The True Joy of Gaming

Author: Greg Lozano

This month, my article output has dipped, primarily due to financial constraints and immersing myself in the captivating world of Hi-Fi Rush. While I’ve explored a few titles in the past two months, I feel unqualified to offer thorough reviews on them, specifically Final Fantasy Remake (not Rebirth) and Helldivers 2. My experiences with these games were marred by frustration for distinct reasons. Having never engaged with FFVII at its initial release, I approached the remake with fresh eyes. However, the combat system, though initially impressive, frequently disrupted my immersion with overly scripted battles—Reno battle and Hell House being prime examples. This disconnection makes me feel ill-equipped to provide an unbiased review.

My grievances with Helldivers 2 differ; its launch popularity led to unexpectedly overwhelmed servers, making access a significant issue. Coupled with its design as a service game, it seemed misaligned with my gaming style. Despite enjoying aspects of gameplay when possible, such as the innovative mini-games for calling down strategems, I question my suitability as a reviewer for it. It feels akin to asking a snowboarder to critique windsurfing—similar on the surface but fundamentally distinct.

The essence of this article, then, revolves around more than just my reticence to review certain games. It’s about celebrating finding a game that resonates deeply with you, like Hi-Fi Rush has for me. Being a gamer isn’t contingent upon keeping up with every new release or reviewing each title. It’s about reveling in what brings you joy, be it an endless fascination with Tetris or discovering a new passion in Hi-Fi Rush. This game, in particular, has rekindled nostalgic feelings while offering something genuinely original. I’ve dedicated hours to watching speedruns and honing my skills, introducing many friends to its charms and witnessing their astonishment upon playing.

Whether your gaming tastes are eclectic or singular, the paramount goal is to find joy. My reviews aim not just to expand one’s game library but to spark conversations, sharing experiences, and creating memorable moments. The engagement and originality I’ve found in Hi-Fi Rush have been profoundly satisfying. Though I can’t predict the final tally of hours I’ll spend with it, the memories and joy it provides are invaluable.

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