What Is A Therapeutic RPG Game Master?

By Josué Cardona

Have you ever thought that tabletop role-playing games like D&D could be used intentionally to help people? Well, some people actually do.

Maybe you’ve seen the season 2 episode of Community, called Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. That’s the one where the study group plays a game of D&D to help out their friend Neil.

I think it’s a great episode to show people a quick introduction into D&D because it can be difficult to explain exactly what a tabletop RPG is.

A beginner will have all sorts of questions and the rules can be confusing.

So if you’re interested in learning more about tabletop role-playing games or how two therapists in Seattle run intentional and targeted PRG groups to develop better social skills, check out this two-part interview I recorded with Adam Davis and Adam Johns, the founders of Wheelhouse Workshop.

In part 1, we talk about how they joined forces and what it was like to develop their practice.

In part 2, we dive deep into how they run groups and how much their clients have benefited.

Check out both parts below, or subscribe to GT Radio and Rolling For Change for these and more podcast episodes.
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