Unveiling the Shadows of Agatha Christie’s Murder is Easy, Out on BritBox

Author: Jordan Kocon

Murder is Easy begins with Luke Fitzwilliam (portrayed by David Jonsson) meeting Miss Pinkerton (played by Penelope Wilton) on a train to London. Amid the fleeting landscapes from their carriage, Miss Pinkerton confides her suspicions about a string of murders in her village, dismissed as accidents by local law enforcement. Fitzwilliam’s initial skepticism turns to concern after Miss Pinkerton’s sudden death. Ignoring his friends’ advice, he delves into the seemingly peaceful Wychwood-Under-Ashe to uncover the truth.

Directed by Meenu Gaur, the film masterfully contrasts the pastoral beauty of Wychwood Under Ashe with its hidden, darker aspects. Gaur employs skillful lighting, framing, and movement to underline the stark disparities between the affluent few and the marginalized majority. The plight of characters like Mr. Rivers (the chauffeur for Lord Whitfield) and the mother of Amy Gibbs (a servant in Lord Whitfield’s household), who confides in Fitzwilliam about their struggles with healthcare access, judicial overlook, and declining living standards, further illustrates this divide. Such visual storytelling enhances the narrative and critiques the abuse of power by the elite, such as Lord Whitfield. Moreover, the film serves as a poignant commentary on the dark history of psychology’s endorsement of eugenics, urging viewers, the psychology community, and society to question and reject these destructive ideologies.

Penelope Wilton and David Jonsson

Murder is Easy transcends traditional mystery genre conventions, thanks to Meenu Gaur’s innovative direction, a dynamic cast reinvigorating Christie’s characters, and the insightful script adaptation by Siân Ejiwunmi-Le Berre. The series skillfully blends suspense, social commentary, and stellar acting, making it a keen examination of societal disparities and a call to action for justice. Ejiwunmi-Le Berre’s take on Luke Fitzwilliam modernizes the tale, offering a fresh perspective on race, identity, and the immigrant experience in 1950s Britain. By incorporating elements of classic detective stories and a nod to Hitchcockian romantic suspense, the production pays homage to Christie’s original work while addressing modern social issues and the universal pursuit of justice.

Morfydd Clark and Tom Riley

Do the themes of power, prejudice, and the pursuit of justice, as portrayed in the film, move you? If you’re keen to explore how a classic Christie mystery transforms into a compelling critique of social injustice, jump over to the streaming service BritBox and watch Murder is Easy. Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments below!

Based on the classic Agatha Christie mystery, Agatha Christie’s Murder Is Easy tells the story of Luke Fitzwilliam, who finds himself on the trail of a serial killer after meeting Miss Pinkerton on a train to London. She tells him about a series of suspicious deaths that have taken place in her village. When she later turns up dead herself – while on the way to visit Scotland Yard – Fitzwilliam realizes he needs to find the killer before yet more bodies start piling up. The two-part series features Penelope Wilton (Downton Abbey), Morfydd Clark (Lord of the Rings, Saint Maud), and Douglas Henshall (Shetland).

WRITTEN BY: Siân Ejiwunmi-Le Berre
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Sian Martin, James Gandhi, Damien Timmer
STARRING: David Jonsson, Morfydd Clark, Penelope Wilton, Sinéad Matthews, Tom Riley, Douglas Henshall, Mathew Baynton, Mark Bonnar, Nimra Bucha, Phoebe Licorish, Jon Pointing, Tamzin Outhwaite, Kathryn Howden, Demmy Ladipo and Gloria Obianyo

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