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New York, NY— May 9, 2024 — In the wake of Krakoa’s fall, the government develops the latest iteration of the officially sanctioned mutant strike force X-FACTOR! Announced earlier this week and set in the X-Men’s upcoming From the Ashes era, X-FACTOR will be written by Mark Russell (Fantastic Four: Life StoryThe Flintstones) and drawn by Bob Quinn (Captain AmericaKnights of X). Today, fans can check out all-new variant covers for the debut issue including a group shot by Mahmud Asrar, the first in a series of character pinups by Marcus To, and a “Windowshades” variant cover by Luciano Vecchio.

In addition to Havok, Angel, Pyro, Frenzy, and Feral, the new variant covers also reveal two more recruits: reliable X-Man Dr. Cecilia Reyes and Xyber, a new character whose electronic-based powers are essential to the team’s covert missions. Whether they join for fame, money, or to truly make a difference, they’ll band together against emerging mutant factions like the Mutant Underground and X-Term. But mutants know better than anyone to be wary of political machinations, and their loyalty will be tested right off the bat when they find themselves on opposite sides of former friends…

FAME, FORTUNE, MUTANTS! From the ashes of Krakoa, a new mutant arms race sweeps the globe! International governments are building their own mutant armies. But only America’s X-Factor has the most powerful, most patriotic, most marketable mutant heroes to stem the tide and make the world safe for democracy! Join them as they go from one death-defying mission to another. Who will die? Who will fall in love? Who will be the first to sell out?

Check out the new covers and preorder X-FACTOR #1 at your local comic shop today! For more information, visit Marvel.com.

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