We Now Have A Geek Therapy Podcast Network

I love podcasting so much that I regularly publish AT LEAST two a week. (And I want to do way more than that.) I don’t just enjoy the conversations and the technical aspect of production, I love the community that forms around them.

Speaking of community… Thanks to the Geek Therapy Podcast I’ve met a lot of great people, some who are now my podcast co-hots. So we decided to unite all the shows that have grown from this community under one banner: The Geek Therapy Podcast Network

The shows won’t change but we’ll crossover and promote the network in hopes of growing the community even further. And grow the network too! I hope that anyone who has thought of starting their own podcast will reach out to me about maybe getting started and joining the network. Seriously, reach out, let me know what you’re thinking.

the That’s what my friend Woody Harris did and now he has the newest podcast on the network, Rolling For Change, a show about therapeutic and educational benefits of tabletop gaming.

It’s a therapist, a teacher, and sometimes me, talking about board games. I’m so happy that Woody told me about his idea and we made it happen.

In addition to RFC we have the two shows I currently host with my friend Kelli Dunlap, a psychologist and game designer. We met on the Geek Therapy podcast a few years ago and now we talk about psychology and technology, and psychology and video games, on alternating weeks, on PsychTech and Headshots. We have special guests every now and then too.
And of course, Geek Therapy is up every week with me and Lara Taylor. We’re currently documenting the creation of an open, community-run Geek Therapy Library. So every week we try to talk about at least one piece of geeky content that might be relatable or have some potential positive effect in therapy or education.

Everyone mentioned here I met through our community. Let us know what you think and share your ideas with us! We can’t wait to hear from you!

​- Josué

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