The Inventor: A Masterclass in Animation and Emotional Storytelling

Author: Jorge Perez

The new animated movie, The Inventor, directed by Jim Capobianco and Pierre-Luc Granjon, is an instant classic in animation. The musical score, crafted by Alex Mandel, provides depth to the narrative to further enhance the emotional connection with the characters. The storyline combines wit and heart, making this film a treat for people of all ages.

Capobianco made the following statement about The Inventor: “The Inventor was sparked by the idea that Leonardo da Vinci probably had bad days and good. He banged his knee, jumped for joy, whispered, wept, got frustrated, and felt anger. He was human, after all. I began to see him not as the sage as always depicted, or the other extreme—the scatterbrain who invents crazy contraptions—but as a real person struck with ideas beyond his time’s technical, intellectual, and societal capabilities.”

The Inventor utilized both stop-motion animation and hand-drawn animation in an imaginative way to tell the story of De Vinci’s search for the meaning of life. Each scene was meticulously planned, and the attention to detail was evident throughout the movie. The film offers a refreshing perspective on facing challenges and the power of perseverance, making it relevant for kids and adults.

This film encourages viewers not to abandon their dreams but to nurture them. Just as da Vinci’s curiosity was his driving force, the movie suggests that maintaining curiosity is vital for a fulfilled life. It has many timeless themes that can evolve as audiences mature, allowing them to unearth deeper meanings.

With a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes and a PG rating, The Inventor is a perfect choice for an afternoon of family-friendly entertainment. The film’s exceptional voice cast includes Stephen Fry as Leonardo da Vinci, Daisy Ridley as Marguerite, Marion Cotillard as Louise de Savoy, and Matt Berry as Pope Leo X. Their performances bring depth and charm to the characters, adding another layer of brilliance to this remarkable animated masterpiece.

The film’s unique perspective, combined with its heartwarming story, showcases the power of animation to inspire and entertain across generations. The Inventor is a testament to the artistic synergy of a passionate and united team. While the animation and musical score impress, the film’s true prowess shines through its storyline. The themes of resilience, innovation, and triumph over challenges render The Inventor a truly captivating and profoundly inspirational viewing experience.

Ready to be captivated by the magic of The Inventor? Don’t miss out on this enchanting journey into the world of Leonardo da Vinci, where animation breathes life into a story of resilience, innovation, and triumph. Grab your tickets, popcorn, and loved ones, and immerse yourself in a truly inspirational cinematic experience.


Synopsis: The Inventor follows famed inventor and artist Leonardo da Vinci after he leaves Italy for France. In his new country, da Vinci joins the French court where he experiments with flying contraptions, invents machines, and studies the human body, all to answer the question: “What is the meaning of life?”

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