make a Taylor Swift Bard, and literally got everyone else to agree to an oops, all bards party.

Link Keller 55:10
It’s beautiful. Thank you for that Taylor Swift.

Kayla Devorak 55:14
Yes. Thank you Taylor Swift

Lara Taylor 55:16
Taylor gave us that and It’s going to be a wonderful show when we do it

Kayla Devorak 55:20
she has three cats. And it’s a whole thing. She’s got best friends all kinds of, it’s a whole I went I went in. And then I shared it with it. I shared it with another friend. And five minutes later, he sent me an actual Taylor Swift spell. That is like called shake it off. It’s a whole thing. It was great. I was like, Wow, you really did this. Cool. All right. Oh, man. Yep. Yep, that’s where I’m at.

Lara Taylor 55:49
The gift that keeps on giving Taylor Swift

Kayla Devorak 55:52
so in 2023 Check out Friday night CASTT playing d&d. It’ll be Taylor Swift. Possibly Beyonce. I don’t know who else

Lara Taylor 56:02
I think I’m think I’m sticking with a Tegan and Sara theme. It’s good. And our characters gonna be besties we’re gonna be TS squared!

Kayla Devorak 56:11
we are, there you go. yes.

Link Keller 56:17
Well this has been a lovely conversation. You guys have any final thoughts before we wrap up?

Marc Cuiriz 56:27
I’m scared to be joining Kayla in this taylor swift rabbit hole but I

Kayla Devorak 56:34
have fun.

Marc Cuiriz 56:35
I am peering into the abyss. And I’m afraid that I’m just gonna feel some ghostly hands just a wiggling their way up grabbing me and then I’m just gonna get pulled all the way down

Kayla Devorak 56:49
it’s okay. You won’t be able to turn away from it.

Marc Cuiriz 56:51
I’m alright. I feel like I’m already caught under the spell. So yeah,

Kayla Devorak 56:57
come back be here Marc

Lara Taylor 57:02
Yeah, I don’t know the power of music. The power of Taylor Swift. I don’t know. There’s been things swimming in my head that I am putting to paper and secret things that I’m not showing anyone for a while so

Kayla Devorak 57:18
Oh, what?

Lara Taylor 57:19
Yeah, yep. So it’s amazing. Thank you Taylor Swift for being an inspirational person.

Marc Cuiriz 57:29
The listeners are going to be meticulously picking apart this entire episode

Kayla Devorak 57:32
I’m gonna be meticulously picking it apart!

Marc Cuiriz 57:35
And figure out the secret here.

Kayla Devorak 57:36
What is this?

Link Keller 57:39

Kayla Devorak 57:40
who wants to make a Taylor Swift tabletop role playing game with me that sounds like fun.

Link Keller 57:47
Oh, my God,

Lara Taylor 57:48
the playbooks are all albums or songs. Yeah.

Link Keller 57:52
Ah, Barbarian taylor swift

Kayla Devorak 57:56
A barbarian Taylor Swift actually, actually, let’s just say Taylor Swift of every class. I think Taylor Swift would also make a really good Warlock, because I think she just is very much a warlock as well as a bard

Link Keller 58:11
Taylor Swift cleric. casting heals on all of our hearts. The power of music,

Lara Taylor 58:18
Taylor Swift Ranger shooting arrows into our hearts

Kayla Devorak 58:22
with her cats! with her three cats,

Lara Taylor 58:24
with her cats.

Marc Cuiriz 58:26
Taylor Swift thief stealing all of our money.

Link Keller 58:28
ooh! gottem! that was Great,

Kayla Devorak 58:35
that was really good.

Link Keller 58:36
Well, thank you so much for joining us, Kayla. It’s always a pleasure to have you.

Kayla Devorak 58:42
Thanks for having me. It’s always a pleasure to be asked.

Link Keller 58:46
And thank you to our listeners. You can find more of our stuff on social media and at geek therapy.org and on our Discord and Facebook groups. Twitter, I don’t know, are people still using that? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows? Remember to geek out and do good. And you can stream Taylor Swift’s new album on Spotify

Lara Taylor 59:17
or go to Target and get any number to target or,

Kayla Devorak 59:21
or buy all four and make a clock usable functional clock.

Link Keller 59:30
Well, thank you guys again, Marc,

Marc Cuiriz 59:34

Link Keller 59:35
Nailed it!

Josué Cardona 59:37
Geek Therapy is a 501 C three nonprofit organization dedicated to making the world a better place through geek culture. To learn more about our mission and become a supporter, visit geek therapy.org

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